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5 Very Best Campsites on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales | A Local’s Guide

Last updated on March 11, 2023

Camping on the Gower Peninsula has become a holy grail for many adventurous Brits looking to escape to the rolling waves and hills. Being brought up on the Gower Peninsula, my early days were all about being by the sea, in the sea, or on the sea – the ocean breeze and sandy shoes.

My happiest memories are of me and my dad sailing across Langland Bay, listening to Phil Collins singing ‘It’s just another day for you and me in Paradise’ or Chris Rea’s ‘Drivin’ home for Christmas’. I even spent a few summers working at Eddy’s Bistro at Hillend campsite on Llangennith beach, which was nice.

I’d surf to my heart’s content in the day and relax with friends at night. We would indulge in cold vanilla Mr Whippy ice-creams and drink warm cans of beer around driftwood fires. They were spirited and care-free times and I’ll never forget them.

So, with perhaps a little too much nostalgia and biased opinion, here are the best 5 campsites on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. The list is based on countless personal experiences as a local, and I also asked my friends for their input, which I’ve also included. Lush!

1. Hillend Campsite, Llangennith, Gower – The Surfer’s Dream

Hillend Campsite, Llangennith, Gower Peninsula, Swansea, South Wales, UK - by Ben Holbrook from

The Good Bits: Plenty of space for everyone, the family fields are separate from the ‘normal’ fields. The shower block is outstanding and Eddy’s Bistro (the on-site cafe/restaurant) is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s even a little shop to buy BBQs and the other essential camping supplies that you already bought but left at home.

But what really makes this campsite rock, is that it’s situated right next to Llangennith beach. Best-known for its incredible surf conditions, it’s ideal for all abilities and ages. Surf lessons are also available.

The village of Llangennith is quaint and traditional. The King’s Head is the best place to hang out (actually, it’s the only place) and is only a mile or two away from the campsite.

The Bad Bits: It’s not the cheapest campsite in the world, but they have invested plenty of money back into facilities. Swings and roundabouts.

Elizabeth Layne from somewhere over the bridge said: “Hillend! No explanation needed. Best cafe and 2 mile stretch of beach only walking distance. Free spirited fun times! Those were the days!”

Georgie Van de Poll from Swansea said: “Hillend everytime! Beach in walking distance, surf, great amenities, awesome memories and best of all the drunken walk from Kings Head.”

More info on prices and facilities at their official site >

2. Oxwich Camping Park, Oxwich, Gower – Good Old-Fashioned Family Fun

Oxwich Beach, Gower Peninsula, Swansea, Wales Travel Photography by Ben Holbrook from

The Good Bits: Lush green forests perched on bouldered cliffs, hidden churches and water sports galore. Oxwich is somehow different to the rest of the Gower Peninsula. I really can’t explain why, but it is. The village itself is like an old painting, with thatched cottages and timber frames, small post offices and local supply stores that sell buckets and spades. Oxwich Camping Park is a small, friendly family-run campsite which markets itself as  a great place to experience the outdoors with the family. They’re not wrong. Only a ten-minute stroll from the beach, the campsite is simple but well-equipped. Although, the heated outdoor swimming pool adds an element of pizzazz!

The surf gets pretty good here when there’s a big swell, which is rare in the summer months. But you can always rent a kayak and explore the cliffs, or try your hand at the latest stand up paddle boarding craze. Oh, and the Oxwich Bay Hotel is everything you could wish for from a beachside pub. Views that will blow your mind as much as the traditional pub-grub menu!

The Bad Bits: It’s not as well equipped as some of the bigger campsites, but it’s not as busy either, so it balances out.

Samantha Jayne Hopkins from Swansea said: “I’d say Oxwich, easy access to the beach and the children can cool off in the swimming pool at the end of the day.”

More info on prices and facilities on their Facebook page >

3. Pitton Cross Campsite, Rhossili, Gower – Whatever You Want from Wales

Rhossili Beach Sunflowers - Gower Peninsula South Wales - Photography by Ben Holbrook from

The Good Bits: Pitton Cross Campsite offers a lot of bang for your buck. Located just outside of the village of Rhossili, it’s close enough to all the action whilst maintaining an atmosphere of tranquillity. Solid facilities and very reasonable prices.

Yes, you have heard of Rhossili beach before. As well as being protected as one of Britain’s first areas of Natural Outstanding Beauty, it also won the title of “10th Best Beach in the World” in 2013. The vast Jurassic cliffs stretch out into the ocean, offering vertigo-inducing views over the galloping waves and dancing surfers below. Seals and dolphins can be seen prancing in the transparent waters below, playing water polo with the vicious jelly fish that turn up from time to time.

The village of Rhossili offers a couple of good places to eat and drink. Be sure to check out The Bay Bistro for something a little bit extra special, and if you want to try a spot of surfing, be sure to talk to Sam at Sam’s Surf Shack which can be found on the rear terrace of the bistro. In fact, the clean, sheltered waves of Rhossili are ideal for beginners, but also great for longboarders, especially when the swell is big and blown-out at other less sheltered Gower surf spots.

The Bad Bits: Pitton Cross Campsite and Rhossili in general require a good pair of walking legs. This becomes increasingly apparent when one tries to venture down the steep steps to the beach. But then again, if you’re looking for an easy way to wear out the kids……

Barrie Hopkins from Swansea said: “Pitton Cross campsite in Rhossili just for Mewslade beach. The walks, surfing and rock jumping.”

More info on prices and facilities at their official site >

4. Three Cliffs Bay Campsite, Three Cliffs, Gower – Hike or Climb, Wine & Dine

Three Cliffs Bay Beach, Gower Peninsula, South Wales - Wild Ponies - Fuji XT3 with Fujinon 23mm f2 Camera Setup and Photos Samples by Ben Holbrook from

The Good Bits: Wild and secluded, Three Cliffs Bay can only really be reached on foot. It’s an exhilarating walk through forests, dunes and streams – all overlooked by castles and wild animals. The beach itself is popular with rock-climbers and kite-boarders  although it’s not the best place for surfing.

Camping here is quite a luxurious affair and you can even rent yourself a small Shepard’s Hut or Farmer’s Cottage. The views speak for themselves and this is the place I take visitors when I want to show off all that the Gower has to offer.

The Bad Bits: The campsite has a minimum stay of 2 nights at weekends and 3 nights on bank holidays. But apart from that there’s not much to grumble about!

Jenna Hiley from Swansea said: “Surely the three cliffs campsite no question. The view is immense and by far the best beach in the Gower in my opinion.”

More info on prices and facilities available at their official site >

5. Skysea Campsite, Port Eynon, South Gower – Family Time

The Good Bits: Camping doesn’t get any easier than this. Lush green fields overlook the beach and gentle waves; there’s no need to leave your tent to get the best views. Facilities are basic but do the job. Best of all, it’s an easy stroll to the local pub, chip shop and beach shop. Carreglwyd is exclusively ‘families only’, so there’s no danger of getting stuck next to a group of didgeridoo-playing hippies, or smacked in the face with one of their juggling balls.

The Bad Bits: The shower/toilet blocks aren’t exactly the best in the country, but all of this is more than made up for when you take in an eyeful of the ocean views. As they so often say, you can’t have it all.

More info on prices and facilities available at their official site >

Looking for a little more comfort and luxury? Check out the rentals on and explore this glorious land in style.

If you have any other Wales camping related questions, let me know! I’m happy to help out. And be sure to comment below with your own thoughts and recommendations. See you at the beach!

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  1. Neil Newman Neil Newman

    I think it is worth a mention in the bad bits for three cliffs the fact that it is the most dangerous beach to swim in on the Gower. Unfortunately it suffers from quite serious rip currents so bathers need to really be careful.

    • Yes, very good point, Neil. Thanks for your comment. It’s a shame because it could be one of the very best family campsites in the UK. Still, it’s a beautiful spot and safe for the majority of the year, especially during summer months. What is your favourite campsite, Neil?

  2. Love Gower and love camping there. In fact, going there this weekend. Thanks for sharing your vivid childhood memories. It makes me feel nostalgic too:)

  3. thinley thinley

    Wonderful site… really useful for decision making. Thanks so much.

    • Kate Healey Kate Healey

      Hi Thinly-is that Thinly from Bristol ? Mum of Tash. Hope you love are well love Kate

  4. Gretta Robertson Gretta Robertson

    Which is the best site in which to camp for a good walking holiday on The Gower Peninsular?
    Is it possible to wild camp in Wales?

    Gretta Robertson

    • Hi Gretta,

      Anywhere in the Gower is ideal for a walking holiday. I’d probably suggest staying closer to Three Cliffs if I had to choose; but they’re all pretty epic!

      Have a great time!


  5. Stressed Mum Stressed Mum

    Can you recommend the best camp site to take our 15 year old grunting son, who doesn’t want to be on holiday with us at all, but if it’s got to happen, he wants opportunities to meet other teenagers, kick a football and above all get away from his parents, but will join us for body boarding and rough & tumble with the dog? We’d love peace & quiet but would forego that if it means he is more or less happily entertained.

    • Hi Stressed Mum!

      Sounds like you guys need to go to Llangennith campsite – Hill End Campsite!

      There are loads of grumpy teenagers around and plenty of places for them to hang out, play football and go surfing.

      Have a great time!


  6. Sonia Sonia

    Help! We are hiring a VW camper van and heading down to West Wales for 3 nights at the end of August. We’d like to do the Gower, St. David’s and Pembrokeshire coastal path. Where are the best places to stay? Is it better to set up in one place and then travel daily to the sites or to move onto different campsites each night?

    Look forward to hearing from you with advice.


    • Hi Sonia,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I think it’s best to get set up and comfortable in a campsite and then explore from there on a daily basis. But bear in mind, Gower is quite a long way away from West Wales, so I’d recommend getting set up in one campsite in West Wales and then another in South Wales (Gower).

      Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes. Ben

  7. Stephen carter Stephen carter

    Hi,just wanted to let you know that there’s a beautiful campsite in Slade,up the hill from oxwich.its the most basic,just having portaloos and a tap for fresh water. Its got the most amazing views, is peaceful,very reasonable,and the owners are amazing.its run by a lovely family and is part of a dairy farm. I’ve been there eight years running,its heaven nfor those on a budget ,he kids can run wild and the small beach at Slade is quiet and secluded. A must.

  8. Julian Campbell Julian Campbell

    HI Stephen, do you know the name of the campsite in ‘ slade’ ?

  9. […] Lucas with us and most campsites were not dog-friendly but if you want to do it, here is a link to 5 of the best campsites in Gower. Having stayed on the beach right next to Hillend campsite, I think it’s probably […]

  10. Jacqui Bastin Jacqui Bastin

    Thank you so much for your wonderful site, it really helped us with our decision making for our first camping trip to the Gower.

    • Thanks for your kind words Jacqui, means a lot. Ben :)

  11. Jessy Jessy

    Thank you so much for this
    I’m wondering if you can help, where is a best place to go with a group of 26- 32s all good friends and partners and 1 little one (who is just waiting for all her honorary aunts and uncles to reproduce so she can have some playmates!) We are happy loving type who like to sing and dance so somewhere that has a bit of bustle about it if you have any suggestions?

    • Hey Jessy, thanks for your comment! For sure I would say Hillend Campsite at Llangennith. The King’s Head pub is great and there’s always a party going on somewhere. Enjoy! Ben

  12. Sam Sam

    Hi, I am thinking of staying at three cliffs in may. I want to create a special romantic moment to pop the question. Do you know if small contained bonfires are permitted on any of the beaches, three cliffs would obviously be ideal. Thanks

  13. Shelley, South Wales Shelley, South Wales

    Thanks for this fabulous article, we have been camping more recently over the last few years but more for festivals and music and whilst we enjoy this, we have said how much we want to go camping to just “camp” and enjoy the rest, relaxation and views and this article has helped us do that. Now off to pack…..

    • That’s great, thanks so much for the comment Shelley! I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time. Weather couldn’t be more perfect! Ben

  14. Kimberley Woodward Kimberley Woodward

    HI Ben,
    Great Article – we are coming to the gower for the first time camping, 4 adults 4 teenagers. They like to body board but are still very much novices.
    I loved the write up for Three Cliffs and was about to book but am now a bit worried about Neil’s comments regarding the beach being dangerous??

    Is there anywhere else with a safe beach for body boarding but with a campsite with some amenities (space to play football, tennis etc)


    • Hi Kimberley!

      Thanks for your comment! I really wouldn’t worry about Three Cliffs being dangerous – of course all beaches “can” be dangerous at times, but as long as you are sensible and don’t go in the water when there are humongous waves, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

      Also keep in mind that the waves are much smaller in the summertime.

      Enjoy and be safe!


  15. John Rands John Rands

    Hi Ben, we have just spent the night in Oxwich on the campsite here as part of celebrating our 30 year wedding anniversary in our 30 year old camper on a three week holiday travelling Wales. Wondering where to head next to go body boarding and have just read your great write up of campsites here. So heading next to Hillend.
    Many thanks for the heads up.
    John & Nic

    • That’s fantastic to hear! Glad you’re enjoying! Did you surf at Llangennith in the end?

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