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Hola and welcome! My name’s Ben Holbrook and I’m a Barcelona-based travel writer and photographer from the rugged coast of South Wales in the UK.

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I set up this blog after moving to Barcelona in 2009 and falling head over heels in love with the food, people and culture of Spain. But for me, this is more than just a travel blog. It’s a sacred place where I can share the experiences that fill me with joy as I discover the best of this sun-drenched city and the rest of this beautiful planet we live on.

I’m also a freelance travel writer for Telegraph Travel, RyanairBarcelona.com, Miniguide BCN, Elsewhere and authored Barcelona editions of The HUNT Guides and The Precincts.

Whether it’s the tapas of Barcelona, the markets of Madrid or the mountains of northern Spain, I want to help you devour it all, one blog post at a time.

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How I got hooked on travel – My inspiration

As a child, both of my parents worked in the travel industry and it was normal for me to travel five or six times a year. Sometimes even more.

My dad and I would go sailing in Turkey. We’d row ashore to haggle with the locals and hunt out the local cuisine. It was all about discovering something new, something different.

I have such fond memories of us strolling around the coast of the Greek islands in our speedos, with our chests puffed out and our sunburnt shoulders shrugged back. His insatiable lust for life made every day an adventure and I’d wake up brimming with excitement and anticipation.

He’d say, “You’ve got to try everything at least once, see son. If you ever get the opportunity to experience something new – just try it! You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

Sometimes I’d go into work with my mum at the travel agency and she’d get me stamping travel brochures. I’d sit for hours flicking through them, taking my favourites home to add to my library. When other kids were reading comics, I’d be reading about scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or riding Vespas in Rome, dreaming of my next trip and all the wonderful things I was yet to experience.

Sadly, my dad died in a freak accident when I was twelve and I was mortified to lose my best friend and travel buddy. I still think of him every time I explore new cultures, as I search for the places where the locals go. And I think to myself: Don’t worry, dad, there’ll be no regrets when I’m done.


I hope my travel writing and photography will help you…

  • Find the best places to eat and drink in Europe (especially in Barcelona and the rest of Spain) – I’m obsessed with hunting out authentic culinary experiences and going to the places the locals go to. What better way to get a real taste of a new culture!
  • Discover more than the average tourist – The best restaurants, bars and cafes, food markets, rooftop cocktail bars, beaches, mountains, surf spots – you name it, I’ll help you find it!
  • Travel safely, comfortably and confidently with dependable hotel reviews and recommended accommodation providers.
  • Experience more for your money.
  • Feel inspired to explore the world!

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