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Wicard App for Foodies and Independent Travellers

Get the new Wicard app on your phone and connect with local foodies in the best cities around the world

Ben Holbrook Driftwood Journals Wicard App for Foodies and Travellers

I might be one of the local foodie experts when it comes to Barcelona, but when I travel I’m faced with the same problem as the next guys: where do the locals eat? It’s important to me, that I eat the right food in the right places – I travel to eat, after all!

Enter the scene, “Wicard”, an app that allows you to follow friends and friends-to-be at the tap of your phone screen.

The concept is simple: if you find a nice little place, you can simply snap a photo and add a comment to save it. This is then visible to your followers, and you can benefit from all of their foodie finds too!

But it’s not just for foodies… You can add and find all sorts of local hotspots, from fashion boutiques to bookstores, hotels to museums and galleries.

Download it FREE for your IOS (Apple phone) or Android phone

More info on the official Wicard website.

And be sure to follow me! Just search for “Driftwood Journals”

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  1. Looks interesting, kinda like a mix of yelp, instagram and pinterest.

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