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Where to Eat and Drink in Barcelona

Tapas bars to paella restaurants, craft beer bars to wine bodegas, here's the inside track

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Things to Do in Barcelona

Discover the best of this sun-drenched beach city

Where to Stay in Barcelona

Best hotels, budget hostels, apartment rentals and more

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Discover the best of Spain's capital city

Asturias, Northern Spain

What to do, eat & drink in this beautiful gastro playground


Get my insider tips on one of my favourite Spanish cities

Granada, Spain

Insider advice on the best things to do and see, as well as where to eat and sleep in Granada, Spain


Insider tips on the best things to do in Seville, as well as the best places to eat and drink


From Paris to Provence, I can't praise France enough


It will always be home to me

London and Beyond

I lived in London for 3 years - get the inside scoop here