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6 Ways to Save Money on Your Travel Clothing

Last updated on March 2, 2021

Whether you’re planning a romantic city break or a round-the-world adventure, the clothes you pack in your bag need to be practical, comfortable and versatile. But it’s also essential to leave some money in your bank account to enjoy on your trip.

Here are some practical tips to help you make sure you have everything you need for your trip without blowing your entire travel budget before you even arrive at your destination.

1. Shop out of season

It’s exciting to shop for new snow-wear knowing that winter is just around the corner, or to pick up a new swimsuit as summer approaches, but we all know that the latest trends come with the highest prices.

Yes, it is a bit weird to shop for winter clothes during the summer, or vice versa, but this is an excellent way to find bargain prices. So even though it might feel strange, be sure to save a small fortune by shopping for your winter clothing in summer, and your summer clothing during winter.

2. Hunt for coupons and discounts

One of the best ways to save money on your travel clothes is to check for coupons online. No matter what items you want to purchase, you can find coupon codes for online shopping. Many online shoppers use pacsun monthly promo codes to find awesome deals.

Whether you are looking for everyday apparel to wear around the city or specific items such as ski or surf clothing, discount coupons will save you serious money.

3. Sell or swap clothes you don’t wear anymore

Before rushing out on your shopping spree, go through your closet and see if there’s anything you can sell. You’d be amazed at how much you can make by running a garage sale or selling your clothes online. You can use your profits to buy new travel clothes for your upcoming trip. You can also consider swapping clothes with friends. Set up a trading day either with your friends or other family members and you might be able to get some of the travel clothing essentials you need for your trip without spending a penny.

4. Take proper care of your clothes

By looking after your travel clothing you’ll get more trips out of them and, ultimately, save more money to spend on travel.

Fold garments instead of overstuffing your drawers. Hang clothing items without plastic dry-cleaning bags. Make sure you read the label about proper washing of each item. When you do your laundry, make sure to separate by colour, especially light and dark clothing. The dye of new clothes can remain fresh for a while and tends to leak and damage other clothing. So, if you are washing a navy blue shirt, it is not an excellent move to throw it in the laundry together with a bunch of whites. Use gentle laundry detergent and consider hand washing delicate fabrics. Ensure you read the label of your clothes and reviews of the detergents you are frequently using.

This strategy can save your budget and help your clothes travel farther! And remember, the longer your clothes last, the less frequently you have to spend money to replace them.

5. Buy generic brands and shop second-hand

Quality is important, but travel clothing doesn’t need to be from a designer label. You can buy T-shirts, tank tops, and loungewear from cheaper stores. That £50 North Face t-shirt may look cool, but wouldn’t you prefer to have that money to spend on a meal or experience once you reach your destination?

Another tip is to be more flexible about where you buy your clothing. You should be willing to hunt for stores that offer good deals and even shop for second-hand items. Lots of people spend a fortune buying snowboarding jackets that they only ever use once – you can save megabucks by picking these up on websites like eBay. Parents often overspend when buying travel clothing for their kids that they soon grow out of. And you’ll often find they’re good as new!


Ultimately it’s all about saving money to spend on the things that matter most while travelling – experiences! When you think back on your trips, you won’t remember what t-shirt you were wearing or what handbag you took the beach. No, you’ll remember the restaurants you explored or the day-trips you took with your loved ones. So keep this in mind as you start preparing for your next travel adventure.

What other money saving travel tips do you have? How do you prioritise your travel budget and make your clothes last longer?

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