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Eat Street Food Market ~ Barcelona’s Pop Up Foodie Fiesta

Last updated on May 13, 2016

Foodies rejoice! Barcelona’s street food scene is now bulging at the seams with delicious foodie markets, but Eat Street was the one that started it all. I spoke to founder Joe Littenberg to find out what we can look forward to at the Catalan capital’s original foodie market!

The next market will be a special two-day edition on May 14th and 15th (2016). Click here for tickets.

Eat Street Food Market Barcelona
Hungry Foodies at Eat Street Food Market in Barcelona

Ben: Tell us a bit about the Eat Street market? How did it get started and who is it for? What makes it so popular?

Joe: Our market is for everyone! We have a very international public, which makes sense because we try to keep the food that our chefs produce varied and balanced. We want dishes from different cultures alongside the creative things local catalan chefs are preparing for a more flexible street format. The idea is to “keep it real” with respect to street food, and that’s an important clarification as well. We love food trucks, but we also love stands, bicycles that have been hacked and adapted, carts and anything else that can showcase the creativity and adaptability of street food.

What makes it popular? Great food, cold beer, excellent wines, affordable prices (we set a 5€/dish price limit) and, hopefully, a splash of sunshine (we’ve been lucky so far) and a good soundtrack.

How could you go wrong?

Ben: What sort of food can we eat at Eat Street?

Joe: I think the best way to answer this question is to attach some of our past menus. Have a look: April and March.

Gourmet tacos at the Eat Street Food Market Barcelona

Ben: How would you describe BCN’s foodie scene and what makes it so exciting for tourists coming to visit the city?

Joe: Barcelona is already famous worldwide for its creativity when it comes to cuisine. What tourists need to understand is that as far as international cuisine and street food are concerned, Barcelona is just starting out.

That’s what makes it so exciting! You won’t get this type of fusion anywhere else in the world.

There is so much fresh, locally grown, delicious produce, seafood, etc. that comes from Catalunya and Spain, and we’re at this pivotal moment where local chefs (Catalan and otherwise) are playing with all of this goodness, mixing it with other cultural influences and having a lot of fun.

Ben: What other Barcelona foodie festivals/events do you recommend?

Joe: All of them. Any event that supports the street food culture in and around this city is good news in general. Eat Street may have been first, but Barcelona has room for a few street food markets, a few different styles. I’d say that Palo Alto is for you if your more interested in design and Van Van if you only want food trucks. All Those seems to be shifting a bit from culinary marketplace to street food event.

Thanks to Joe for taking the time to talk with me. I’ll see you at the bar!

The next market will be a special two-day edition on May 14th and 15th (2016). For more info, head over to the official Eat Street site.

Eat Street Food Market Barcelona Poster May 2016
Eat Street Food Market Poster May 2016

Chefs at Eat Street Food Market Barcelona May 2016

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