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Category: Gower Peninsula

I was fortunate to be born and raised on the Gower peninsula in south Wales. Here’s my advice on everything form the best beaches and campsites to the best Gower pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Cine Scenes from Summer 2020 (on the Gower Peninsula, Wales) ~ A 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio Photography Journal

A series of photos cropped using the 2.35:1 aspect ratio + tips on how to use the 2.35:1 cinematic aspect ratio to make your images look like film scenes.

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Walking to Pwlldu Bay (Wales Coast Path) ~ The Gower Peninsula’s Most Secluded Beach

As one of the most remote and difficult beaches to get to on the Gower peninsula in south Wales, Pwlldu Bay is the place to escape to for ‘Famous Five’ style fun and frolics. 

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