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Why Autumn is the Best Time of Year to Visit Barcelona

Last updated on November 15, 2016

In Barcelona, autumn is the new summer.

Wondering what the best time of year to visit Barcelona is? Wonder no more.

Autumn. It's the new summer in Barcelona.
Autumn. It’s the new summer.

As a Welshman, my default setting is to crave the summer. It’s the time when I can most reasonably expect dry spells, sunshine and lazy days with sand in my shoes and salt in my hair.

But having lived in Barcelona for a few years now, my seasonal orientation has shifted somewhat and, as I write this, in the ominous onset of August, it’s actually autumn that I find myself pining for.


Because the searing, sweat-stained, sunburned days of summer soften to more comfortable conditions – I’m talking idyllic average temperatures of 18 to 25 degrees C –  that allow me to actually get out there and explore the city and all she has to offer without melting into the baking pavement like an abandoned ice-cream.

You’ll still find the parks, streets and beaches filled with warmth and joy, caressed by blissful blue skies, the only difference being that they are no longer overflowing with the sizzling deluge of summer.

The Med, too, is at its warmest in autumn, hovering around a delightful 22 degrees that makes it perfect for swimming, paddle boarding and fiesta frolicking.

In fact there’s even more to love about autumn in Barcelona, but rather than me rambling on about it I’d like to share this beautiful graphic titled “Fall in Love with Barcelona this Autumn“, which was created by and does an exceptional job of showcasing why fall is the season to visit the Catalan capital.

BARCELONA in Autumn Infographic

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  1. Vicky Atkinson Vicky Atkinson

    Hi Ben, firstly I just want to say that I love what you do, great job! Secondly, I was wondering what your opinion is on visiting Barcelona in Jan/Feb – is the buzz still around? I want to bring my parents and they’re not interested in the heat, they just want to relax and enjoy the culture. I thought winter might be ideal as hopefully there aren’t too many crowds… would love to know what you think. Thanks in advance, Vicky :)

    • Hola Vicky, thanks for your email and kind words!

      My answer is basically: YES! Jan and Feb is still fantastic in Barcelona. I mean, of course it’s a bit cold, but nowhere near as cold as most places in Europe. As it goes, my mum just booked tickets (this morning!) to see me in February for my birthday! Largely for the same reasons: it’s cooler, less crowds, etc…

      Hope that helps!



  2. Elly Bellamy Elly Bellamy

    Hola Ben,

    What is the weather like in May? I’m going there for honeymoon. Can’t make up my mind on what to wear..

    Thankss! :)


    • Hola Elly, thanks for your comment. May is really nice, basically verging on summer. Basically just imagine a cool-ish summer and prepare for that. Rain won’t be likely, though, for sure.


  3. Dlia Dlia

    Great information, thank you.
    I will go to barcelona next week. Hope will ots a hood autum there.

    • Hi Dlia,

      Yes, it should be quite nice. We’ve had a couple of rainy weeks, but it looks like it’s going to start getting nicer again.

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