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5 Reason Why Holiday Apartments Are Better Than Hotel Rooms in Barcelona

Last updated on March 1, 2016

Exploring new cities such as Barcelona independently can be hugely rewarding travel experiences, and if you have the choice between booking a hotel room or a holiday apartment, it’s definitely worth considering getting your own pad. Here are some reasons why!

Apartments in Barcelona

1. You Can Experience What it’s Like to Live the City

You’ll have a complete apartment at your disposal, which means you can hang out there after a long day of exploring the city. Or maybe you can try to cook a new dish using ingredients from a local Catalan market. Authentic Catalan cuisine and food is a whole facet of Barcelona that you could lose out on by staying in a hotel instead of an apartment. There are tons of great places to eat in Barcelona, of course, so don’t forget to use sites like TripAdvisor to find recommendations on tapas bars and restaurants and be sure that you picked the right place… But there is nothing better than to try to cook something new by yourself in your own apartment kitchen. You will have more time and space to relax, and no regrets if you happen to oversleep, as you can’t miss breakfast time!

2. You Can Stay Outside the City Centre

Barcelona is not a big city, but even so you will still need a good amount of time to see it all. It’s not necessary to stay in the centre as you can reach most of the interesting places on foot. However, try to choose a popular area to have access to public transport and many shops: Eixample Dret, Arc de Triomf, Gracia, Sant Antoni, Placa Catalunya and Placa Espanya. You can always find good deals with local companies such as OK Apartment, where you’ll find more than 1200 holiday apartments and a 1000 long term rentals in Barcelona.

3. It’s Easier to Make New Friends

Maybe you don’t want to make new friends but it’s almost always better to immerse yourself in the environment from the beginning and to feel the real spirit of the city by living next to locals. Be careful, the walls in Barcelona are pretty thin and when you search for your accommodation be sure that there are double glazed windows. It will help you to avoid noise from the street. In some districts like the Gothic Quarter noise is almost inevitable because they are full of life, but if you stay in places like that then you may very well want to be part of it!

4. You Can Get Up Close and Personal with Barcelona’s Architecture

Most likely the accommodation will be located in a building that could be an architectural monument. Barcelona offers a mix of architectural styles: Modernist, Baroque, Medieval, and more. In any hotel room you unlikely will reach it in the same way. Oh, and there is an entire district full to the brim of famous modernist buildings – Eixample Dret. The best are located right there, so try to find a rental in that area if you can.

5. It’s Fun!

To stay in the apartment in the city will always help you to orientate yourself better because you will need to remember your address. You will learn to notice more details and become familiar with your neighbourhood just like a local would. Anyway, don’t forget to write down your metro station – here is a metro map, just in case. Have fun and explore the city by your way!

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