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5 Jobs That Allow You to Travel & Earn Money While You See the World

Last updated on December 23, 2022

Do you wish you could make money while travelling? Dream of living the “digital nomad” lifestyle? You’ve come to the right place. This article is for people who have a desire to see the world but also want to make money while doing so.

Most people will get on a plane to another continent right away if given the opportunity, but they just can’t take the risk without securing a job. Many job opportunities allow you to fulfil your desire to travel.

Here are jobs that you will be able hold down while you travel the world:

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is a dream job for many people because they get to do what they love (travelling) while making money. But it takes more than just the desire or passion to travel, you need to be able to tell compelling stories that will keep your audience glued to your blog.

Managing a travel blog comes with its set of challenges. Since you are dealing with travel content, and you need to come up with something new consistently. This could mean travelling to different parts of the world frequently, which can be expensive except you intend to go backpacking.

However, it is a great opportunity to make money if you share amazing travel content and grow your audience.

Teaching English Abroad

This is another job that allows you to travel the world. If your English is near perfect, then you should consider becoming an English teacher.

There is a high demand for English teachers around the world and the remuneration is decent. You can apply for English teacher jobs while you are overseas, or you can start an online class from your laptop computer.

Some online teaching jobs require a TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Bartending Abroad

If you love to travel and you have some bartender experience under your belt, then you should consider taking your skills along with you on your travels.

Many people consider the bartending job to be an interesting one because you are always in the middle of the fun. Also, you get to meet people from different places and cultures.

This is the perfect job for the fun seeker. If you manage to speak the language in your destination country, that is a big plus because it will help your communication.

Voice Over Work

Voice over is an easy job that anyone with great vocals and a few tools can do. Although, you need to do some voice training if you are not confident about your voice acting skills.

Voiceover artists are high-sought after, especially in the marketing and advertising world. is one of the leading platforms where you can upload your demo reels and get paid for your voice acting skills while travelling. 

Online Translation Jobs

If you know a second language fluently, then this is just the job for you. This is a freelance job that is in high demand because of its high pay.

Many companies are looking for translators to work on their websites, books, product manuals, and many more.

For a start, you can offer you translator service to bilingual tours for tourists who speak one of the languages you are fluent in.

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