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Formatgeria La Seu: Artisanal Spanish Cheese Shop in Barcelona

Treat yourself to the best cheeses from Spain’s rural producers and discover a whole new world of flavour and texture, ranging from crumbly and tangy to blue and creamy.

Formatgeria La Seu Catalan cheese shop in BarcelonaSince moving to Barcelona from the UK all those years ago, my diet has morphed beyond all recognition. Though I’ll never renounce my tea and toast breakfast ritual, the hearty pies and roast dinners have been replaced with a few select staples: bread (oven warm), olives, jamón and cheese.

This is what I eat as a snack, for lunch and dinner, whether I want to treat myself or even if I need to tighten up the purse-strings. And believe me, once you’ve sampled the handcrafted produce of Formatgeria La Seu, you’ll want to do the same.

And for the more adventurous epicurean, the seductive goat cheese ice-creams are just the ticket.

Make it Happen

Pop in and speak to Kathleen, the owner, operator and all round big cheese. She’s originally from Scotland so speaks English and can guide you through the delicious options – be sure to ask her about her latest Catalan cheeses! You’re nearly ready to set off on your Barcelona picnic adventure.

Address: Carrer de la Dagueria, 16, 08002
Nearest Metro: Jaume I (Yellow Line)

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