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The Essential Elements for Throwing a Beach Barbecue

There are few things in life better than finding a secluded beach and inviting some friends to join you there. Then, the beer and wine starts to flow and the food gets laid out for all to enjoy. Then, the ubiquitous guitar is presented and it’s officially a laid back beach party.

It seems easy enough to pull off. How much more do you need than a few friends to turn up with provisions, after all? Well, as it turns out there is more to it than that. Sure, you can keep it simple and to the point by asking people to come as they are.

Yet, a memorable beach BBQ involves more planning than that to reach the next level. In this article, I will go over several of the things you have to take care of to really impress with your impromptu beach barbecue.

Be Ready for the Weather

It would be fantastic if the weather was a reliable 28°C with no wind and few clouds. Warm enough to wear a bathing suit and possibly take a dip, but not so hot that you can’t enjoy kicking a ball around or sitting under the sun.

Unfortunately, that may only happen a handful of times if you’re lucky. Better to think ahead and prepare. If your friends can be spontaneous then you can plan a last minute event when the weather does hit that sweet spot.

Otherwise, you’ll need to have things set up with more intention to make sure that even if the conditions aren’t ideal you can still have a great time. Canvas tarps are a must even if you don’t have any rain forecast as it can be hot under the sun. If the beach doesn’t have any trees, which many do not, then having a tarp to cover an area is essential. Don’t go for tents as they can trap the heat and make it even worse. A simple tarp is better as breezes can flow uninterrupted. 

Plan for Comfort

It’s so easy to set yourself up for comfort at the beach these days by using camping equipment. It is meant to be transported and take up little space so often you can find folding tables and chairs. Putting food out on the table is best to make sure everybody can serve themselves. And eating while standing and holding a plat and beet at the same time is a challenge. The more chairs, the better so plan to bring a few yourself and ask your friends to as well. 

Even decorations add to the comfort. Place some tiki torches around to create an atmosphere for when the sun is setting and also to keep the bugs away. And some coverings on the table and chairs will look nice and inviting. Take some of the natural items on the beach and use them creatively to make a cozy atmosphere. 

Also, make sure to have a spot where guests can wash up before and after eating. Bring a bucket that can be filled with clean water and have some towels. 

Have the Right Menu

The food is going to be very important here or it will just be any old beach gathering. Plan a menu that will allow you to make the best use of what you are allowed. In other words, if you are allowed to have a grill or fire on the beach, then plan a menu that will use that. 

If a grill is not allowed then plan for cold food, but make sure it is not your standard deli sandwiches but something more special. When a grill is allowed, have food in the cooler bag until you can cook it so it doesn’t spoil. Marinated meats and fish are good for this as they can hang on for a while and are also very tasty. 

Cold food like pasta salads are great. To really up the ante, grill your vegetables ahead of time and add that to the pasta salad so you still get the summery flavor of the grill. 

Have a Ball

Bluetooth means you can make the right playlist with your phone and connect it to a wireless speaker and are not at the mercy of whatever the local radio station is playing. Use the right music for the vibe you want to create. 

Encourage some games to make sure there are activities. Get creative instead of just bringing a ball or frisbee. Think cornhole or bocce to and have tournaments. 

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