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Getting To Know Helsinki One Sauna at A Time

Helsinki is the southern part of the country on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The city is known for its unique blend of modern architecture and traditional Nordic design. The region offers visitors a wealth of cultural experiences, from world-class museums and galleries to the stunning Helsinki Cathedral and the historic Suomenlinna fortress. 

Helsinki is a green city with many parks and green areas, and visitors can easily explore the surrounding natural beauty. It is also renowned for its vibrant food scene, with a range of local specialties to sample, as well as international cuisine. Take a relaxing European cruise to the city and explore its attractions.

The capital of Finland, is known for its rich sauna culture. There are more than 3 million saunas in Finland, which is a testament to the importance of this tradition to the Finnish people. For those who want to experience Helsinki’s sauna culture, there are many options to choose from. Here are some tips for getting to know Helsinki one sauna at a time.

  • Start with a traditional Finnish sauna – The traditional Finnish sauna is a must-try for anyone visiting Helsinki. These saunas are typically heated with wood and have low humidity, which creates a dry heat that can be quite intense. After heating up, you can cool off in the cold waters of a nearby lake or sea. Many traditional saunas offer a variety of treatments, such as birch branch whippings, to help detoxify the body.

  • Try a public sauna – Public saunas are a popular option in Helsinki, and there are many to choose from. The Kotiharju Sauna is one of the oldest public saunas in Helsinki, dating back to 1928, and offers a truly authentic Finnish sauna experience. The Löyly Sauna is a newer addition to Helsinki’s sauna scene, and its stunning modern design has made it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

  • Take a sauna tour – A sauna tour is a great option for those who want to experience multiple saunas in one go. There are several companies that offer guided sauna tours, such as the Helsinki Sauna Tour and the Sauna Tour Helsinki. These tours typically include visits to multiple saunas, transportation, and refreshments.

  • Visit a floating sauna – Helsinki is surrounded by water, and several floating saunas offer a unique sauna experience. The Sompasauna is a community-built sauna located on the eastern shore of Helsinki, and it’s open to the public year-round. The Allas Sea Pool is another popular floating sauna with a heated pool and a restaurant.

  • Experience a smoke sauna – The smoke sauna is another traditional Finnish sauna that uses smoke to heat the room. These saunas have a unique smoky aroma and a milder heat than traditional saunas. The Loyly Sauna offers a smoke sauna, as well as a traditional sauna and a restaurant.

  • Try a private sauna – A private sauna is a great option for those who want a more intimate sauna experience. Many hotels in Helsinki offer private saunas and the option to rent a sauna for a few hours. The Hotel Katajanokka and the Klaus K Hotel are two examples of hotels that offer private saunas.

Helsinki’s sauna culture is an important part of Finnish life, and there are many ways to experience it in the city. Whether you prefer a traditional sauna, a public sauna, a sauna tour, a floating sauna, a smoke sauna, or a private sauna, a sauna in Helsinki suits your needs. So, take the plunge and get to know Helsinki one sauna at a time.

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