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Why a Motorhome Trip Should Be in Your Travel Plans

Instead of booking a flight, why not make your next holiday one big road trip? Here’s a look at why holidaying in a motorhome could be just what you need for your next big escape. 


One of the biggest benefits of holidaying in a motorhome is that you can be spontaneous. Want to head to Scotland? You can! Fancy a trip to France? No problem. 

As long as you have enough fuel in the tank and you follow the rules, you can skip the stress of booking flights and choosing a hotel. Better still, you don’t have to count down to the day you can travel as you can go whenever you’re ready. 


If you’re travelling in your own motorhome – or if you’re borrowing a friend’s – the space will be as cosy as possible. After all, this is a home-from-home experience. This means that you don’t have to worry about lump mattresses and uncomfortable pillows. 

Likewise, as you’ve created a space that’s homelike, you can properly relax, safe in the knowledge that you own everything in the motorhome. Just in case things don’t go to plan and something gets damaged, it could be worth taking out specialist insurance. This can give you peace of mind, especially while you’re on the road. 


A motorhome is effectively a house on wheels. So, you’ll have the essentials within reach, such as the fridge and, in some vehicles, even a shower. Better still, you don’t need to carry heavy suitcases around or pay for luggage. 

As long as you stock up on what you need, such as food and toiletries, you’ll be all set for your big road trip


Flights, accommodation, hotel transfers… these are all things that can quickly add up. As you’re in charge of where you’re going and how long for, you can budget for food and fuel but won’t have to concern yourself with choosing a comfortable, yet cost-effective, hotel. 

In fact, campsites are cheaper than hotels. During peak season, hotel rooms can become prohibitively expensive. Campsites tend to charge a flat fee, and this comes in at much less than a family room for four. 

You decide

Perhaps one of the best things about travelling in a motorhome is that you can decide on the destination – and you can squeeze in as many as you want. By doing away with the hassle of sticking to flight times and finding hotels, you can simply search for campsites that will allow you to pitch up. 

This freedom to choose means you’re more likely to see more of the places you’re travelling to. You can park and go for a wander, giving you the opportunity to explore what’s on offer. 

Will you go for a motorhome holiday next year? Where will you travel to? 

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