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What to See in Rome in a Weekend (or 2 Days)

Rome is one of the most magical cities to visit in Europe. The food combined with the history and incredible places to visit make it a hugely popular travel destination for a short 2-day break. Seeing everything Rome has to offer in such a short space of time may feel like an impossible feat, but it is possible! 

This guide will take you through the most essential tourist attractions to see when it comes to spending a weekend or 2 days in Rome.

The Vatican

If you are religious (or even if you’re not) the Vatican should be high up on your list of priorities. It’s number one on Trip Advisor’s list of things to do in Rome. The Sistine chapel and the Basilica can also be viewed in the same outing, making it a great way to get the most out of your day here. 

There is an organised tour that visits all of these places and guarantees you skip the queues at the Vatican museums which will also save you a great deal of time. If you’re interested in booking the tour, you can view details of it here.

The Colosseum

You can’t go to Rome and not see the Colosseum, and better yet, you can save three hours of queuing time by prebooking. Imagine walking in the shoes of the gladiators as you journey through this stone museum, guided by a storyteller who will shock you with tales of what occurred here. 

Roman Catacombs 

If you’re a fan of the macabre, the catacombs could be the ultimate trip for you. They are former burial sites used in the second to fifth century, primarily for Christians and Jews.

Christians did not believe in burning bodies and therefore had to look for inventive ways to bury their deceased without taking up too much space, which is when the idea of catacombs and underground burial sites was born.

Five of Rome’s sixty plus catacombs are open to the public, and they contain miles of underground passageways containing thousands of tombs.

Roman Forum

The forum was the hub of roman life, used for religious, political, and social gatherings. Its splendour is something to be admired and it really takes you back in time to when Julius Caesar trod along the stone paths. 

Trevi Fountain

An absolute must see, the Trevi fountain is a spectacle. At a whopping 20 metres wide and 26 metres high, seeing images will not do it justice; standing at the foot of it in awe, you will really understand why.

There is also a legend surrounding the fountain: if you throw in one coin, you will return to Rome; throw in two, and you will find love there; and throw in three and you will marry that person.

Get Your Travel Insurance

Whilst you never want to think about things going wrong on your holiday, having insurance will give you peace of mind that if you cannot attend for some reason, or you require medical care, your needs are going to be met. It allows you to be stress free and really get the most out of your weekend in Rome.

As an example of a travel insurance provider, Staysure offer great prices for single trip cover, and their policies are super flexible, allowing you to change things like excess, specific items you want covered and if you want to be covered in the event your trip doesn’t go ahead at all.

There is so much to see and do in Rome that it can be hard to fit it all in within a short trip. With this in mind, planning in advance is key. Many pre-booked tours will take you to multiple attractions in one visit and allow you to skip the queues, saving you precious time.

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