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Ways to Improve Your Skiing in the Summer Months

Are you a skiing enthusiast? If so, you might be trying to plan how to keep up with the skills you learned on the slopes in the winter over the coming months. The summer is a time when snow sports fans have to get a little creative. 

It is possible to enhance your skiing and prepare for the next winter season, however. Whether you’re looking to maintain your fitness levels, or you already have your next ski holiday booked to France and need to practise over the summer, here are some strategies to help you. 

What if you miss the snow?

For avid skiers, the absence of snow can be a challenge. But this is the perfect opportunity to find activities that complement your skiing. 

Cycling, hiking, and inline skating are excellent ways to stay active and keep your legs in shape. These activities help to build the strength and endurance necessary for skiing. In fact, we’ve already seen roller-skating making a return to the mainstream, so now’s a good time to try it for yourself, plus it will help you to master your balance while you’re away from the slopes. 

Dry slope skiing

Dry slopes offer a brilliant solution for those looking to practise skiing without snow. These artificial slopes mimic the conditions of real snow and give you the perfect space to hone your skills, from basic turns to more advanced techniques. 

The UK is home to several dry slope centres, such as the Snowtrax in Dorset and the Alpine Snowsports in Southampton. These facilities are accessible and often more affordable than indoor snow centres, making them a great option for regular practice. Plus, they help you get used to the sensation of sliding and controlling your movements, which are crucial for skiing.

Indoor snow slopes

If you’re craving the feel of real snow, indoor snow slopes are an excellent alternative. These centres use artificial snow to create a realistic skiing environment, allowing you to practise your technique year-round. 

There are several impressive indoor snow centres to choose from, including The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, Chill Factore in Manchester, and SnowDome in Tamworth. These offer lessons, freestyle sessions, and even race training, catering to skiers of all levels. Regular visits to an indoor snow slope can improve your technique, so you’re more likely to hit the real slopes with confidence when winter arrives.

Travel to the southern hemisphere

If funds allow, you could travel to the southern hemisphere. Countries like New Zealand and Australia have ski resorts that operate during the northern hemisphere’s summer months. Travelling to these destinations not only allows you to enjoy winter sports year-round but also offers the chance to experience different cultures and terrains. It’s a thrilling way to break up the summer and keep your skiing skills sharp.

Keep up with exercises

Maintaining your physical fitness and stamina is important, and the summer months are the perfect time to focus on strength and conditioning. Exercises such as squats, lunges, and core workouts are vital for building the muscles used in skiing. Box jumps and lateral hops can also improve your power and agility, while yoga and Pilates are ideal for enhancing flexibility and balance, which are essential for skiing. 

Consistent exercise routines ensure that when the snow returns, your body is prepared for the physical demands of the slopes. 

By planning for the summer months, you’ll be ready for your winter ski holiday later in the year.  

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