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Best Bars with Free Tapas in Barcelona ~ An Inside Guide

Last updated on April 22, 2016

Yes, there really are bars in Barcelona that serve free tapas when you order a drink! Here’s where to find them…

Barcelona boasts a rich culinary culture with exceptional variety and, of course, world-class tapas. However, unlike many cities in Spain, such as Sevilla, Granada and Madrid, most tapas bars in Barcelona do not give out free tapas when you order a drink… But there’s an exception to every rule and for those in-the-know, there are some real beauties in the Catalan capital.

Here in no particular order are Barcelona’s best bars that offer free tapas when you order a drink.

Gata Mala ~ Classic Free Tapas in the Bohemian Gràcia Barrio

Gata Mala Free Tapas Bar Barcelona

Trinity and Luci, the lovely owners of this fabulous and generous bar, personally ensure that you receive VIP treatment and the upmost care so that you can enjoy a special experience at their family run joint. Whether you’re a meat-eater or a veggie, there’s something for everyone to tuck into from their selection of free tapas. We’re not talking a bag of ready salted crisps alongside your beer, but little plates of heaven including everything from chistorra sausage, Russian salad to potato omelette. They like to keep things spicy here by mixing things up so that you never receive the same tapas dish twice, you have our word. 

It’s the perfect spot after an exhausting day of sightseeing, traipsing up and down La Rambla where a little pick me up is needed if you don’t fancy a heavy meal. What’s more, its homely and relaxed atmosphere with photos and alluring paintings that adorn the walls make you feel as if you’ve gone from one home to another.

Address: Carrer de Rabassa, 37, 08024 (See on Google Maps)
Nearest Metro: Joanic (Yellow Line)

Ca’l Chusco ~ Free Homemade Tapas by Barceloneta Beach

Ca’l Chusco free tapas bar in Barcelona

Located in the heart of the old fisherman’s quarter of Barceloneta you’ll find the charming Ca’l Chusco, which serves a variety of delicious free homemade tapas. This family run restaurant offers complimentary tapas dishes alongside your chosen beverage to give you a quick taster of traditional Spanish tapas. If you’re looking to branch out from the classic patatas bravas, try their bombas, which are spicy potato and meat balls that are native to Barcelona.

If these teasers serve to work up an appetite, order larger portions or try something new from their extensive menu, including everything from calamari, an all time crowd pleaser, to exquisite empanadillas.

Address: Carrer l’Almirall Aixada, 5, 08003 (See on Google Maps)
Nearest Metro: Barceloneta (Yellow Line)

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Nou Ambiente del Sur ~ Free and Generous Tapas in Trendy Sant Antoni

Nou Ambiente del Sur free tapas bar in Sant Antoni Barcelona

The same philosophy, wonderful friendly service and most of all, free tapas, Nou Ambiente del Sur encompasses everything we most enjoyed about their beloved ancestor, Ambiente del Sur. The best thing about this place is that it rides on mystery, anything could be placed on your table whether it’s their famous Russian salad, Spanish tortilla or fried calamari rings. So wait patiently at your table and only time will tell what delicious dish you’ll be presented with. Be warned, their potato omelettes are large enough to feed an army troop for weeks, so you certainly won’t be leaving this place with a rumbling tummy!

It’s chilled out, casual vibe is representative of a typical restaurant in the South of Spain so if you want to experience the Andalusian ambience without leaving Barcelona, this place is a must.

Address: Carrer de Floridablanca, 88, 08015 (See on Google Maps)
Nearest Metro: Sant Antoni (Purple Line

La Bocatería de Mitre ~ Free Tapas in Barcelona’s Exclusive Zona Alta

La Bocatería de Mitre free tapas with drink in Barcelona

Priding themselves on their fabulous selection of sandwiches made with locally sourced and high quality produce, this place certainly knows good food. If you don’t fancy sinking your teeth into one of their sarnies just yet, why not tantalise your taste buds with one of their appetizer tapas dishes that you receive free when you order a drink?

They certainly let you enjoy the high life here with warm patatas bravas or spicy chorizo sausages including the traditional Catalan botifarra sausage which never fails to go down a treat. Alternatively, why not sample their seasoned pepper tuna or sobrassada sausage- scrumptious!

Address: Ronda del General Mitre, 152, 08006 (See on Google Maps)
Nearest Metro: 
Pàdua FGC or Lesseps Metro (Green Line)

El Capritxo ~ Free Andalusian Seafood Tapas in the Non-Touristy Sants Barrio

El Capritxo Free Tapas Bar, Sants, Barcelona

If there’s one neighbourhood in Barcelona that’s a go to for free tapas with a drink, Sants never fails to disappoint. Tucked away, you will discover the hidden gem that is El Capritxo, a typical Southern Spanish restaurant and undeniably one of Barcelona’s best kept secrets.

Be transported to Jerez, the birthplace of Araceli, the talented owner and cook of this bar with its delectable selection of fish dishes. Its menu pays tribute to the best of Andalusian seafood by offering free fish tapas with your drink, whether its anchovies, small fried fish or calamari. You’ll certainly receive your daily dose of Omega 3 here!

Address: Carrer de Melcior de Palau, 73, 08028 (See on Google Maps)
Nearest Metro: Sants Estacio (Green or Blue Line) or Plaça del Centre (Green Line)

Daniel Café ~ Free Pintxos in the Hip and Trendy Poblenou Barrio

Daniel Cafe Restaurant, Poblenou Barcelona

The name says it all. A fabulously unique, Barcelona bistro opened by Daniel Brin whose expertise lies in quality French cuisine at an affordable price. Order one of their refreshing draught beers and receive a complimentary French-style pintxo ranging from a simple yet sweet miniature cheese or ham toastie to signature tapas dishes such as their delicious anchovy pâté. Bon appétit!

Address: Avenida Diagonal, 177, 08018 (See on Google Maps)
Nearest Metro: 
Glòries (Red Line)

Author: Sara Siddeeq is a Spanish student studying at Leeds University and currently writes for Apartment Barcelona in Barcelona. Visit their blog to find out more insider tips on where to eat and the best places to visit in the Catalan capital.

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