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Category: Travel Journals

These are my actual, personal journals and offer a voyeuristic glance into my life as a full-time travel writer and blogger in Barcelona… and beyond.

Day in the Life of a Travel Writer/Blogger in Barcelona

Ever imagined what it would be like to live in Barcelona and hustle a living as a travel blogger? This is an entry taken from my actual diary. Written in 2016, about a year or two after starting my career as a travel blogger in Barcelona, it sets the tone and, I think, hints at the challenges I faced while living off my wits. 

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My Summer Travel Manifesto ~ Dreams of Surf, Sun and Gluttony in Spain and Beyond

My hope is that this little “travel manifesto” will act as a sort of self fulfilling prophecy and help me turn my dreams into reality. Here’s to the summer and getting away from it all!

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