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Travel and the Joys of Technology-Generated Freedom

Last updated on April 6, 2022

Being a traveller brings its own challenges, but technology has done a lot to help. Until relatively recently, we were all ‘anchored’ to physical locations by an impossible-to-cut connection, which was basically one of two types: electrical, because we had to rely on network power to run our computers, and phone-based, because of the need for a fixed cable to perform local data transfers – usually through an ethernet network. Today however, we have solved both of these problems.

From Static to Mobile in Twenty Years

Modern devices, smartphones and tablets have a battery life of several days if used sparingly, even when using applications intensively. And they can connect at high speed to the 5G wireless network to transfer data quickly, much faster than the old networks based on a tangle of obsolete network cables.

The same has happened with applications: gaming systems once reserved for desktop PCs now work perfectly on our devices. So if you are an online gambling enthusiast for example you can connect to your preferred online casino PA platform from anywhere in the world, at no cost and with the security of an encrypted network, thanks to a simple wireless connection via wi-fi using your mobile phone or tablet. This means you finally don’t have to choose between travelling and having access to everything at home.

The Power of Virtual Private Networks

If we combine the potential of using our devices with the services offered by a VPN, we achieve near-perfection. Anyone who travels the world for business or pleasure knows that the use of Virtual Private Networks makes it possible to achieve two important objectives. 

The first is to be protected from snooping attacks on our data, which are encrypted by the VPN and therefore made impossible to decipher for any “spies” listening in. And the second is to be able to configure the system to show that our IP comes from a country of our choice, avoiding any geolocation blocks. This means that we can access all our favourite content, servers, subscriptions and portals from anywhere in the world.

For example, if our game server is not available, for different reasons, in the country from which we are connecting, a VPN makes it easy to sort this out. And this means that travellers can access any content without any restrictions.

At a Glance

Fortunately, technological progress is increasingly loosening the shackles that used to keep us fixed to our physical location, and this is seen in both work and leisure. The evolution of our society towards a more fluid form is undoubtedly an incentive for freedom, and we are sure that a good part of this new way of life is coming through the invisible waves of wireless transmissions.

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