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7 Top Destinations to Explore on a Charter Cruise

Whether you’re cruising the waters of the Mediterranean or embarking on an epic island hopping experience, like the Caribbean, a private charter provides a more intimate experience tailored to each passenger’s requirements.

Looking at several factors, here are seven of the world’s very best destinations to explore and experience on a charter cruise.

1. Galapagos

The Galapagos archipelago consists of more than 127 islands scattered through the Pacific Ocean. There are 13 major islands, islets, rocks, and uninhabited land. 

A Galapagos private charter cruise is ideal for traveling solo with friends or family. The ultimate getaway allows you to explore the Galapagos Islands on a more intimate level and personalize your experience.

With a private charter, you can customize your trip and choose from different itineraries based on your budget and needs. 

What could be a better spot for nature lovers than to see where Darwin developed his theories of evolution? Or seeing the rare, endemic species on a bird-watching tour. Not to mention the giant tortoises.

2. Fiji

Fiji is another amazing destination with more than 300 islands over a large ocean area, waiting for you to book the next private yacht and explore the unexplored areas. Fiji is located in the Southwest Pacific and is endorsed by spectacular reefs, beautiful lagoons, an abundance of sea life, and crystal clear waters.

The remote area welcomes thousands of visitors each year that enjoy the coconut plantations, underwater adventures, and mesmerizing beaches. English is the main language spoken on the islands, so you can easily navigate throughout the entire journey.

Do not forget to visit the Mamanuca Islands if you want to experience the proper Fiji lifestyle, eat delicious, traditional food, and learn more about their customs and traditions.

3. The British Virgin Islands

It’s no wonder that many of the destinations on this list are remote islands scattered throughout the ocean area worldwide. The same applies to the British Virgin Islands. These islands are the perfect destination to visit on a private yacht due to the abundance of picture-perfect beaches, on-shore and off-shore activities, a wide selection of dining options, and the nature spotting of endemic species.

For adventure lovers, there are rock formations you can hike throughout the day, or participate in snorkeling activities and swim with the sea life. And if you are traveling as a family, ensure you don’t miss Marina Cay, an island located in the warm water lagoon that’s perfect for a family vacation.

4. Canary Islands

Now we head off to Europe and its pristine beauty of islands, the Canary Islands. These islands are part of Spain, but are located just off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic. They are popular tourist destination due to the unspoiled nature, warm local hospitality, the mixture of cultures, and glorious traditional food.

It’s another destination that’s best experienced on a private yacht, and the island La Palma is what makes the Canary Islands stand out from the rest.

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5. Turkey

Turkey has some of the best resorts in the world, boasting more than 8,000 km of coastline, and a profuseness of marinas, beaches, caves, and inlets. Sailing on a private charter yacht in Turkey is one of the best experiences since you’ll be able to enjoy the secluded harbors, breathtaking beaches with clear blue waters, and the Eastern culture and local food.

The Turkish coastline is divided into 4 yacht charter areas, so ensure you choose the one that reflects your requirements. If you feel like discovering the mountainous part of Turkey, you can head off to the West Lycian Coast, otherwise, the Carian Cost is what will take your breath away.

6. Dubai

Dubai is a rich city. A city of contrasts – modern and traditional. There, you’ll find all types of activities, from luxurious dining options to down-to-earth camel rides through the desert. Dubai has become one of the top destinations for private cruise travelers, and for a reason.

It’s famous for its Burj Khalifa, the skyscraper that can be seen in many tourists’ photos worldwide. Plus, Dubai is a meeting point for many cultures. Do not forget to pack your sunscreen ‘cause it can get pretty hot there!

7. The Bahamas

The Bahamas’ landmarks are the natural beauty of the beaches and scenic views across the islands. Most tourists visit the Bahamas to enjoy the activities and amenities in the resorts, and nature-lovers enjoy the wildlife, the beautiful reefs, and the hiking trails.

Not to mention the stunning white sand and picture-postcard beaches!

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