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6 Sound Reasons to Upgrade Your Holiday Accommodation with Filtered Water

Water technology has advanced to water filtration systems and water filters. They’re easier than ever to install and affordable too, making them a logical and economically sound investment for your holiday accommodation business. 

If you choose to filter your water, remember to have water filter replacement cartridges on standby for replacement once they clog with dirt. Let us look at the benefits of filtering water, and why you should upgrade your holiday accommodation to offer it.

1. Offering Clean, Safe Water is Something All Guests Will Appreciate

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that your guests will drink and/or wash in the water provided by your property. Drinking unsafe water can lead to grave consequences. Consuming pollutants such as heavy metals can negatively affect your health or make your water unpalatable. As most municipal water systems try their best to treat water and ensure water quality, there is a risk of system failures. Therefore, it is good to be safe with a water filtration system. 

When you filter water using an efficient filtration system, you are smartly investing in your guests’ health, and be default your business’s health too.

2. Filtered Water Smells and Tastes Better

Water filtration helps your water smell and taste better by eradicating impurities that affect taste and smell. So, more enhanced and refreshing flavor is obtained, which results in more satisfaction after enjoying a glass of filtered water. 

Often, tap water smells and tastes like chlorine, and distilled water lacks minerals, making it taste bland. Filtering water removes contaminants but does not remove the minerals that give water its good taste.

3. It’s Cheaper Than Providing Bottled Water

Supplying your guests with bottled water? The costs can quickly escalate – not to mention the environmental cost to the planet. If your guests consume at least three water bottles daily, your annual bottled water costs could easily exceed $500. This is an operational cost you can save if you install a filtration system, while still offering your guests more in terms of value.

4. You’ll Boost Your Eco Policy

There’s no doubt you’ll be aware of the negative environmental impacts associated with plastic bottles. In fact, plastic bottles play a significant part in the plastic waste stream. Business-wise (and brand-wise), you may be conscious of how you dispose of your guests’ plastic bottles, but you have no guarantee the plastic bottles will be recycled. Therefore, removing plastic bottles from your holiday property plays a significant role in rectifying this ever-growing problem.

5. You’ll Attract a New Market Segment

Guests with sensitive skin and irritations like psoriasis or eczema may suffer when exposed to water chemicals such as chlorine. Installing a water filtration system can significantly help alleviate these problems, which means you could attract new travelers that are actively looking to rent holiday properties with filtered water. And, even for people without these skin conditions, it feels good to shower with clean and pure water.

6. Reduce Your Plumbing Maintenance Costs

As contaminated water moves through your property’s plumbing, it wears down tanks and pipes and causes malfunctions over time. Using filtered water can minimize the quantity of rust and sediment in the water, meaning there’ll be less need to maintain your property’s plumbing.

When selecting a home water filtration system, ensure it matches your holiday property’s specific needs. Different systems require different spaces and fitting. It is essential to carefully learn the system requirements before you buy a home filtration system. You can consult a water filtration systems expert if you’re unsure what to purchase. 

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