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Where to Play Football in Barcelona ~ An Inside Guide

Last updated on October 26, 2020

The footie fanatics from CeleBreak share their inside advice on where to play football in Barcelona and how to get involved in local games and tournaments. 

Camp Nou FCB Football Stadium BarcelonaSpain is football mad, and the spectacular city of Barcelona is no exception! Thanks to the massive success of its teams and the Spanish Men’s National Team, it has become a hub for footballers and fans from all over the world.

Of course, the eyes of the world are usually fixed on teams from La Liga and they miss the fact that there are loads of stellar locations for everyone to play throughout the rest of the city, rather than to just watch FC Barcelona in (or in a bar next to) the Camp Nou!

Barcelona: A Football City

A common problem that faces so many people of the new arrivals in Barcelona is that the find themselves without the first idea of where there are opportunities to play football.

However, this is not a problem that is unique to these new arrivals, as people who have been living in the city for some time also find that they don’t know where, when or with whom they could play.

For many people, certainty about the duration of their stay in Barcelona is often lacking, whether it is a few weeks, a few months to even a few years.

In many cases, this leads to unpredictable or constantly change weekly schedules, which makes a strong, regular commitment to a single football club almost impossible.

Or perhaps you and your friends share a passion for football, however, whenever you get together to play, all you manage to do is knock a ball around or do a few keepy-uppys at the park or at the beach?

As fun as this can be, the greatest part of football is playing matches against other teams!

CeleBreak: Football is a Way of Life!

Where to play football in BarcelonaWhenever they’re not kicking back and watching it in a bar with their friends or from the comfort of their sofa, everyone who loves football just wants to lace up their boots and play. However, often finding out when, with whom and how to do this can prove tricky.

Luckily for people visiting Barcelona on holiday or who have moved permanently to the city, CeleBreak, an exciting football lifestyle brand, have made the whole process astoundingly easy!

CeleBreak was born in 2014 out of the passion of two brothers and one cousin, Daniel and Sebastian Foth, and Gabriel Fustero Fernández. It is a family business based on the love of football and being able to cast any and all worries aside.

For them, it is more than “just a game”, but rather it is a real way of life which, for them, means friendship, sharing experiences and creating lasting memories alongside everyone with whom they take to the field.

CeleBreak organises daily football sessions, football leagues and different tournaments for passionate amateur football players in Barcelona and its surrounding areas.

As a result, you can play on great fields, make new friends from all around the world and celebrate with a few beers or in Barcelona’s best nightclubs.

Play Whenever You Want, No-Strings Attached!

 La Satalia football pitch in Barcelona
La Satalia football pitch in Barcelona

What makes the playing football with CeleBreak so fun and easily accessible is their Daily Pick-Up Football Sessions.

They organise a huge amount of sessions – at least twice daily – at several spectacular venues located all around Barcelona, and everyone (regardless of gender) can get involved whenever they want and pay on a game-by-game basis.

The first regular venue, Agapito Fernández, is found a stone’s throw away from the beach, and is a perfect place to enjoy playing football in the summer sun– you could even nip away from the pitch to grab a cold beer on the beach in a matter of seconds!

The second, La Satalia, is also a special place to play. It is located right next to the cable car station that carries people up to the breathtakingly beautiful area of Montjuïc.

From here you’ll find stunning views that are unmatched throughout the city, which are complimented perfectly by a slick, modern 3G pitch.

Additionally, CeleBreak’s dedication to their ethos of inclusivity stems from an awareness of the fact that everyone constantly faces the struggle of juggling the amount of time they spend on their work, their social life, nightlife and their various hobbies.

Organised football ought to be readily accessible to every passionate amateur player, and, thanks to the breadth of their daily sessions, they certainly make it so.

Moreover, this ethos means that their matches are not only about pure competition, but rather the priority is the ‘Spirit of Football’; playing with respect and accepting all-comers.

Consequently, your level of play is not important, only that you share the same passion and enthusiasm as your teammates!

Scratch Your Itch for Competition in Barcelona’s Weekend Leagues!

Play local against local football teams in BarcelonaIf you are looking for matches that are more regular and competitive in their structure, CeleBreak also have you covered through Weekend Leagues that in Barcelona.

It’s certainly true that the best way to improve your game and your team cohesion is by playing against other teams and coming up against various levels of ability and different styles of play.

All League fixtures take place on weekend afternoons; on Saturdays at La Satalia atop Montjuïc, or at the beach on Sundays at Agapito Fernández.

The sign-up process is exceptionally straightforward, just like the Daily Pick Up Sessions. You can register as an individual and be placed in a team of around 8 or 9 players.

Alternatively, if you and your friends have already formed a team then you can sign up together!

The Most Exclusive Football Tournaments in Barcelona: CeleBreak Mini-Cups

Every month footballers all around Barcelona have a day set aside for a CeleBreak Mini-Cup – an amateur football tournament for players and teams from all around the city.

The Mini-Cup is a good mix between competition, match-play, and the celebrations that follow the tournament at best nightclubs in town!

For people who are visiting Barcelona for even just a few days, these tournaments offer a unique experience to combine playing sports, partying and making new friends with people from around the world.

For people who are planning on spending more than just a couple of days in Barcelona, the tournament is an opportunity to take a break from the bustle of the city and have fun with friends before heading back to the work or heading to the next stop on your travels!

CeleBreak with Barça: Play Like Messi in an International Tournament

CeleBreak with Barça: Play Like Messi in an International TournamentFor those who want to play like Messi and party like Neymar in Barcelona for 4 days, CeleBreak have one more card up their sleeve: CeleBreak with Barça.

The concept is as simple as it sounds: it is a 4-day summer football festival in Barcelona, a city that wears its passion for the game on its chest, that sees CeleBreak team up with FC Barcelona to welcome different amateur football teams from around Europe to the FCB Escola, the Catalan giant’s official training ground where Messi & Co. train all season long, for a 2-day tournament that is bookended by opening and closing parties in world-famous nightclubs!

Sounds pretty incredible, right?! There’s no doubt that it would be perfect for groups of fans who want to add a touch of glamour to their summer holidays by playing football next to the Camp Nou instead of just watching football there!

Make it Happen

How to sign up to play football with CeleBreak in Barcelona:

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  2. Join the Celebreak Facebook group for updates, general news, photos & videos
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  4. Contact Celebreak on Whatsapp if you have any quieries: + 34 654 50 27 82
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