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Where to Play Football in Munich: The Ultimate Guide 

Last updated on March 29, 2022

The footie fanatics from  CeleBreak  share their inside knowledge on where to play football in Munich. Here’s how you can get involved in local games. 

Munich is well known around Europe for two things, amongst others: beer and football. The stunning Bavarian architecture of Munich sets it apart as one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, and culturally, the arts scene is prevalent in more ways than one. 

Sport is the other form of art that dominates Munich’s past and present, with the city hosting the Olympics in 1972, World Cup Final in 1974, and the World Cup Semi-Final in 2006. Munich is also home to Germany’s best football team – Bayern Munich. 

Football Culture in Munich – Dominating Domestically and Worldwide 

There is more to football in Munich than solely Bayern. 

Whilst Bayern Munich is no doubt one of world football’s powerhouses, the city’s stadiums arguably count as footballing royalty alongside the team itself. As well as hosting the World Cup Final in 1974 where Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Cruyff faced off for West Germany and the Netherlands, the Olympic Stadium held the 1979, 1993 and 1997 European Cup final and the Euro 1988 Final.

The Allianz Arena was the first stadium to feature a full colour changing exterior, and hosted the 2012 Champions League Final. 

In terms of Munich’s clubs themselves, Bayern Munich is unrivalled in the city and its surrounding areas. In all honesty, they’re practically unrivalled in Germany, with only Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, and perhaps Bayer Leverkusen challenging Der FCB. Their domestic and European success is simply incredible; with over 60 major honours in the last 80 or so years.

Where to Play Football in Malaga Spain - with Celebreak

Bayern are also the only European team to complete the domestic treble, European treble, and continental treble. 

Seven of the current German national squad at the time of writing either play or have played for Bayern Munich at some point. Three of the country’s greatest ever players – Philip Lahm, Franz Beckenbauer, and Oliver Khan also played for Bayern. Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, and Jürgen Klinsmann have all managed the side, adding to the list of celebrated people involved with Bayern Munich.

Noted for their vibrant, attacking style over the years, Bayern is a fantastic side to watch play. Robert Lewandowski is hugely impressive up front, and has been joined by the likes of Arjen Robben, Frank Ribery, and Thomas Muller in attack since he joined in 2014. In defence, Manuel Neuer is arguably the world’s best goalkeeper, and Mats Hummels, David Alaba, and Phillip Lahm have all held the back line for Bayern over the years. Xabi Alonso, Toni Kroos, Arturo Vidal, and Mario Götze all dominated Bayern’s midfield in the 2010s. 

Several other lower league teams also play in and around Munich. Bayern’s local rivals are TSV 1860 München, currently in 3. Liga (Germany’s third division)/

Who are CeleBreak – And How Can They Help You Play Football in Munich? 

CeleBreak is the brainchild of two brothers, Daniel and Sebastian Foth, and their cousin Gabriel Fustero Fernández. A family business, CeleBreak have revolutionised the way that anybody can find and play in a local 7-a-side football match to have fun and simply cast their worries aside. 

Frustrated that organising a simple kickabout with friends was proving too much of a hassle, Daniel, Sebastian, and Gabriel created CeleBreak to take the stress away from playing football for fun. Already operating in six European cities, CeleBreak has recently launched in Munich and helps tourists, locals, and anybody else to easily play football in Munich. 

Everybody is welcome to play football in Munich with CeleBreak. Both men’s and women’s games are available at virtually the touch of a button. Further down, you’ll find details of how to sign up and play with CeleBreak. 

Play Football Whenever and Wherever… 

CeleBreak have selected five different astro-turf (artificial) pitches around the city where you can play football in Munich. Both inner-city and outer city, all of CeleBreak’s Munich pitches offer transport links towards central Munich’s historic city centre. 

You can choose to play in the shadow of champions at Olympia, at the convenient and central Sendling or Laim pitches, or a little further towards the sprawling German countryside at Obersendling.  

Play Football in Munich at… Sendling

You won’t beat the location of the Sendling pitch (officially located at SV 1880 München). Just south of Munich’s Central Station, the full-size artificial pitch is within minutes of the plethora of restaurants that the Friedheim district has to offer. After enjoying a post-match meal at one of the area’s many establishments, history enthusiasts may enjoy taking a stroll towards the Bavaria Statue. The statue is situated on the western side of the Theresienwiese square – an open area where Munich’s famous Oktoberfest is held each year. 

Alternatively, buy some beers and head to the spacious Westpark gardens. The park offers a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city life and is an ideal place in which to take a peaceful stroll after playing football in Munich! 

Play Football in Munich at… Laim

Situated a few minutes further down the railway line is CeleBreak’s Laim pitch. Yet it’s what’s on the other side of the Laim pitch that will really be of interest to players. After working up a sweat playing football in Munich at the Laim pitch, venture into the serene gardens of the Nymphenburg Palace.

The Palace is a stunning example of 17th-century Baroque architecture and provides a picturesque backdrop to the gardens themselves. For those who are looking to combine an open, green park with a vibrant food scene, head to the Hirschgarten. Located in the park is a large beer garden, serving traditional German alcohol as well as sublime regional cuisine. 

Post-game is perhaps more exciting than pre-game when you play football in Munich at CeleBreak’s Laim pitch!

Play Football in Munich at… Obersendling 

CeleBreak’s Obersendling pitch is a little further from central Munich. However, this has its advantages, mainly in terms of the sights situated in the surrounding areas of the pitch. Most notable is the huge Munich Waldfriedhof cemetery – one of the largest in Germany. It was beautifully designed as a woodland cemetery, blending in with the trees and greenery, and houses some 60,000 graves. 

After playing a good game of football in Munich at Obersendling, it could be nice to take a calming, reflective stroll through the parklike cemetery. Both German and international war dead are commemorated in the cemetery’s various sections. 

Only minutes from the Obersendling pitch is Süd Park. The heavily wooded expanse is a tranquil and scenic place to take a stroll. Later, head into central Munich for a beer in the evening.

Play Football in Munich at… Olympia 

Playing football in Munich with CeleBreak is fantastic, but it’s even more exciting when you play in the shadow of one of Germany’s greatest sporting venues – the Olympiastadion. The Olympic Park in Munich has inspired generations of athletes, and CeleBreak’s Olympia pitch provides both competitive yet friendly footie matches. 

The Olympic Park in Munich is situated in a prominent location in the city. As such, it’s surrounded by restaurants and amenities in the Schwabing West district of the City. From Japanese to Italian, French to typical German, beer and a bite to eat are in plentiful supply. Transport into the city center is just as simple as finding a place to eat from the Olympia pitch. Can you think of a more convenient place to play football in Munich?

How Does CeleBreak Pick-Up Football Work? 

An innovative solution to the hassle and time-consuming task of organising a kickabout, CeleBreak Pick Up football allows you to play football in Munich without the stress! 

Follow These Three Easy Steps to Play Football in Munich: 

  1. Download the CeleBreak app, available on both Android and IOS. When you enter the app, the screen will show you a list of CeleBreak’s locations around the world. You’ll need to create an account on the app to play, but this will take no time at all! 
  1. Click on Munich. You will be shown a list of games on the current day, and over the next few days as well. The location of the pitch and the time of the game will be shown.
  2. When you select a game, you’ll be shown a list of the players in that game. Remember, only games needing players are shown as available. Once you’ve chosen your game, remember the location and time, and turn up and play! 

In the current climate, please remember to follow the Coronavirus restrictions in place in Munich. 

Where else can you enjoy Football in Munich?

You don’t have to play football in Munich with CeleBreak, nor do you even have to be playing football at all to enjoy the beautiful game in the city! Germans are known for two things: beer and food, and luckily Munich’s various sports bars combine the two with football. 

The Trefftpunk Sports Bar is located near the Olympia pitch in the trendy Schwabing district of Munich. Screening live football and other sports, it’s a great place to enjoy a variety of cocktails and beers whilst watching football in Munich on one of the bar’s ten screens. 

The Sport Café Schiller is a more traditional German sports bar. It shows a variety of football all year round, and presents an upbeat, vocal atmosphere. Enjoy some fantastic artisan dishes and some alcohol whilst watching the football. What more can you ask for!

Munich is littered with parks perfect for an informal kickabout too. In fact, every single one of CeleBreak’s pitches is within walking distance of a flat, grassy park – some smaller, some larger – for a spot of football. 

So, if you want to play football in Munich, download the CeleBreak app, turn up, and get playing! 

What’s more – if you’re planning to head to Madrid anytime soon, you can play with CeleBreak there, tooHead to CeleBreak’s website to check out their four other locations!  

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