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Upgrade Any Meal with These Amazing Ingredients

It can be all too easy to become disillusioned with your cooking, making every meal simply for fuel and not giving a second thought to flavour or quality. There is so much joy to be found through food, so don’t waste another day cooking bland meals. We’re going to go through some of the absolute basics of cooking and see how you can use your ingredients to upgrade your cooking.


Good quality meat can make such a noticeable difference to your meal. Particularly a meal like steak or pork, where the meat is the true star of the show. Try to change it up from the usual supermarket options by going online, upgrade your standard pork to kurobuta pork, a high quality and famously delicious cut. This might not be a daily purchase for most people, but nothing will beat it for the occasional treat.


Unfortunately some people have never found joy in vegetables. They can be easy to overcook into a flavourless mush, or to undercook into a crunchy mess. The glory of vegetables is that there are so many options to choose from, there’s a chance you just haven’t found your favourite yet! 

A great way to try different types of vegetables is with a wonky vegetable box. Fantastic subscription services like Misfits Market will deliver unwanted, but perfectly fresh, vegetables to your door. You may get surprised every week by what you find! Not to mention, this is a fantastic way of being environmentally friendly with your cooking. 


Spices are essential to most dishes, and their quality can vary massively. The problem with spices is that they can be so unique to each cuisine. You may have found yourself being put off from trying a recipe in the past by the mention of an obscure spice which you could never find in your area. 

A great way of overcoming this challenge is with a cuisine based spice box. These boxes focus on a specific part of the world and give you a fantastic range of spices and seasonings which will allow you to make these dishes at home. It’s a great way of trying something new and discovering some new flavours!


You might sometimes feel like your meals are missing something, like they need an extra final touch to be just right. Often, that missing element is a healthy dose of fresh herbs. Fresh herbs pack far more flavour than dried, and when used correctly they can breathe a new lease of life into your food. 

Another great thing about herbs is how easy they are to grow! You can get yourself a herb garden growing kit which will supply you with all the essentials to get started. Herbs are easy to grow inside on a windowsill, so there’s no excuse! You’ll also get the added satisfaction of using home grown ingredients when you cook.

These very simple steps and suggestions are a great place to start if you’re eager to upgrade your cooking and find some passion in your food. Follow these, and watch as your meals become so much more flavoursome and enjoyable. One of the best things to do is keep on practicing, even if you’re a good chef now, keep trying different things and challenging yourself, then you’ll open new opportunities in your food. 

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