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Big City Seduction
beers and tapas in Madrid

A Real Taste of Spain

As I write this I am sitting in La Latina, Madrid, the capital city of Spain. The warm summer breeze flows gently through the…


Discover Spain's Third City

Valencia: It’s Old as Fuck.

Mummified hands and Jesus’ favourite coffee cup, Ben Holbrook discovers that Valencia is unfathomably ancient….. I’ve just spent a beautiful sunny evening wandering the…


London, Oxford, etc.

The Basildon Boys

“‘Excuse me, gents, uh, I, uh, hope you don’t mind me askin’, but what’s that there that you’re drinkin’?” Glen held up his chalice…

cottages in the village of Shere, Surrey Hills

Going Slow in the Surrey Hills

Grey-haired hikers rule the Surrey countryside. Their stuffed backpacks and ski-pole walking sticks bulk them up like wealthy Ghostbusters. Where are they going? What…

flower traders at columbia road flower market london

Typically Random London

In a last-ditch attempt to give his mother-in-law, Ana, a taste of authentic London, Ben Holbrook heads to Columbia Road Flower Market, where the…


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California and Beyond