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Gower Gold ~ A Poem Dedicated to My Beloved Gower Pubs

Last updated on September 24, 2020

Dedicated to my beloved Gower boozers – we’ll all be there for you once you’re able to open your doors again!

Gower Gold Poem About Gower Pubs by Ben Holbrook from

Well duw, duw, duw
What I really wouldn’t give
To spend the day and night with you
For a chance to truly live 

Down the Gower, I’m destined to be
In the land of soul and song
It’s where I feel that I’m most free
Where I truly do belong

But let me tell ew somethin’ mun
I can’t wait another day
For my pack of cheese and onion
And six pints of Brains S.A.

Trust I’m not the only one
My mates Rhodri, Dai and Marv
Are sick with dehydration
From this drought of Cwrw Hâf

So let me make my order
I’ll have a pint of Gower Gold
Then a pint or three of Rumour
Half of Power for the road

Listen now right, listen now
Your liquid gold I’d plunder
I’d guzzle, slurp and slosh it down
On Cefn Bryn I’d chunder

I loves ew like the estuary skies
Your fire’s warmth and char
I’ll sing you hymns and lullabies
Leave my tankard behind the bar

I’d ride the bus from Swansea town
I’d swim across the bay
I’d hike atop Rhossili Downs
To drink till my last day

But before I’d leave most merrily
I’d cosy in your cwtch
With a double Penderyn whisky
To make sure I’d had too much

The King’s, The Rake, The Dolphin Inn
My spiritual homes from home
Once I’ve had my fix of sin
The Gower’ll be dry as a bone

So tell me now then, bois bach, bois bach
When will be opening time?
I don’t know how much longer I’ll last
Without these Gower pubs of mine

By Ben Holbrook

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