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Where to Play Football in Madrid: The Ultimate Guide

Fancy an informal kickaround in the Spanish capital? The footie fanatics from CeleBreak share their inside knowledge on where to play football in Madrid – this is your ultimate guide on how to get involved in local footie games in the sunny Spanish capital. 

Madrid is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Spain, and one of the most exciting capital cities in Europe. It’s a vibrant and extremely beautiful metropolis, home to some 3.5 million Madrileños and, of course, the Spanish royal family. But Madrid is also home to another kind of royalty: Real Madrid (‘Royal Madrid) and Atletico Madrid, two of Spain’s best football teams.

Football Culture in Madrid – More than Real and Atlético…


Football in Madrid is a city-dividing topic. Many soccer-loving families are split on derby day, with half siding with Los Blancos and the other half with Los Colchoneros. But, whilst Atlético are credible challengers to Real Madrid in the modern day, it hasn’t always been this way.

Real Madrid football club was founded in 1902 and was granted the ‘Real’ (royal) part of its name by King Alfonso XIII. Over the twentieth century, Real Madrid grew rapidly and became one of the three founding members of Spain’s professional first division – winning 66 major honours both domestically and internationally. 

Since their inception, Real have enjoyed virtually unparalleled success. Since the end of World War Two, the club has dominated Spanish football, winning five consecutive European Cups and five domestic league titles in seven years, spearheaded by talisman Alfredo Di Stéfano. 

The club’s reputation has continued to grow throughout the rest of the twentieth century. Despite Barcelona arguably overtaking them as the best club in Spain in the later years, Real Madrid still hold the record for La Liga titles to this day. Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Luís Figo, David Beckham, Clarence Seedorf, and Iker Casillas are only a taste of the countless iconic players who have pulled on the famous White Shirt. 

Atlético Madrid was founded in 1903, only one year after their city rivals. The club hasn’t accumulated quite as much silverware as Real Madrid, but neither has it gone without! When businessman Jesus Gil bought the club in 1987, things were looking up, but his near-twenty-year tenure in the top job at Atlético ended in relegation to Spain’s Segunda Division. However, the club has rebuilt in stature over the 2010s, and now stands once again as a dominating force in both Spanish and world football with charismatic head coach Diego Simeone at the helm. 

Where to Play Football in Madird - CeleBreak

It’s important to remember that Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid aren’t the only two clubs in the Madrid area. Second Division clubs Getafe, Leganes, and Rayo Vallecano (all based in the Madrid area) have bounced between the top two tiers over the last twenty years. 

Watching football isn’t the only way of enjoying football in Madrid however. Thanks to CeleBreak, you can play football in Madrid without the stress of organising a game! Further on, we’ll explain how you can get out and get playing football in Madrid with CeleBreak. 

Where to Play Football in Madrid (for Fun)

Luckily you don’t have to be a Premiere League soccer star to play football in Madrid. Here are five locations where you can meet fellow likeminded enthusiasts and have a kickaround yourself:

Play Football in Madrid at… Sainz de Baranda 

You won’t get a more central location to play football in Madrid than CeleBreak’s Sainz de Baranda pitch. A prime location to play football in Madrid, it’s only minutes from the beautiful Parque del Retiro. The pitch is also close to the Sainz de Baranda metro station. Sainz de Baranda is easy to get to, and it’s equally easy to find a place for a beer after the game!

The surrounding streets are full of restaurants, sit-in tapas bars, and breweries, so you’ve ample choice when it comes to the post-match meal or drinks! The historic Plaza de Toros (Bull Ring) de Las Ventas is a ten-minute drive from the pitch, a 30-minute stroll, and a twenty-minute metro ride. 

If you need to make a quick getaway after the match, then Atocha Station is also a ten-minute drive away. But, after enjoying playing football in Madrid with CeleBreak, why would you want to do that?

Play football La Chopera, Madrid - CeleBreak

Play Football in Madrid at… La Chimenea

Set the pitch alight with silky skills at CeleBreak’s La Chimenea (literally, The Chimney) pitch. Located on the west bank of the Manzanares River in Madrid between the Comillas and Usera districts of Madrid, La Chimenea is the artificial pitch under the official name of the Instalación Deportiva Municipal La Chimenea – the one your SatNav will recognise!

After playing football in Madrid at La Chimenea, you won’t have to look far to find various amenities. Luckily. the surrounding streets are full of places to grab some food and drink. And, for those who want to continue exercising, the Moscardó Swimming Club is only a few minutes’ walk from La Chimenea.

Play Football in Madrid at… El Retiro

CeleBreak’s El Retiro pitch is perhaps the most picturesque and refreshing location to play football in Madrid. The plush artificial surface is situated inside the Parque del Retiro at the Centro Deportivo Municipal La Chopra. Surrounded by greenery and fresh park air, it’s an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing place to play.

After the game, you can take a stroll around the park itself, among other things. For those who are keen on art, the world-famous Prado Museum is only minutes from the pitch. The Real Jardín Botánico (Royal Botanical Gardens) is also just west of the pitch. In terms of food and beverages, the short Calle De Espaltar is lined with several welcoming bars.

PLay 5 and 7 aside football in Madrid - CeleBreak

Play Football in Madrid at… CDM Marqués de Samaranch

CeleBreak’s CDM Marqués de Samaranch is located centrally in Madrid, but slightly further from Atocha Station and the Parque del Retiro than, say, Sainz de Baranda. However, the Marqués de Samaranch pitch is probably one of the best facilities you’ll find to play football in Madrid. The modern artificial surface is complimented by four paddle tennis courts, a 25-metre swimming pool, a sports hall for badminton, yoga, and other indoor activities, two saunas, and more. 

For fitness enthusiasts – or just those who like to make a day of doing physical activity – the CDM Marqués de Samaranch pitch will be your CeleBreak location of choice to play football in Madrid. 

Play Football in Madrid at… Club de Fútbol Madrid Rio

The Club de Fútbol Madrid Rio pitch is situated at the Madrid Rio Skatepark. It’s an urban, upbeat, youthful place to play football in Madrid, extremely close to El Matadero – an arts center in the city. The Club de Fútbol Madrid Rio pitch is also an 8-minute drive and 25-minute walk from Atocha Station. 

The Calle De Antonio López is on the pitch’s west side and is full of shops, fast food restaurants, and a selection of bars. Playing football in Madrid at the Club de Fútbol Madrid Rio pitch is both convenient and great fun!Where to Play Football in Malaga Spain - with Celebreak

Who are CeleBreak – and How Can They Help You Play Football in Madrid?

CeleBreak is the brainchild of two brothers Daniel and Sebastian Foth, and their cousin Gabriel Fustero Fernández. A family business, CeleBreak have revolutionised the way non-professional athletes can find and play in a local 7-a-side football matches in some of the most exciting destinations in Europe. With CeleBreak, you can have fun with your footy and play for the love it. 

Frustrated that organising a simple kickabout with friends was proving too much of a hassle, Daniel, Sebastian, and Gabriel created CeleBreak to take the stress out of playing football for fun. Already operating in six European cities, CeleBreak has recently launched in Madrid and helps tourists, locals, and anybody else to easily play football in Madrid.Where to Play Football in Malaga Spain - with Celebreak

Everybody is welcome to play football in Madrid with Celebreak. Both men’s and women’s games are available at virtually the touch of a button.

Find a local game on your phone and sign up to play in just a few swipes (more details below)!

Play Football in Madrid – Whenever and Wherever…

CeleBreak have selected five different astro-turf (artificial) pitches around the city where you can play football in Madrid. Each pitch boasts its own unique perks: some are close to fantastic food and drink venues, while some are situated near the Gran Via shopping district, and some have a bit of everything!

How Does CeleBreak Pick-Up Football Work?

CeleBreak Pick Up football is an innovative solution that allows you to play football in Madrid without having to deal with the stress and hassle of organising a friendly kickabout yourself. 

CeleBreak Football Spain

Follow These Three Easy Steps to Play Football in Madrid:

1. Download the CeleBreak app, available on both Android and IOS. When you enter the app, the screen will show you a list of CeleBreak’s locations around the world. You’ll need to create an account on the app to play, but this will take no time at all!

2. Click on Madrid and you will be shown a list of games on the current day, and over the next few days as well, as well as the location of the pitch.

3. When you select a game you’ll be shown a list of the players in that game. Remember, only games needing players are shown as available. Once you’ve chosen your game, remember the location and time, turn up and play!

In the current climate, please remember to follow the Coronavirus restrictions in place in Madrid.

Where Else Can You Watch and Enjoy Football in Madrid?

Like many cities in Spain, Madrid prides itself on is its exquisite culinary scene. There are plenty of great bars and restaurants where you can eat and drink while watching the beautiful game on screen.

Sports bars, where you can watch football in Madrid over the season litter the city. From the Real Café Bernabéu, which literally overlooks the hallowed turf of Real Madrid’s home, to a plethora of traditional and contemporary sports bars around the city, there are tons of places to watch football in Madrid while exploring Spain’s famous food, wine and beer – a few favourites are listed below.

Sports/Tapas Bars in Madrid that Show Live Football in Madrid

Tapas bars in Madrid that show the football

La Cervecería Deportiva

Located just minutes from El Palacio Real (the Spanish equivalent of Buckingham Palace) and Gran Vía, this legendary sports bar in Madrid is known as an excellent spot to watch El Clásico and a number of other La Liga matches. It serves a variety of traditional Spanish tapas and the beer is in plentiful supply! 

Podium Sports Bar

Located in the Pavones district of eastern Madrid, Podium screens live sport and the bar is noted for its excellent beer selection. Who doesn’t love a footie match and a couple of pints?

38 Sport Bar

Another excellent bar for watching football in Madrid and have a bite to eat, 38 is perhaps tailored slightly more to those who are prioritising food over football. 38 Sport Bar is known for its wide variety of tapas and other authentic Spanish dishes, so if you want a fine foodie experience while watching the footie, this is the place to be.

Where to Play Football in Madrid Spain - with Celebreak

So, if you want to play football in Madrid, download the CeleBreak app, turn up, and get playing! There could even be a tournament coming up, so be sure to get involved!

Want to play soccer in other Spanish cities? You can also play CeleBreak pick-up games in Malaga or Barcelona!

And be sure to head to CeleBreak’s website to check out their four other locations!

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