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Best Skydiving Locations in the USA

America caters to both amateur and professional skydivers and is easily one of the world’s greatest destinations for those in search of the ultimate adrenalin fix. 

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, here are some of the very best places to go skydiving in the USA!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Visitors to the Grand Canyon are always wowed by its unforgettable and unique views, and many of them choose to hop in a plane or helicopter to explore it further from the air.

Of course this also means that skydiving here is an opportunity not to be missed when looking for things to do in the Grand Canyon, and there are several operators that will happily take you up and supervise your session, providing the expert guidance you need when tackling a jump of this kind.

Oahu, Hawaii

The azure waters of Oahu are a far cry from the rust-colored rocks of the Grand Canyon, and yet skydiving in this Hawaiian paradise is just as easy to recommend.

There are a handful of accredited operators that can take amateurs and experienced skydiving enthusiasts alike on jumps in Oahu, and of course you can expect to see the vast expanses of the Pacific ocean in addition to the volcanically influenced beauty of the island itself.

Long Island, New York

While a lot of skydiving experiences are centered around more rural regions, if you want an urban-oriented jump then head to Long Island in NYC.

Stepping out of the plane and going into freefall when you are far higher than the famous skyscrapers of the nearby city will give you an incredible sense of perspective, and of course you should also be able to take in sights like the Statue of Liberty while also getting an unbeatable rush of adrenaline during the jump.

Snohomish, Washington

A stone’s throw from Seattle, the city of Snohomish is also famed for its skydiving center, offering everything from one-off tandem jumps for newcomers to full blown training courses for those who want to get into it more seriously.

While its reputation for overall excellence is well deserved from a purely practical standpoint, Snohomish is also a recommended visit for skydiving because of course the views from the air are phenomenal, encompassing snow capped mountains as well as fields, rivers and settlements.

Anchorage, Alaska

Travelling further north still, Alaska’s largest city is also a top spot for some skydiving, although most people will want to include this as part of a wider tour of the region, because of how remote it is.

There are a few places in close proximity to Anchorage where skydiving is an option, one of which is Denali National Park. As the name suggests, this is where the mountain of the same name is found, so expect some truly jaw-dropping views as you do a little bit of dropping yourself.

Key West, Florida

From the chilly conditions of Alaska to the balmy climate of the Florida Keys, sun-seekers should definitely add this destination to their skydiving wish list.

Key West is a picturesque place to see from the ground, but once you get into the air the full impact of its beauty can really be felt.

Skydiving experiences here will allow you to jump from 2 miles up, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the view on your descent, whether you are under the stewardship of an experienced professional instructor or handling the chute under your own steam.

What other skydiving destinations do you recommend in the good ol’ U-S-of-A? Leave a comment below to share your tip!

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