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VIDEO: Rhossili Down Hike (Gower Peninsula, South Wales)

Last updated on June 28, 2021

Llangennith beach to Rhossili Bay across Rhossili Downs is easily one of the most scenic walks on the Gower peninsula (in south Wales, UK).

This is a little film I shot last night during my solo hike – I share this to celebrate World Oceans Day.

Ben Holbrook Welsh Filmmaker

If, like me, you love the ocean, and Nature in general, I would highly recommend you watch a documentary called Seaspiracy, and educate yourself more broadly on how important the world’s oceans are to the overall survival of our planet (and us as a race).

I have more or less cut fish out of my diet and am currently exploring tasty alternatives – yes, they do exist! The main issue with the fishing industry, as far as I can tell at least, is that the bycatch is simply out of control – or should I say uncontrollable.

Rhosilli Down Hiking Path Gower Peninsula

There doesn’t seem to be a sustainable way to rape the sea / catch the fish we eat without accidentally catching and killing hundreds and thousands of fish/sharks/whales/dolphins – often slowly and painfully.

The NGOs and government bodies set up to monitor and control the fishing industry are pure scams. They’re literally making money from the whole “licensing” racket – just because you see a “dolphin friendly” badge on your tuna tin doesn’t mean dolphins (and many other species) haven’t been killed in the process of filling it.

Rhosilli Down Hiking Path Gower Peninsula

Rhosilli Down Hiking Path Gower Peninsula

If you can’t cut out fish completely (like me), then do your best to cut down as much as possible. Reduced demand equals reduced pillaging, and there’s no question we seriously need to give our waters a chance to recover.

Rhosilli Down Hiking Path Gower Peninsula

What about you? Do you have any other tips on cutting down on fish (or meat for that matter)?

Oh, and I hope you enjoy my little coastal hiking video! What the world be without scenes like these?

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