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Planning for the Realities of Living in a New Country

There’s perhaps no greater love affair than falling in love with a place and a culture. It’s something that not only opens you up to a place you occupy, but its history, its culture, its art, its entertainment, and of course, its people, the people who generate all of that and more. People have changed their identities, pursued new chapters of their lifetime, claimed citizenship and even begun a completely new mode of living when moving abroad. Sometimes, a place just speaks to us, no matter if’s culturally similar or totally opposite to your usual norms.

However, planning the realities of living in a host country is important to consider. Not only does this allow you to respect the host country and its laws, but it helps you respect yourself, your own time, and your future financial planning. For this reason, then, we feel it’s appropriate to consider the best means of planning this approach, giving you a few experiential and principled tips in moving forward and understanding what possibilities are open to you.

Consider Immigration Law

Immigration law is essential to consider. We can often see this as a lumbering set of processes intended to cause us trouble and difficulty to prevent those who aren’t sincere or dedicated from completing the journey. However, oftentimes, the practical processes you must follow are fully understanding of your status as a foreign expat. For instance, it’s best to read indefinite leave to remain explained in detail, because then you can understand just how much time you have to live in the UK before staying, what a spouse visa might mean, and how to curate your documentation in the best way. A forthright and willing approach to jumping through these hoops can make the experience much less difficult than it needs to be.

Understand Cultural Shifts

Living in a new country can be quite the cultural shock, especially when it comes to the little things, like how long the shops are open for, what food is most available at general restaurants, where you may be able to fight foreign food supermarkets, and cultural holidays. A little reading and research into these customary norms can help you slowly begin adapting to the cultural, with foresight rather than surprise.

Be Prepared For The Cost

Moving to a host country is rarely cheap. It might mean that you need to relocate your job here, pay advanced fees to make it through the tenant approval process when looking for property, or that the application fees for a VISA should be planned for. While it’s true that many come to other countries searching for a better life, keep in mind that budgeting and making an itinerary of your costs is essential. That way, you can more easily understand not only the experiential realities of your stay, but the fiscal truths you should keep in mind.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily plan the realities of living in a host country.

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