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10 Fun Summer Things to Do in the UK

The UK is filled with natural beauty, from the lush green countryside to sparkling blue coastlines. In addition, the summers tend to be milder than in other areas of Europe, making it the perfect time to explore the great outdoors. However, many people associate summer only with activities such as going to the beach or spending long afternoons by a pool, which doesn’t precisely describe British summertime! Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do in the UK during the warm months that don’t involve water!

So, whether you’re only here for a holiday, or are on a staycation and want to fit in as many activities as possible, here are some fantastic things you can do in the UK this summer:

Go Camping

There is nothing quite like sitting around a roaring open fire, roasting marshmallows and drinking beers with friends. OK, so maybe we are slightly exaggerating, but camping offers some fantastic relaxation and adventure opportunities, especially in the UK.

It’s a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and fully appreciate the great outdoors. There are numerous campsites across the UK, including some right in the heart of London. You can choose to pitch your tent or rent a cabin or yurt, depending on how rustic you want your camping experience to be.

Most campsites are open year-round, making camping an ideal summer activity. Always pack wisely, as you will need warm clothes at night.


Hiking is an excellent activity for all ages, fitness levels, and seasons. It allows you to explore and appreciate the natural environment and the abundance of wildlife that shares the outdoors with us. The best part is, you can do it almost anywhere, from the mountains to the seaside!

There are many hiking trails in the UK, from easy walks to more challenging hikes, meaning there is something to suit every fitness level. In addition, you can join organised hiking tours, a great way to meet people and learn more about the local area.

Hike Pen y Fan in Wales – See Ben’s Guide Here


There has been a steady increase in the number of people cycling in the UK- for pleasure and as a form of exercise.

The weather is usually perfect for it during the summer months. There are plenty of places to cycle in the UK, from the world-famous Tour de France route in Yorkshire to the rugged and beautiful landscape of the Scottish Highlands. You can even cycle around the coastlines of England and Wales, where you will be able to admire the beautiful scenery from the saddle.

If you want to cycle and see more of the UK, there are plenty of organised bike tours, which are a great way to see the country and take in the sights.

Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most exhilarating sports, and you can try it in the UK. There are numerous indoor climbing gyms where you can try rock climbing. It is a fantastic activity that tests the strength of your body and your mental fortitude. Rock climbing is now recognised by most of the world’s leading sporting associations.

So even if you’ve never tried it before, you can join a climbing wall or participate in an event; perfect if you want to take on a challenge with friends. However, if you want to experience it outdoors, Wales is the place to go! There are vast areas of beautiful crags in Wales where you can rock climb. The best part is you don’t need any special training or equipment to do it.

Although, you should always make sure you are with a qualified instructor. If you are under 18 years old, you will need your parent or guardian’s permission before you can participate in the sport.

Visit a Wildlife Preserve

The UK is home to many world-class wildlife preserves and zoos. These are perfect places to get close to nature and see some of the UK’s most beautiful and exotic animals. 

Go Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is a growing sport in the UK. The perfect conditions for kite surfing are on the coastlines. If you want to try kite surfing, you can find a kite school near you and book a lesson. Make sure you wear a life jacket and have someone who knows how to use the kite.

Watch Sports During the Summer Olympics

The summer Olympics are the perfect opportunity to get inspired and start a new hobby. There are lots of sports you can watch and participate in many sports, from athletics to basketball. If you prefer something a bit more relaxed, you can also go to a sports ground and watch a game of cricket.

This is the perfect way to spend a summer day, relaxed and enjoying the sport. If you are interested in athletics, you should keep an eye on when auditions will occur, as you can try out for an area team.

Basketball is a growing sport in the UK, with more and more people taking up the game. If you are interested in watching cricket, you can go to your local cricket ground and watch a match, or even sign up and join a club!

Go to Festivals

The UK has a rich cultural heritage, and one of the best ways to celebrate this is to attend a music festival. Every year, there are many festivals in the UK, from rock and indie to pop and dance.

The lineup at Glastonbury, which is the largest music festival in the UK, is always impressive. This year’s headliners include The Cure, Stevie Wonder, and Ed Sheeran.

If you are looking for something a bit different, there are also lots of festivals celebrating different cultures, such as Caribbean, Indian, and Chinese celebrations. Whatever your musical taste, there is a festival for you.

Go Metal Detecting

If you are looking for something different to do during the summer months, why not try metal detecting? Metal detecting is an increasingly popular hobby that you can enjoy just about anywhere. The best place to start is visiting your local state-run beach during low tide. You can also try visiting sites such as ancient monuments and ruins; you never know what you might find!

Metal detecting is a great way to exercise, get some fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature. It is also a very affordable hobby, so that it won’t break the bank either! There are many fantastic things to do in the UK during the summer. From camping to visiting a wildlife preserve, there is something for everyone.

So whether you want to get active and take on a challenge or just relax and take in some of Mother Nature’s finest creations, there is an activity for everyone during the summer.

Have a Barbecue

A barbecue is a great way to spend time with friends and family outdoors. The UK’s warm climate is the perfect time of year to invite friends over for a barbecue. You can either buy a barbecue or use one of the many public parks with barbecue areas open to the public.

To make your barbecue a bit more exciting and adventurous, you can also use the UK’s famous outdoor eating challenge, the Pie and Chips Challenge. This challenge consists of eating a large meat pie, chips, and a drink while sitting on a bench or table outside!


The UK is filled with great activities during the summer. You can go camping, hiking, cycling, rock climbing, visit a wildlife preserve, or have a barbecue. These activities are great for families and friends and are sure to make your summer in the UK special.

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