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Fellow drifter, if you’re thinking of supporting / tipping me and my work here at Driftwood Journals, I would like to thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart.

You can do this by clicking the button below and buying me a coffee (though it’s highly likely I’ll spend the money on vino if I’m honest).

Why Support Me and Driftwood Journals

I appreciate this blog paints the picture of me living something of a decadent life of travel and fine dining, but the reality is that I am fundamentally little more than a lowly freelance writer and photographer, and not a very famous one at that.

I am not a carefree “digital nomad” with a big brand bikini sponsorship deal. I have bills to pay and people who I am financially responsible for.

Luckily I am a man of simple needs and modest tastes. I don’t need or desire fast cars and fancy parties in “exotic lands”, just some decent wine and cheese, my camera and somewhere to explore and indulge my sense of curiosity.

By supporting me here you are quite literally enabling me to keep Driftwood Journals going.

You are helping me continue creating content for travellers who care about culture, art and gastronomy.

You are enabling me to continue my quest to inspire people like you and I. The curious and adventurous. We who see beauty in the world, who celebrate life and all it has to offer.

Yours most gratefully,


PS ~ If you have been so amazingly kind as to support me then please email to say hi or let me know if you have any travel/writing/photography questions that I might be able to help you out with in return. It’s the least I can do!

Ben Holbrook Travel Writer and Photographer Drinking Wine from a Purron on the Gourmet Spanish olives and Cantabrian anchovies - Barcelona Food Experiences Food Tour

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