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Essential Travel Tech to Complete Any Trip

Travel hasn’t been all that easy for many people since the pandemic broke out in 2020. Since then, there have been thousands of cancelled trips and dream holidays that went down the drain before they even got off the ground.

For the wanderlust-struck traveller, it has been depressing times but things are slowly getting better. Restrictions are beginning to ease, which has put travel back on the menu for some. And isn’t it great!

With travel plans starting to take shape once again let’s take a look at some of the travel tech essentials you’ll need to complete your trip.


Let’s begin with the most obvious, the smartphone. We won’t dwell too long on this wondrous piece of technology because we all know how useful they are. From booking hotels and taxis to storing your travel documents and paying for stuff on the move, smartphones provide a range of basic needs in one convenient place.

They are also great for catching candid moments during your travels that you might otherwise miss trying to set up your camera. The beauty of the smartphone is that it’s always within arm’s reach for opportune moments in life.

Powerbanks and Wi-Fi Hotspotting

Many of us use several devices, sometimes at the same time, and keeping them with plenty of battery is essential. One thing about travelling is that you never know when you might need a charger, so keeping a power bank at hand can really get you out of a pickle.

The need for battery life in our devices extends to the need for Wi-Fi. Not everywhere has mobile data freely available and roaming charges can quickly add up if you need to use the internet for a decent chunk of time. Fortunately, there are power banks like the Skyroam Solis, that come equipped with Wi-Fi hotspotting to give you the best of both worlds.

Universal Plug Adaptor

Another useful charging gadget is a universal plug adaptor which allows you to plug your devices into any mains power in the world. You can go one step further with your charging power and consider a smart carry-on suitcase that comes equipped with a portable work surface and charging capabilities.

Your Trusty Camera

While the technology and image quality on smartphones continues to get better over time, there is no substitute for capturing your travel images on a camera. Compact cameras are a great route to go down as they take up very little room in your luggage but provide you with decent shooting power.

Of course, if you have the space in your luggage, then a larger camera will do a better job. As far as taking holiday photos go, photography experts MPB recommend you “start looking at inspiration from other photographers who may have already visited the location and find out the prime shooting spots”.

Researching the area you are visiting will give you a better idea of the kit you require for things like the lighting, weather, crowded streets or vast expanses of land. As for compacts, choices range from some as small as a deck of cards to ones that shoot underwater and others with built-in Wi-Fi for instant uploading to social media.

Smartphone Gimbal

Sticking with photography, and a smartphone gimbal will go a long way to improving all of your quick snaps. Even if you are just looking to record a fleeting moment, you still want it to look great.

A smartphone gimbal won’t take up too much room in your suitcase and it will reduce camera shaking plus offer time-lapse options. Comfortable and portable, a smartphone gimbal is a must-have no matter where you travel to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Tablet or e-reader

Your holiday can be as busy or relaxing as you want it to be, after all, this is your time to spend doing whatever you love! No matter how adventurous your holiday is, there is always a little downtime. That might be during a layover for connecting flights, an overnight train journey or simply time spent chilling in your hotel room.

Whatever the situation, a tablet or e-reader is an ideal companion gadget for that downtime. E-readers are great for storing multiple books in one convenient place while tablets allow you to play games, browse the internet or create digital art. If you have time to fill, either of these devices will see you through.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Travelling is fun and exciting but there are times when we could do with a little break and take five minutes to escape the hustle and bustle. A great way to shut out the noise while you try to sleep, or just get some peaceful thinking time, is with noise-cancelling headphones.

They do as described and block out most of, if not all, of the noise that’s going on around you. So, they can be ideal for getting some shuteye in a busy airport, on the plane or even in a hostel or overnight train. Combine them with a sleep mask and some mindfulness noises for the ultimate escape from reality as you take a breather.


It’s one thing doing a hike off the beaten path but it’s another to track it using your smartwatch so you can look back at where you went later. Smartwatches have been adding to their repertoire ever since the first step-counting models hit the market years ago. 

Since then, GPS smartwatches have become more popular thanks to their smart notifications and exercise tracking capabilities. That means your three-day hike through Africa’s Congo Rainforest can be tracked and you will get feedback on your activities.

Health and fitness have always been important and with smartwatches acting as fitness trackers, you can keep up the good work on a holiday. Whether that is trekking through the jungle, watersports in Barcelona or playing doubles tennis with the couple you met at the hotel bar, it’s all monitored. Sure, this level of fitness information isn’t for everyone but for those who live by their fitness trackers, it’s essential data.

Although, if you want to pretend you didn’t eat too much pasta in Florence then you don’t have to admit it to your smartwatch. They aren’t smart enough to automatically track that, yet!

What gadgets do you need for travel?

Perhaps the most important part of planning a trip is mapping out everywhere you want to go and everything you want to do. Once you have an itinerary in mind, you can then think about what gadgets will complement your trip.

Staying in a busy city? You probably won’t struggle to find Wi-Fi or power outlets. Visiting the middle of the rainforest? Resources won’t be so freely available so think about what you want to bring, especially as you might be carrying it everywhere with you.

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