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Shooting the Summer Solstice at Rhossili with Sony A7iv + Samyang 35-150mm

I recently sold all of my Fujifilm cameras and lenses.

I had to buy a third Sony camera body (an A7iv) for my commercial photography business, and I couldn’t justify the amount of gear I had lying around the place.

I’m really starting to miss my Fujifilm gear, particularly the tiny setup I used to casually shoot my family and everyday life (the Fujifilm XT4 with 27mm 2.8 pancake lens).

But what I’m mostly missing is my Fuji 55-200mm lens, which was perfect for shooting these sorts of scenes. Small and compact with the same full-frame equivalent maximum reach as a 350mm lens.

Rhossili Bay Black and White Photography

Anyhow, I the longest lens I have for my Sony cameras is a Samyang 35-150, which I love. And, actually, when using the Sony’s A7iv’s apsc/crop mode (which still provides almost 16mp), I guess it becomes almost a 250mm lens.

It’s not ideal, but actually it does the job. It also has the benefit of providing a wide 35mm view if needed.

So anyway, I went to Rhossili to test out my new DJI Mavic Mini 4 Pro. I ended up flying the drone for about 5 minutes before putting it away and getting wrapped up in my Sony + Samyang setup.

It was getting late in the day but the sun just didn’t seem to be letting up.

People were out walking and sitting around on the cliffs.

Younger dudes carrying massive SUPs on their backs and giant chiller boxes filled with beer were teeter tottering down the jagged paths in search of secluded spots. I watched on in horror, waiting for an accident to happen, hoping my own son would never be stupid.

There was a coasteering group jumping into the water, floating in their soggy trainers.

A lonely fisherman who seemed to have cracked the secret to a happy life: sun, sea and a fishing rod.

Rhossili Solstice 2024 - Ben Holbrook Photography-16

Rhossili Solstice 2024 - Ben Holbrook Photography-26

Rhossili Solstice 2024 - Ben Holbrook Photography-24Rhossili Solstice 2024 - Ben Holbrook Photography-24

Rhossili Solstice 2024 - Ben Holbrook Photography-8


I’m definitely still missing my Fujifilm cameras. They were such a huge part of me for so long, I can’t help feeling like something is missing since I sold everything.

That said, this camera setup certainly did the job.

Camera talk

All photos in this series taken with the Sony A7iv and Samyang 35-150mm zoom lens.

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