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Dip: 1,500 Days of Cold Water Swimming // Short Documentary Filmed on Gower Peninsula

I’m extremely excited to share my latest short documentary film. ‘Dip’ delves into the mental and physical benefits of cold water swimming.

Cold water dipping proved such a powerful wellbeing tool for Rose that she challenged herself to get in the water every day for a whole month.

One month quickly turned to two, and two months turned into a staggering 1,500 days of daily cold water swimming in the frigid waters of the Gower peninsula in south Wales.

Through this daily ritual, Rose has learned that, “Doing something that challenges me every day has built up my resilience.”

Her mantra: “I can do hard things every day.” Her message: “You’re braver than you think.”

This immersive short documentary by Holbrook Productions was mostly shot on day 1,500, with Rose reflecting on how and why cold water swimming became part of her daily routine. And how she set up Salt and Light Retreat to share her passion with others on the Gower peninsula in south Wales, UK.

Visit to read more about Rose’s experience of daily cold water dipping for 1,500 days.

By Holbrook Productions

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