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What is Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival?

A “Sri Lanka Visa on arrival” is a temporary stay visa for tourism, business, or transit travelers. There are numerous visa policies that the visitor has to follow. Visitors receive access immediately after arriving in the country’s port of entry if they have an approved Sri Lanka ETA (Electronic Traveling Authorization) application. Eligible applicants without the approval of Sri Lanka ETA have to fill out the visa on the arrival application form and wait for approval before being granted access.

Components of Sri Lanka Visa on arrival

All foreign countries are eligible for a Sri Lanka visa on arrival, except foreigners from 21 countries that obtain a permit from the Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission before the visit. It is advisable to check your state eligibility on the Sri Lanka Visa on arrival countries list to confirm

At Sri Lankan ports, there are long queues for visa services. Travelers should register for electronic traveler’s authorization in advance, except for the citizens of the Maldives, Singapore, and Seychelles. They get a free Visa on arrival without additional conditions.

The visa covers up to 30 days of stay in the country for visitors for tourism or business purposes. Travelers on transit receive a ticket for two days in the country. When travelers for tourism and business purposes intend to extend their stay in Sri Lanka, they can re-apply for an extension visa for 60 days after the expiration of the first visit date. In addition, the foreigner can apply for another 90 days after the scent visa dates expire. Overstaying can lead to a foreigner being fined, detained, or deported. 

A visitor can apply for a Sri Lanka visa on arrival online by filling out particulars in the application form. The visa application and approval take 1-2 on a working day, and a special procession takes one hour. Travelers should complete the application 2-3 days before the traveling day. The applicant can receive the reply through the email address they provide. 

Particulars of a Sri Lanka visa on the travel application form:

  • Full Names 
  • Gender
  • Country of birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Telephone number
  • Travel documents number
  • Passport number and its expiry date
  • The purpose of the visit the 

The visitors using a Sri Lanka visa on arrival must ensure they have six months of validity from the country’s entry date. Foreigners should have good credit or debit cards for visa payments. Also, the visitor will submit a current email where they will receive the visa. 

At the port of entry, a visitor using a Sri Lanka visa on arrival will require to show a printed approved copy of the Sri Lanka ETA. The authority will need proof of sufficient funds to stain the visit period. A traveler must show a confirmed return ticket to their country of origin or progress ticket to another destination.

The Sri Lankan visa for travel has the advantage of reducing the tedious paperwork of obtaining access for visitors for business, tourism, and en route purposes. 

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