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Travel Tips While Flying to Taipei

Planning to fly to Taipei? Whether for business purposes, holiday, or just visiting a friend, here’s what you need to know.

About Taipei City 

Taipei is a large city with a population of 2.7 million. It is known as Taiwan‘s capital city, and any visit to Taiwan without visiting Taiwan would be incomplete. It’s found on the northern side of the country with a total of 12 districts. Moreover, Taipei is a dynamic city with high political, financial, and cultural standards. A visit to this place is something to be proud of because there is a plethora of museums, attraction sites, plus an effortless lifestyle that won’t drain your bank account.  

What You Should Know Before You Fly to Taipei

Traveling to Taipei is easy because it has a highly developed infrastructure. To start with, Taipei international airport is easily accessible via direct flights. However, when you land in Taoyuan International Airport, located on Taipei’s westside, shuttle buses are around to help you reach Taoyuan High-Speed Rail. 

You will quickly get to Taipei main station, so if you made some prior arrangements, you could get a taxi to get to your final destination within Taipei. In the middle of Taipei, you’ll find Taipei Songshan Airport mostly towards the Songshan district. It’s used for domestic flights and connects cities like Seoul and Tokyo, while some Chinese cities use it for international flights. 

Once in Taipei, it’s easy to move around using the MTR metro system. With maps drawn and price indicated, you can easily see your destination around the city. Once you have paid and received your token, you can enjoy a safe ride to your destination. 

English is a common language and you would expect locals to use it, but most times you may hear many of them speaking Mandurian.

Passport Requirements for Visiting Taipei

Those who fly to Taipei require a valid passport before they can be allowed to enter the city. Your passport should be valid for at least six months unless you are from Japan, in which case your Visa should be valid only for three months. Besides this, you’ll be requested to prove your itinerary, including flight reservations to ensure you don’t stay longer than the anticipated period, i.e.14-90 days. Also, travellers should have no criminal records. Additionally, the travellers from Macau and Hong Kong need an Exit and Entry Permit. 

What’s the Weather Like in Taipei

Considering all the seasons, we would suggest the best time to visit Taipei is in autumn, when the weather is mild and there is little rain. However, if you don’t worry much about the heat, you can also fly to Taipei with Cathay Pacific during summer, when it’s hot and humid and temperatures range between -80 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 60 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. Since Taipei is located close to the tropic of cancer, it experiences monsoons which make it humid all year round. 

Taipei Internet Access 

Taipei is a city revolutionised by technology. In many of the hotels, restaurants and cafes you will find free internet access.  

Moreover, the Taiwan government also provides what we call iTaiwan, free WIFI access with hotspots scattered across Taipei city. However, you must register at Taipei’s twelve Visitor Information Centers to enjoy these services. The significant points include Xiangshan Metro Station, TAIPEI 101, or government offices. 

Currency and Taipei Money 

The pole of Taiwan uses the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) and comes in notes and coins. The notes come in denomination of 100, 200, 500, 1000, and NT$2000. Also, the coins are available in 1, 5, 10, and NT$50. To dine, shop or do anything that involves money, you may need some cash, but some of the hotels and government offices may allow you to use a MasterCard, visa card, or American express. However, if you prefer walking with money, you’ll need to change your local currency into NT $. And if you need to avoid the stress of conversion, then the ATMs distributed on significant positions in Taipei city will produce money in NT$. 

Where Can You Eat in Taipei? 

It takes a lot of time and resources to fly to Taipei, which means you need to organise yourself so that you can find some right places to eat your favourite food. Below is a list of a few suggestions you may consider. 

Addiction Aquatic Center: a place well balanced with seafood, and you won’t miss tasty sushi. Moreover, the place is located close to the seafood market, seafood bar, oyster bar, hot pot restaurants, gourmet food supermarket, etc. So, if seafood makes your favorite dishes, then this place is right for you. 

Din Tai Fung: this is a classic place to take your favorite meal. Also, you can put your name on the list and get to the top of Taipei 100. You can then settle down for soup dumplings and dim sum; you’ll enjoy your time in Taipei. 

Shao Ke: if you’ve wished to eat Shanxi cuisine, then try Shao Ke. Some other meals to expect include deep-fried soy cheese puff pastries without forgetting to mention the cumin and lamb flavors. 

Places to Visit in Taipei 

Taipei has many beauty spots, including Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, Elephant Mountain, National Palace Museum, Shilin Night Market, trip to Jiufen and Sun Moon Lake. 

Final Words 

When you fly to Taipei, you should know the available flights and the airport where you’ll first land. Taiwan has an international airport. To enjoy your journey, you should first check before your visit to enable you to get reasonable accommodation and travel plans. 

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