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Free and Cheap Car Parks in Barcelona City Centre

Last updated on July 4, 2018

Here you will find practical advice on where to park your car in Barcelona, whether you’re looking for cheap parking by the day/hour or tips on where to park in the city on a long-term basis.

Car Parking in Barcelona - GuideQuick tips: the essentials of parking Barcelona

In Barcelona, most streets are divided into either blue zones or green zones.

Blue zones offer cheap parking in Barcelona for up to four hours, with the option of staying longer if you move to a different blue zone space.

Green zones are mainly for residents who pay a fee for a parking pass, allowing them to park whenever they want. For others who wish to park in green zones without a pass, the limit is 2 hours and the cost is generally much higher than it is for blue zone parking.

Parclick is a company that reserves secure parking spaces for you in some 200 car parks in Barcelona. They will babysit your car while you go off and enjoy yourself in Barcelona.

Cars are like kids…you can’t just leave it anywhere and hope for the best, you have to make sure it’s going to be safe and secure while you can’t look after it!

Some of the best car parks in Barcelona are…

1. Laietana Princesa Car Park 

This car park is located right in Barcelona city centre. If you’re travelling to Barcelona by car, I have a feeling most people would want to experience the very centre at least for a day, so this one deserves to be listed first place, and also because of its incredibly cheap rate.

Truth be told, you have so many options in the centre, but this one is great – costing just 7.50€ for a three-hour pass or, even better, 22€ for a whole day! To top it off, it’s open 24 hours a day!

More info here

2. Novotel Cornellà

If you’re more concerned with price than location, you’ll be happy to discover the cheapest car park in Barcelona. Prices from just 1.40€ for an hour and 9.95€ for a whole day.

Located in Cornellà de Llobregat, the Novotel Hotel car park is (obviously) an ultra cheap option, especially if you’re staying nearby. If not, you can park here and walk into Barcelona city centre or jump on the metro into the centre.

A bargain if you’re looking for 24 hour parking in Barcelona!

More info here

3. BSM Litoral Port

This seaside beauty of a car park is a little more pricey at 18€ per day, but it’s convenient location in the waterfront Barceloneta district, next to Port Olímpic, makes it ideal for Barcelona beach-goers.

Park all day from 25€ – you can enter and exit the car park multiple times for this price, allowing you to take your car out of the car park to cruise around Barcelona, knowing that you have somewhere to return it later on. 

More info here

4. BSM Moll de la Fusta

Also located in the beachy Barceloneta district, is one of the most popular carparks in Barcelona!

Convenient parking for Barcelona city centre and beach for 28€ per day, plus you can enter and exit the car park multiple times

More info here

5. Bond Krup – Sagrada Família

This NEW Barcelona car park is the closest car park to the famous Sagrada Família – incredibly cheap at just 2.52€ per hour or 14€ for the day.

But be warned, it’s not open on weekends.

More info here

So there you have it, the top 5 car parks in Barcelona. If you wish to find out more, simply visit the Parclick website. Happy parking!


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