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Where to Play Football in Frankfurt: The Ultimate Guide 

Last updated on November 25, 2020

The footie fanatics from  CeleBreak  share their inside knowledge on where to play football in Frankfurt. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a budding pro, here’s how and where you can get involved in local football games in this beautiful German metropolis. 

Frankfurt is the stylish business capital of Germany. Located centrally in the country, it’s surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Rhine Gorge. Despite the city’s busy business buzz, there are also numerous places and ways to relax in Frankfurt. One of these is football – whether that’s playing or watching it!

Frankfurt football 2

Football Culture in Frankfurt – Bundesliga Big Boys, Stylish Stadiums and Beautiful Beer

Frankfurt’s main football team is Eintracht Frankfurt. They play at the 51,000 capacity Waldstadion Stadium just outside the city, which is currently known as the Deutsche Bank Park for sponsorship reasons. The original stadium was built in 1925, but after a series of renovations, it looks as impressive as any other modern arena. With a purpose-built standing section for Eintracht’s loudest supporters, the stadium hasn’t lost its passionate atmosphere despite the modernisation.

On the pitch, Eintracht Frankfurt are part of Germany’s footballing mantelpiece. Established over 100 years ago in 1899, the club enjoyed success in Germany’s top division pre- and post-World War Two. As one of the founding members of the Bundesliga in 1963, Frankfurt remained in the top-flight for 33 years before their first relegation in 1996. 

Eintracht Frankfurt bounced between the Bundesliga and Bundesliga.2 for about ten years over the boundary of the millennium. Since 2005, the club have only spent one season in the second tier, and whilst in the Bundesliga, have generally challenged for a top-half spot. 

Frankfurt, Germany

Despite the size of the club, however, Frankfurt has tended to struggle to truly trouble the Bundesliga big guns. 

Whether this is down to managerial appointments, poor transfer acumen, or simply other teams whose owners have deeper pockets, fans aren’t sure. 

However, Eintracht definitely have the potential to kick on. A front three of target man Bast Dost and dynamic wingers Andre Silva and Daichi Kamada, are a threat to any Bundesliga defence. And, with an impressive 46.9%-win ratio in his 113 matches to date (at the time of writing), manager Adi Hütter is proving to be one of the Bundesliga’s top bosses. 

Several other lower league teams also play in and around Frankfurt, including Eintracht’s Women’s Team, Vfl Germania, and FSV Frankfurt. 

One of the best things about watching football in Germany is the fantastic catering that you can find at stadiums. Whereas those of us watching the footie in the UK have to make do with a packet of crisps or a burger van outside, German football fans around the country enjoy beer, bread, and many other foods that wouldn’t look out of place in a high street café!

Best Places to Play Football in Frankfurt

Where to play soccer/football in Frankfurt, Germany - CeleBreak Casual Soccer Games with CeleBreak

Play Football in Frankfurt at… Niederrad Outdoor

CeleBreak’s Nierderrad Outdoor pitch is situated at the home of FC Union Niederrad 07. The soft, artificial surface is located in the neighbourhood of Niederrad (south of the city centre), within a ten-minute walk of various food outlets. There are a number of different Italian restaurants in the surrounding neighbourhoods of the Niederrad pitch, as well as a host of bars, bakeries, and more restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

Niederrad Outdoor is a quiet, suburban place to play football in Frankfurt. Despite being a little way out of the city centre, however, there are still ample transport links into central Frankfurt. The main districts of the city are a fifteen-minute car and 25-minute train ride – Frankfurt Niederrad station is a few minutes from the pitch. 

Play Football in Frankfurt at… Niederrad Indoor 

As you can probably imagine, CeleBreak’s Niederrad Indoor pitch is in the same area as the Niederrad Outdoor pitch. Indoor pitches are a great alternative when the colder, wetter weather sets in. The venue, owned by Soccer-Point, is a three mini-pitch FIFA tested artificial surface sports hall. 

Playing on a great, indoor artificial pitch isn’t the only benefit of playing football in Frankfurt at Niederrad Indoor. The venue also has a sports bar showing live football in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, if you fancy a kickabout before or after matchday, Eintracht’s Deutsche Bank Park is a 25-minute walk, 11-minute drive, or 20-minute train ride from the pitch!

Play Football in Frankfurt at… Sachsenhausen 

Sachsenhausen is CeleBreak’s most central pitch to play football in Frankfurt. Located on the banks of the Main river, players can enjoy both the benefits of the city centre, and the relaxing tranquillity of the riverbank. After a good run out with CeleBreak, make your way down the river before crossing over into Frankfurt’s central districts. 

Full of culture and history, the city offers a plethora of inviting restaurants and bars. There, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of cuisines, from a good old German beer and bratwurst, to several European and continental restaurants. 

For those interested in the arts, the Museum für Moderne Kunst (Museum for Modern Arts) is also nearby. Similarly, the Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus (Frankfurt Cathedral) is a beautiful piece of Gothic architecture worth visiting. Finally, there are several river tours up and down the Frankfurt stretch of the Main River, which are simply gorgeous in the summer. 

Play Football in Frankfurt at… Bockenheim 

CeleBreak’s Bockenheim pitch is situated north of the city at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt sports complex. Situated close to the peaceful and picturesque Nidda Park, players at Bockenheim can enjoy the park’s woodland and expansive greenery after the match. 

Being located in a university district means that transport links and amenities are ample. There are also some restaurants in the local area to enjoy a beer at after playing football in Frankfurt. It’s around a ten-minute car ride into the city centre from the Bockenheim pitch. 

Who Are CeleBreak – and How Can They Help You Play Football in Frankfurt? 

Play Football in Frankfurt with CeleBreak

CeleBreak is the brainchild of two brothers, Daniel and Sebastian Foth, and their cousin Gabriel Fustero Fernández. A family business, CeleBreak have revolutionised the way that anybody can find and play in a local 7-a-side football match to have fun and simply cast their worries aside. 

Frustrated that organising a simple kickabout with friends was proving too much of a hassle, Daniel, Sebastian, and Gabriel created CeleBreak to take the stress away from playing football for fun. Already operating in six European cities, CeleBreak has recently launched in Frankfurt and helps tourists, locals, and anybody else to easily play football in Frankfurt. 

Everybody is welcome to play football in Frankfurt with CeleBreak. Both men’s and women’s games are available at virtually the touch of a button. Further down, you’ll find details of how to sign up and play with CeleBreak. 

Play Whenever and Wherever… 

CeleBreak have selected five different astro-turf (artificial) pitches around the city where you can play football in Frankfurt. Each one has its perks; some are central in the city, where there is a plethora of bars and restaurants. Others are a little further out but with good transport links into the city centre. 

Luckily, being able to play football in Frankfurt is now easier than ever. The four locations we’ve listed below make the experience ten times better. 

Where to Play Football in Malaga Spain - with Celebreak

How Does CeleBreak Pick-Up Football Work? 

An innovative solution to the hassle and time-consuming task of organising a kickabout, CeleBreak Pick Up football allows you to play football in Frankfurt without the stress! 

Follow These Three Easy Steps to Play Soccer in Frankfurt: 

  1. Download the CeleBreak app, available on both Android and IOS. When you enter the app, the screen will show you a list of CeleBreak’s locations around the world. You’ll need to create an account on the app to play, but this will take no time at all! 
  1. Click on Frankfurt. You will be shown a list of games on the current day, and over the next few days as well. The location of the pitch and the time of the game will be shown. 
  1. When you select a game, you’ll be shown a list of the players in that game. Remember, only games needing players are shown as available. Once you’ve chosen your game, remember the location and time, and turn up and play! 

In the current climate, please remember to follow the Coronavirus restrictions in place in Frankfurt. 

Frankfurt Best Football Bars

Where else can you enjoy Football in Frankfurt? 

Germany’s culinary scene is distinctive and extremely tasty. Known for their love of sport, beer, and meat, Germans are also keen on their bread, with German bakeries known to be some of the best in the world. Cheese and potatoes are also prominent ingredients in German cooking. There are many local or independent breweries in Germany, with over ten in Frankfurt alone.

Frankfurt’s many bars and restaurants offer a variety of foods, from Italian to Thai, and Indian to French as well as everything in between. The combination of football and food in Germany is prevalent, and sports bars, where you can watch football in Frankfurt over the season, cater to a diverse demographic.

Excellent sports bars in Frankfurt is Champions Bar

Stevedoo, located in the Bruckenviertel district of Frankfurt, is a fantastic spot to watch football in Frankfurt. Combining excellent, American style diner food with an upbeat atmosphere, Stevedoo is a typical burger-sports bar. Their selection of drinks is noted to be a strong point, and they show a variety of football throughout the year.

Located inside the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Champions Bar is a spacious bar showing both football and other sports. Perhaps slightly on the pricey side, the Champions Bar offers food and drink in an atmosphere that isn’t as raucous as some of the other places where you can watch football in Frankfurt.

If you fancy some footie in Frankfurt but don’t necessarily want to play a match with CeleBreak, then there are several other places you can do so. The Gruneburgpark in northwest Frankfurt has ample green space for an informal kickabout with friends. It is also one of the city’s most scenic spots, and a beautiful place to relax. Ost Park in western Frankfurt is a large green, perfect for a picnic and a spot of football. 

So, if you want to play football in Frankfurt, download the CeleBreak app, turn up, and get playing! What’s more – if you’re planning to head to Spain anytime soon, you can play with CeleBreak there, tooHead to CeleBreak’s website to check out their four other locations!

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