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Best Places for Couples in Spain ~ A Rather Romantic Guide

Last updated on November 20, 2020

The sun, the sea, the warm nights spent sipping vino and sharing tapas… There’s no denying that Spain was made for lovers.

I asked my fellow travel bloggers and Hispanophiles for their recommendations on the most romantic beach towns, cities and villages in Spain, as well as a few tips on where to eat and stay in each.

Whether you’re on your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary or simply indulging in your shared love of travel, these are the best places for couples in Spain.

Calella de Palafrugell

By Ben from Driftwood Journals (this blog)

Cala de Palafrugell, Costa Brava, Spain - By photographer Ben Holbrook from (1)
Photo: Ben Holbrook (also header/feature image)

Located just an hour or so north of Barcelona, the Costa Brava’s pine-scented stretch of azul waters and quiet coves epitomises all that makes the Spanish vida buena so alluring. And if you want to experience the best of it without wasting a single moment, head straight to Calella de Palafrugell.

With its blinding white houses and wisteria-draped alleyways looking out over a fishing-boat-bobbing coastline, it is hard to believe that this romantic little seaside village is a real place and not some sort of Disney Land attraction.

Like all the best spots along the coast, there’s little to do here other than stroll along the promenade and seek shade on a cafe terrace under the iconic ocean-facing porticoes. Bake a little on the hot sand and cool off in the crystal clear waters. Then it’s time for a late lunch or early dinner of ‘arroz con bogavante’ (lobster rice) and a frosty bottle of crisp Galician white wine at the beach-front Restaurante Tragamar.

You can easily visit Calella de Palafrugell for a day trip from Barcelona, but be warned that it’s highly likely you’ll wish you could linger a little longer – for one last dip in the Med, for one last copa de vino. For one last look at the loveliest place on earth.

Where to stay: Perched on an outcrop of pine-carpeted cliffs, Hotel San Roc offers some of the finest Mediterranean sea views in Spain and is undeniably one of the world’s most romantic hotels. For something almost as romantic but at a much lower price point, check out Hotel la Torre.


By Justine Ancheta from Latitude 41

Cadaques, Spain for Couples
Photo: Justine Ancheta
Sultry sea winds sweep the delightful town of Cadaqués, an old fisherman’s village on the rugged Costa Brava – not far from Barcelona.

It’s this dramatic setting that draws couples and, in the past, illustrious artists and intellectuals like Luis Bunuel, Federico Garcia Lorca, and notable artist, Salvador Dalí. Whitewashed homes and buildings surround the elevated Iglesia de Santa Maria, a 16th-century church that bears an impressive Baroque altarpiece, considered to be the most beautiful in Catalonia.

Finding romance in Cadaques is uncomplicated and pure. Couples become besotted while strolling through the steep, bumpy streets of the old quarter, where blue doors decorate the homes and bouganvillea vines cascade from balconies. For a serene setting, sit at the shore of one the pebbly beaches like Platja Portdoguer or the more remote Ses Oliveres.

For an authentic Catalan meal in Cadques, visit Casa Anita, a locals-packed restaurant serving freshly grilled shrimp and arroz negre (black rice tinted with squid ink). At night, grab a cocktail or five at Boia Nit, a beachfront bar on the sand. If you’re lucky, you can snag a bench facing the Mediterranean Sea and cuddle with your sweetheart.

Where to stay: Stay at the romantic adults-only Arrels Hotel Cadaqués, a hillside hotel with a swimming pool and a view that overlooks the town and Mediterranean Sea. Another great boutique hotel in Cadaques is Tramuntana Hotel is a small boutique hotel run by Carlos and Rosa, a husband-and-wife team from the local area who designed and built the hotel themselves.

More tips on what to see, do, eat and drink in Cadaques here.

Santillana del Mar

By Or from My Path in the World

Santillana del Mar, Spain for couples
Photo: Or

Considered one of the most beautiful places in northern Spain, Santillana del Mar is also known as ‘The Town of Three Lies’ since it is neither holy (‘Santa’) nor flat (‘llana’), nor does it have a sea (‘mar’). Its medieval charm and atmosphere make it irresistibly romantic, and even though it’s small, there are quite a few things to do in and around Santillana del Mar, so it’s a great weekend getaway destination.

The most romantic thing to do in this town is definitely strolling through its cobbled streets that can make anyone feel like they’ve stepped back in time. On the way, some of the must-see buildings are Palacio de Los Velarde and the Collegiate Church of Santillana. Not exactly romantic, but another must-have experience here is visiting the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site – Cave of Altamira.

When the hunger kicks in, both Restaurante la Villa and El Pasaje de los Nobles will satisfy foodie couples who want to devour exquisite local food and mouthwatering desserts. After dinner, the Lullaby Pub is the perfect spot to enjoy great nostalgic music and have a few drinks.

Where to stay: With its rural, rustic style, Hotel Los Angeles is a fantastic romantic place to stay in Santillana del Mar. The rooms are clean and comfortable, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the location is excellent. A pricier yet a bit more luxurious option is the Parador de Santillana del Mar.

Find out more about Santillana del Mar and the rest of Cantabria in northern Spain here.


Dhara from It’s Not About the Miles

Ronda, Spain for Couples
Photo: Dhara

Ronda is one of the most picturesque places in Southern Spain, perfect for a romantic couples getaway. Perched atop a steep natural gorge, Ronda offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside at every step. Wandering Ronda arm-in-arm is so much fun! Plus, Ronda is home to great wine and good food!

Stroll the Jardines de Cuenca, beautifully laid out terraced gardens with, of course, magnificent views as well. Or hike down to the bottom of the gorge for superb views of Ronda’s famous Puente Nuevo, the bridge over the El Tajo gorge.

Wander the streets of the old town, to admire the architecture, marvel at the beautiful azulejos in the courtyards, and peek into Ronda’s past at the old city wall and gate. Ronda has many beautiful plazas if you enjoy people watching over a drink. It’s a small place, perfect for a laid-back visit.

A wine tasting tour of nearby vineyards is a must when you visit Ronda. In town, Entrevinos is a great place to enjoy wine tastings with tapas. Long Play Bar is great for late drinks and good music. And Restaurante Bardal is the place to go for a special meal. The tasting menu at this Michelin star restaurant, featuring Andalusian dishes, is superb!

Where to stay: Stay at the Parador de Ronda Hotel – one of the most romantic hotels in Ronda. Located at the edge of the gorge, this hotel offers elegant rooms with views over the countryside. Enjoy the outdoor pool and stroll the lovely gardens!


By Julie from Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

Salamanca is one of those gorgeous, golden cities with a historical centre full of sandstone buildings, including one of the oldest universities in Spain. Simply strolling arm in arm around the UNESCO World Heritage streets, especially in the golden hour when the sun makes everything glow, is enough to bring out the romantic in you.

While a museum may not sound like an obvious location for romance, gazing up at the magnificent stained glass ceiling or taking tea in the café at the Casa Lis Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum can have you dreaming of ways to add colour and light to your love nest.

Escape the crowds in the hidden gardens of Huerto de Calixto y Melibea, which offers views of the cathedral and benches in secluded spots.

As for food, Corte y Cata on Calle Serranos is a lovely little restaurant near the cathedral, which specialises in sliced jamon but also serves a range of tasty meals and tapas as well as a good selection of Spanish wines. For a pre or after-dinner cocktail in a cosy bar, head to either Café Bar Hernandez or Capitán Haddock.

Where to stay: Stay at the Salamanca Suite Studio for a romantic stay with a balcony overlooking the small but lovely Plaza de la Libertad. Perfect for cheese, wine and people watching from the comfort and privacy of your own space.

Cape Finisterr

By Alya & Campbell from Stingy Nomads

Cape Finisterre
Photo: Alya & Campbell

Cape Finisterre is one of the most picturesque capes in Spain. Dramatic drops, rugged cliffs, lush green forest, sandy beaches surrounded by the ocean – all these make it the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Everything about the cape from its location to its name brings out romantic associations. The name “Finisterre” comes from the Latin finis terrae which means “end of the earth”. In Roman times, people considered it to be the end of the known world, nobody knew what laid across the ocean.

Watching the sunset at the Cape Finisterre is a must-do thing here. While waiting for the sunset, explore hidden bays and secret beaches around the cape. If you have more time and like the outdoors you can walk the Camino Finisterre, a 3-day route that starts in Santiago de Compostela and finishes at Cape Finisterre.

Cape Finisterre is located in Galicia, on the Atlantic Coast in Northern Spain, about 3,5 km from the nearest town. One can get there by car, shuttle bus or walking. Walking is a great option on a nice day, the scenery along the route is truly spectacular.

Where to stay: For the ultimate romantic stay in Cape Finisterre, book a room at O Semaforo Hotel, an old lighthouse at the cape turned into a cozy hotel. If you’re not planning on staying for a night enjoy delicious Galician food or a glass of local wine at O Semaforo restaurant

Sos del Rey Catolico

By Emily from Wander-Lush

Photo: Emily Lush

Sos del Rey Catolico – or ‘Sos’ as she’s known to locals – is one of Spain’s most endearing small towns. Located in the heart of Zaragoza, a slow day’s drive from either Barcelona or Bilbao, it’s the perfect place for couples to retreat from the hubbub.

History and charm ooze from the cracks in Sos’s stone buildings. A big part of the town’s appeal is its size: Teeny tiny Sos is home to just over 600 people. This was famously the birthplace of Ferdinand II of Aragon, one-half of Spain’s most influential royal duo. What could be more romantic than retracing the steps of the country’s original power couple?

Lock hands and explore Sos’s narrow lanes, which are lit by the warm glow of lanterns at dusk. The stone houses dressed with pretty flower boxes will make you dream of leaving it all behind and starting over in a tiny apartment overlooking Plaza de la Villa, the main square. Climb the ramparts of the 12th century castle for a peak at the Pyrenees, and explore the charming Barrio Judio (the old Jewish Quarter). Along the way, stop in at some of the small shops that sell regional delicacies and pick up some pate, jam and vino for a midnight snack.

For a glass of local wine with a view, you can’t beat the veranda at the Parador de Sos, a magnificent hotel set inside an Aragonese mansion in the heart of town (you may recognise it from the 2017 film The Trip to Spain). When night falls, duck into La Cocina del Principal. The cosy cellar basement is perfect for winter, and there’s a terrace for the warmer months. Generous plates of ternasco lamb and local bean stew are made to be shared.

Where to stay: The Parador Hotel is the perfect place for couples to retire for the night. Plush double rooms are furnished with dark wood, ceramic tile floors and local textiles. Request a room with a private balcony – there’s nothing like waking up in Sos to the sound of church bells ringing out and mist rising up over the rooftops.


By Allan Wilson from It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor

Photo: Allan Wilson

What makes Alquezar the perfect destination for romance is its far-flung location miles away from the maddening crowds, where even during the busiest of times it feels like a city to yourself.

Alquezar is found along the rustic winding roads of Huesca province surrounded by limestone cliffs and olive groves in the Sierra de Guara mountains. The medieval village is set over deep canyon caverns and what tourism does reach it seems to be for climbers and birdwatchers.

Otherwise it is full of rustic romance, with cobbled paths and church bells, and a stroll around the village, hand-in-hand, is the perfect start to any visit. And while, as a remote village of around 400 people, there is not a whole lot to explore, the hotels bring plenty of romance in themselves with perfect views over surrounding valleys to soak in the serene location from above.

Where to stay: Hotel Villa de Alquézar a great romantic option here. Venturing out, the restaurant Casa Pardina is the perfect place to begin an evening with windows framing Saint Michael’s church perfectly, and 3-course set menus with olive oil tasting from the surrounding olives groves. Then for some al fresco drinks and tapas at the main street/town square with local life bustling between.


By Trijit Mallick from BudgetTravelBuff

Toledo, Spain for Couples
Photo: Trijit Mallick

Toledo is one of the most romantic places in Spain for couples who love fairy tale castles and medieval streets. The beautiful combination of amazing sights, relaxing atmosphere and fantastic food makes it a perfect honeymoon destination in Spain.

Toledo is a small town in central Spain where you can see the Spanish culture and e peaceful co-existence of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities. In 1986, the city was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its extensive monumental and cultural heritage. It takes hardly 45 minutes to reach Toledo from Madrid.

Couples must visit the Cathedral Primada de Toledo, the Alcazar, and the San Roman church while enjoying a romantic vacation in Toledo.  Nothing can be more romantic than strolling hands in hands at the sunset through the narrow medieval streets of El Toledo.

Restaurante La Ermita is one of the most romantic restaurants in Toledo that offers a breathtaking view of the town. Advance booking is required, and I recommend booking a window seat before the sunset and enjoy the amazing view with your better half. Salmon with wakeeney salad and the pork tacos with hoisin sauce are two must-try dishes in this restaurant.

Where to stay: La Posada de Manolo is a nice romantic hotel in Toledo, just 100 meters from the Cathedral. Each floor of this medieval building represents different historic cultures of Toledo: Christian, Jewish, Arabic. Spain is not a cheap European country, but if you are on a budget, you can stay in Hotel Real de Toledo.


By Nisha & Vasu from Le Monde, the Poetic Travels

Segovia, Spain for Couples
Photo: Nisha & Vasu

Perched on a rocky hilltop, Segovia is a place of romance, a place to enjoy coziness with your loved one. Segovia is an enchanting ancient city, a World Heritage site, in an inspiring setting overlooking the vast expanse around it. The city has Roman(tic) influence and the imposing Roman aqueduct, fairy-tale castle Alcazar, stunning gothic cathedral, exquisite Romanesque churches, and mystical monasteries make it even more dreamy town. These are all must see things in Segovia.

With its winding narrow streets, charming squares, lovely gardens to stroll hand in hand, inviting artisan shops, the town has become popular with visiting couples in love. A moderate weather is icing on the cake. Don’t forget to listen to street performers singing in a soulful voice in front of the Royal Palace.

To experience authentic local cuisine, Restaurante Jose Maria is a must for romancing couples with its cozy settings.  If you prefer to watch the sunset while sipping your coffee or having your meal, go to any local café near the aqueduct, the best place to watch the sun go down.

For an intimate setting, book a table at Di Vino, a contemporary restaurant with traditional and fusion flavors combined and a great collection of wines. Near Plaza Mayor, ‘Calle de los Bares‘ (Street of the Bars) is lively with its nightlife activities including drinks and music.

Where to stay: Choose the impressive Parador de Turismo de La Granja for a secluded and quiet stay, 10 minutes away from the city. It is housed in an 18th century royal residence with all modern facilities.


By Laura from What’s Hot?

Granada, Spain for Couples
Photo: Laura

Granada is one of the most romantic destinations in Spain‘s Andalusian region and perfect for laid back couples looking for a spot of culture. It’s a beautiful city with winding streets, tiled squares, orange trees and views of the Alhambra from wherever you are.

Couples who want to escape the centre of Granada should head to Carmen de los Mártires where they can enjoy beautiful views over the city. It’s a beautiful garden in the shadow of a beautiful 19th century home. There are water fountains, statues and even a few peacocks roaming around!

Then, after a day of exploring Granada’s cultural sights, book into Hammam Al Ándalus, Andalusian Arab baths where couples can enjoy massages and dip into pools of varying temperatures. It’s quiet, peaceful with sultry low lighting and very few other people making it perfect for couples.
For dinner and drinks, couples should reserve a table outside at Restaurante Ruta del Azafran. They have a beautiful outdoor terrace with a pergola and, most importantly, views of the Alhambra from below. It’s spectacular both during the day and in the evening, though the evening may be preferable to escape the Granada heat!

Where to stay: As for where to stay, Gar Anat in the very centre of Granada is a good option for couples. It’s a boutique hotel that offers rooms at reasonable prices in a beautiful 16th-century building. The rooms are located on balconies around the centre of the hotel where you can look down and hear the tinkling of a fountain. Plus, all the rooms are named after literary geniuses and you’ll find a related poem or book in each room.


By Caitlin Boylan from The Country Jumper

Nerja_Spain for Couples
Photo: Michelle Maria

Nerja, on the coast of Spain, is nicknamed The Balcony of Europe. It looks out onto the beautiful, warm, picturesque Mediterranean which laps at its long sandy beaches.

Cobblestone streets wind their way up and down the little hillside that is Nerja town. Spilling onto the streets are a multitude of tapas bars and flamenco clubs. A flamenco show – by the way – is a perfect way to spend a date night. El Burro Blanco is an intimate space with regular shows. Tickets often include a complimentary glass of sangria. But plenty else is available to eat and drink throughout the night.

If you visit Nerja in the summer month, you’ll get nice and toasty during the day – but there’s an excellent ice cream shop – Helados El Valenciano, which is just off the actual Nerja balcony – and will definitely provide a tasty way to cool down. You can’t miss this stop for all the kids that are constantly swarming around it!

Outside of town, just a few minutes drive (this is a part of Spain that it’s not a bad idea to have a car) is Playa del Cañuelo. While the beach itself is gorgeous and long, and less full of tourists than those directly in Nerja, a lovely day date idea is to take a short hike from Cañuelo to Cantarriján. The hike is hardly more than an hour – and other than climbing up and then back down the ridge – is not strenuous at all. Plus, the chiringuito on the far side is a welcome break from the heat.

Back in Nerja, a lovely place for a romantic drink is El Mirador – looking out over the glistening water. Or D.O. Wine Bar for it’s classic Spanish intimacy.

Where to stay: If you’re looking to stay the night somewhere cozy and romantic Hotel Paraíso del Mar is boutique, comfortable, and right on the water. Hostal Tres Soles offers a similarly intimate vibe – and is too right on the water.


By Anjali Wadhwa from

Madrid, Spain for Couples
Photo: Anjali Wadhwa

As the capital city of Spain, Madrid is defined by its amazing architecture, vibrant cultural scene and gastro scene – perfect for a romantic break with lots of activities for you to enjoy with your partner. Going for a romantic sail in the Retiro Park, walking hand in hand in the paradisiacal Parque El Capricho, watching a spectacular sunset view from Templo de Dobod and savouring on the delicious Spanish cuisine while enjoying a live flamenco performance are some of the most romantic things to do in Madrid.

The city also offers many of the best Spanish wine tasting experiences and food tours. There are a host of romantic restaurants including the cozy and unique cavern-themed Bodega de Los Secretos, it is well known for serving world-class wine. Also, you can head to a tapas bar (Casa Gonzalez for the tastiest tapas) for a leisurely meal of tapas with some good wine. You can also spend some time relaxing at the beautifully decorated gardens located around the Royal Palace. Madrid offers many cozy and charming accommodation options for it’s visitors.

Where to stay: Located near the Plaza de Espana metro station is the Dear Hotel. Having a Scandinavian décor and an amazing rooftop bar with a pool, it is one of the unique places to stay in Madrid. During summer, which is the best time to visit Madrid, the city is full of life, hosts many live events and is filled with vibrancy.


By Daniel James from

Mijas, Spain for Couples
Photo: Daniel James

You will find that some of the most romantic places in Spain for couples are hidden away in the mountains and take a little more effort to get to than others. Strategically located Mijas is a small pueblo located some 25 kilometers from Malaga airport.

On arrival to the village with your loved one, you’ll be infused by the rustic and romantic setting perfect for any couple who is looking to get away from it all. Check-in to La Posada de Mijas on arrival which offers very clean and comfortable rooms within walking distance of the rest of the village.

Spend the afternoon sipping Sangria or a Spanish coffee from one of the many balconies looking over towards the ocean. If feeling peckish, spend a few minutes looking over the menu at The Snug Restaurant, where you’ll get to order tapas and experience the local authentic Spanish cuisine whilst surrounded by a Spanish-style setting.

Practice your Spanish conversation with the local bartenders and shopkeepers.  After dinner, the pueblo comes to life and you can keep yourselves entertained with the daily sights and sounds of village life in Andalusia.

So, will you make a trip to Mijas pueblo – the perfect spot for your next romantic break in Spain? This a must for any couple who wants to celebrate being together in an idyllic location overlooking the beautiful ocean.

Where to stay: Find countless waterfront properties and reserve for free today.


By Joanna from

Cadiz, Spain for Couples
Photo: Joanna

Cadiz is a perfect city to visit with your loved one for a romantic holiday in Southern Spain. There are plenty of romantic things to do in Cadiz, starting with watching the sunset from the beautiful Paseo del Vendaval. Also known as the “Malecon” of Cadiz, this beautiful road divides the old town of Cadiz from the tumultuous waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is one of the most beautiful places to observe a beautiful panorama of the Cadiz Cathedral as well, with its high towers and round cupola.

Take your loved one on a stroll along one of the sandy beaches of Cadiz, and stop for lunch at a chiringuito, for a plate of grilled espetos and a cold beer, to cool you down from the sun. Cadiz is a privileged city, with around 300 sunny days a year, which makes it a perfect winter sun destination. Stealing a kiss from your lover under the moonlight, in the night, in winter? You can, in Cadiz! Why not a plan a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend in Cadiz, next year?

Romance is floating in the air in the evenings, in Cadiz. The numerous independent tapas bars and restaurants are buzzing with locals. You can enjoy a romantic dinner at any of the more intimate restaurants, accompanied with one or more glasses of the local sherry. Later, head over with your partner to an authentic tablao for a flamenco show that will give you both goose bumps.

Where to stay: Anywhere in the old town will guarantee plenty of romance.


By Dymphe from

Ibiza, Spain for Couples
Photo: Dymphe

One of the most romantic places in Spain is Ibiza. Ibiza is an island that is part of the Balearic island group and there are many romantic things to do. The island has so many magical spots to go to with your partner!

For example, you can get a view of Es Vedra. Es Vedra is a rock in the sea that looks beautiful. It is very romantic to see this part of the island with your partner. Many marriage proposals take place here. People also take photos here in their wedding dresses. Another romantic thing to do is to rent a boat and discover various parts of the island as a couple. That way you can see many lesser-known places and get away from the crowds.

For a really romantic place to have a drink go to Blue Marlin! There is live music and the atmosphere is great! Furthermore, if you want to have a romantic dinner, then share a paella! This is a delicious rice dish that you eat from a large pan. One of the best places for this is La Brasa de Ibiza. The paella is very good and the outside area of the restaurant is very romantic!

Where to stay: One of the most romantic hotels in Ibiza is Mar y Playa. This hotel has a beautiful view of the sea and promenade, which is very romantic. Another great hotel is Hacienda Na Xamena. This is a very luxurious resort where you can have a great stay with your partner!


By Nadine Maffre from Le Long Weekend

Formentera, Spain for Couples
Photo: Nadine Maffre

The Balearic Island of Formentera sits off the coast of Ibiza, yet it feels like a million miles from its more hedonistic neighbour. It’s a place where you can truly disconnect from the rest of the world and focus on reconnecting as a couple.

Spend your days lounging on the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen, swimming in crystalline waters, and watching the sunset on the island’s edge. Take a day trip to the stunning private island of S’Espalmador, head to the markets at El Pilar de la Mola, or take a leisurely bike ride around the mostly flat isle. Whichever way you spend your days, you’ll feel like you’ve found paradise.

When the day draws to a close, head to the beach bar Kiosko Bartolo, just around the cove from Calo des Mort where you’ll find a rustic setting with tables set on the craggy cliffs. For a meal with the best views in Formentera, make a booking at El Mirador and sit on the terrace where you can see the whole island stretching out in front of you. And for the most romantic sunset stroll, walk to the Barbaria Lighthouse and sit perched on the rocks as the sun sets into the sea.

Where to stay: Retire to the Cala Soana Hotel & Spa where you can enjoy the secluded surrounds and tranquil environment.


By Derek and Mike from Robe Trotting

Sitges, Spain for Couples
Photo: Werner Lang

For LGBTQ travellers, one of the most romantic destinations in Spain has long been the coastal city of Sitges. The small, seaside town lies about 40 minutes south of Barcelona and gay Sitges offers many romantic activities for couples.

One of the best things to do anywhere on the Costa Brava is enjoying the sun and sand. Sitges has a gorgeous coastline of golden sands between a rock wall and turquoise Mediterranean waters. On average, Sitges sees 310 sunny days per year, so sunbathing on the sand is almost always an option. The city is incredibly picturesque with winding, narrow, cobblestone streets that date to the medieval era. A visit to the seaside church of Iglesia de San Bartolomé y Santa Tecla is also a must-do activity and couples can reach the church with a romantic stroll on the beach.

One of the best areas to grab a drink is the Passeig Maritim, the coastal promenade of Sitges. It looks down on the sand and sea below and is dotted with bars that have decks and great views. For couples interested in the gay nightlife of Sitges, there’s something for everyone from drag bars to upscale cocktail lounges and every scene in between. Of course, a romantic tapas dinner is the perfect way to kick off a night out and restaurants like El Cabel and the Basque-style restaurant, La Picara.

Where to stay: One of the best hotels for couples in Sitges is Kalma Sitges Hotel. The upscale hotel is conveniently located near the beach and within the city, so restaurants and nightlife is always nearby.


By Becki from Meet Me In Departures

Cordoba, Spain for Couples
Photo: Becki

The ancient city of Cordoba is a great choice for a romantic getaway. Not only does the city boast the iconic UNESCO Heritage-listed Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. There are also a ton of other things to do in Cordoba for romantic couples to get dreamy over.

Cordoba is renowned for its stunning flowered patios, so much so that every May there is a whole festival dedicated to it; Los Patios de Córdoba. Naturally, this draws big crowds of both locals and tourists, but outside of the festival month, the streets are quieter which make it ideal to wander around at your own pace and admire the colourful displays. Another great idea for couples is to explore the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs  (Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos) taking the time to wander about the turreted walls, fountains and manicured gardens or if you have a car, visit the ancient ruins of the Medina Azahara which are nestled into the hillside about 8km outside of the city.

End the day by wandering about the photogenic and narrow cobbled streets of Jewish Quarter to find yourself at bar Marídame. The bar overlooks the surrounding rooftops as well as the tower from the Cathedral. They offer a decent selection of wines and cocktails as well as locally inspired foods.  

Where to stay: Stay centrally in one of the many boutique hotels. A great choice for a romantic getaway is Hotel Boutique Patio del Posadero.

San Sebastian

By Christina from

San Sebastian for Couples
Photo: Christina

A charming Old Town and beautiful beaches make San Sebastian one of the most romantic places in Spain. This lovely Basque city is a magnet for honeymooners and couples looking for a relaxing getaway. Picture the two of you strolling along Playa de la Concha promenade hand and hand after a romantic dinner. After dark, San Sebastian’s Old Town. San Sebastian is also known by two names, one Spanish (San Sebastian) and Donostia (Basque).

One of the romantic things to do in San Sebastian is to ride to the top of Monte Igueldo in the funicular and enjoy the breathtaking view. The lookout is where you will see the best view of Donostia-San Sebastián. Another romantic activity is to share a picnic for two on one of San Sebastian’s beaches or active couples will love surfing here.

Le Bukowski is a great place to go for live music events and cool cocktails. The city is also the culinary capital of the Basque, and there are 18 Michelin-starred restaurants in San Sebastian, so food-loving couples can expect to be in foodie heaven. Treat yourselves to a meal at Arzak, Akalare, which has not only sensational food but also fabulous views, or Martin Berasategui. If you’re on a budget, go on a pintxos bar crawl in the Old Town, where there’s plenty of atmosphere.

Where to stay: The most romantic place to stay is Hotel María Cristina, which opened in 1912 and was named after the Queen of Spain. The historic Belle Epoque hotel has attracted royalty, movie stars and celebrities. A less expensive cinema-themed hotel is Astoria7.


By Jiayi from The Diary of a Nomad

Seville, Spain for Couples
Photo: Jiayi

Seville, Spain is an amazingly romantic destination thanks to its stunning architecture and incredible rooftop views. Walking around this city, you’ll come across lots of colorful streets with a peaceful, relaxing vibe — the perfect place for couples to unwind together!

One of the most romantic things to do in Seville is to rent a boat in Plaza de España and row around the canal there. The atmosphere in Plaza de España is especially romantic; blossoms, beautiful ceramic tiles, and gorgeous reflections fill the square, and enjoying these sights from a boat in the canal makes the experience even dreamier. Couples will pass by incredibly picturesque bridges and can also spot flamenco dancers performing in some parts of the square!

Another romantic thing for couples to do in Seville is to explore the Real Alcázar together. This majestic palace has over 1,000 years of history and some incredibly breathtaking architecture. It’s also home to several beautiful gardens and pavilions which are perfect for a romantic stroll!

For a romantic drink or two, head over to La Terraza de EME, the beautiful terrace of the EME Catedral Hotel. There’s an unbelievable closeup view of the Giralda tower from there, and this sight is especially magical during sunset. For the most delicious tapas, grab a romantic table for two at Espacio Eslava, the top place to eat at according to locals!

Where to stay: Melia Sevilla is an amazing hotel for couples to stay in during their time in Seville. It has a beautiful outdoor pool with a surreal view of Plaza de España — ideal for couples who want to relax together and forget the rest of the world.


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Avila Spain for Couples
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A walk hand-in-hand, as the sun races down, on the upper walls of Avila would be the most romantic thing to do in Avila, the walled medieval city of Spain. The entire stretch of wall is 2.5km, of which a part of it is walkable with tickets costing 5 Euros. You can take a walk along the walls outside the city which is free and get some cosy places to cuddle up.

Avila is a UNESCO World Heritage site, yet it isn’t as crowded as other UNESCO sites of Spain. There are plenty other interesting things to do in Avila. Avila’s Cathedral is a beautiful example of historical architecture of Spain, the Cathedral here is a must see.

You will find numerous cafes and restaurants within the city walls.

Restaurant Siglodoce, close to Cathedral de Avila, is an ideal place to catch a bite. It is particularly known for gluten free options. Restaurant Bococo has a good selection of dishes and is appreciated for its prompt services even during rush hours.

El Almacen is a classy place for dinner. It is close to Cuatro Postes and serves a good range of dishes and drinks. Ideal time to visit would be for a romantic dinner when you can view the flood lit walls.

Where to stay: One of the best hotels recommended to stay there is the Parador de Ávila Hotel, a boutique hotel. In fact it is a palace done up beautifully with its gardens extending right up to the historic wall. The traditional dishes in their menu are must haves here.


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Barcelona, Spain for Couples
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Barcelona is truly and without a doubt, one of the most romantic cities in Europe. But it’s not just the city’s summer vibe, fantastic architecture, delicious food, and beautiful beach that make the city a perfect destination for couples. There are just so many romantic things to do in Barcelona.

One of the places that you definitely shouldn’t miss when traveling as a couple to the Catalan capital is the city’s beach. A visit here is worthwhile in every season. You can enjoy a long day at the beach with your partner in summer, which you end with a romantic dinner in one of the great restaurants on the beach promenade. Taste a full-bodied Catalan vino together with candlelight and a view of the Mediterranean. If you visit in winter, you can enjoy a long and sunny beach walk.

But the city center is also full of romantic opportunities. Stroll through the narrow streets of Barrio Gótico and visit the city’s famous Modernisme buildings. Many of these unique buildings with their unusual shapes and colors simply invite you to dream.

A great neighborhood to stay in for couples is Gràcia. This barrio, which is considered the city’s alternative district, is usually much quieter than the rest of the city and is therefore perfect for night walks. Don’t miss out on a menu in the cozy little restaurant Vi Negre, which is ideal for ending a romantic evening in Barcelona.

Where to stay: Find countless romantic hotels, apartments and hostels in Barcelona here on Driftwood Journals.


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Valencia, Spain for Couples
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Valencia is one of the most romantic cities in Spain. It’s the perfect Mediterranean honeymoon destination! It’s a city full of gardens, flowers and historic buildings. It’s easy to get around, and it’s budget friendly.

You and your partner can walk hand-in-hand down the cobblestone paths as you explore the Valencia Cathedral, Serrans Gate and the Silk Exchange (a UNESCO World Heritage site). One of the most romantic places in Valencia is the top of the Tower of Micalet. From here, you can appreciate sweeping panoramas of the city.

One of the other famous tourist sites in Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s a futuristic museum campus, and it’s one of the most photographed places in Spain. You’ll catch the City of Arts and Sciences in HBO’s Westworld Season 2. Here, you and your lover can cruise around in clear-bottom kayaks, or visit some of the worldly museums.

Valencia is famous for beaches. It’s a costal city with white sands and warm waters. Some of the most popular ones include Cabanyal Beach and Patacona Beach. Picture palm lined boardwalks and sunny skies.

Coastal city means delicious seafood, and Valencia is especially famous for one dish in particular… Valencia is the birthplace of paella! It’s a rice dish cooked slowly in a large cast iron pan. The rice gets crispy at the bottom and remains soft on top. Freshly caught seafood is added, and it’s often seasoned with saffron.

Relax at one of Valencia’s gorgeous outdoor restaurants with a glass of wine and a traditional paella. La Riuá is famous for their paella. Next, visit Ateneo Sky Bar Restaurant for a nightcap and some stunning views.

Where to stay: Anywhere in Valencia’s old town will be astoundingly romantic.


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Majorca is one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. While most other islands that belong to Spain have some semblance to the country, Majorca retains pretty much all the things you expect from a Spanish city plus the charm and beaches of an island. It is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway in Spain!

Palma is the capital of the island and has a grand cathedral in very Spanish style as well as a beautiful promenade perfect for a walk at sunset while holding hands. If you prefer somewhere secluded, head to the Fermentor beach, It is another beautiful romantic spot with golden sand and blue waters and after a day of soaking up sun together head to Cap Fermentor for a stunning sunset.

For the perfect romantic meals head to many villages, inlands with great food like Valldemossa. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains, it is an idyllic spot to enjoy the best of Spain.

The bars and restaurants around Sant Nicolau in Palma are great for dinner and drinks in a lively environment and the area of Portopi offers a chance to enjoy food and drinks near the sea. (Garito Cafe offers amazing cocktails and burgers).

Where to stay: In order to keep your trek simple stay in Palma but if you prefer to wake up with the perfect views, Fermentor Hotel is the perfect choices.

Discover more romantic things to do in Mallorca (and hotel recommendations) here.


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Malaga which is a perfect beach destination in Spain is one of the most romantic places in Europe. Due to its Mediterranean charm, glittering sunshine throughout the year, green palms swaying on the glittering coast with deep blue waters make it a perfect romantic place for couples to chill out.

Malaga has many beaches that are world-famous for their beauty, vibrant vibes, and funky beach shacks. This coastal city is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has much interesting architecture too with a deep blue coastline.  Not only this city has artistic vibes too as it is the birthplace of famous artist Picasso.  Beaches of Torremolinos neighborhood in this area are famous for rugged landscape with amazing photogenic beaches. Malaga is the largest city in Costa Del Sol and is known as the resort town of Spain.

The vibrant nightlife of Malaga is also famous for traditional tapas bars, cafes and modern clubs and most of the bars are open till 6:00 A.M…  All the buildings are illuminated with special lighting in Mtjana square which is famous for nightlife and windows of shops & buildings are adorned with a special Spanish type of décor. There are many famous day trips from Malaga like drive to whitewashed houses village of Andalucia, historical village of Granada, Caminito, etc.  Seafood and traditional Spanish food dominate the food scene here. So visit Malaga and lie down under the promenade of swaying palm trees on the shiny sands nearby blue waters under the sunshine.

Where to stay: The best place to book a hotel stay is in Petit Plaza – the city center of Malaga.


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If you are looking for a romantic place to visit in Spain, you can’t skip Carmona. The city boasts a gorgeous Moorish heritage which is mixed with Roman legacy. Symbols of this legacy are the Roman gates such as the Cordoba Gate or the Seville gate. You can drive through the gate on your way into town. It’s boarded by octagonal turrets and though it dates from Roman times, it was altered in the eighteenth century to the monument that you see today.

Another thing you can’t miss is Carmona Fort. Also known as the Alcazar de la Puerta de Sevilla, the Fort of Carmona is located on top of the hill and is well worth a visit for the gorgeous views from its ramparts. Remains found nearby date from the seventh century BC. The Carthaginians constructed the gate itself, and the Romans reinforced the fortress with the addition of a gate.

Carmona is just a day trip from Seville, you can reach here by car and the best place to stay is the Parador de Carmona. It is the most popular place to stay among couples as well as for other travelers because of its luxurious services.

Where to stay: The Parador de Carmona Hotel is also the best place to stay for couples in Carmona. Couples can enjoy various romantic things at the hotel including the delicious food at its spectacular dining room. It is a must to try the traditional Andalusian cuisine at the hotel which includes partridge dishes. You will also get to discover the best of Carmona from the doorstep of the hotel. Your stay is made better with always available room service, front desk, pool, and a lounge.

A big gracias to all the travel bloggers who contributed their recommendations on the most romantic destination in Spain!

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