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Topics to Master for Better Performance in Microsoft MS-900 Exam. Can Dumps Promote Your Understanding?

Last updated on September 15, 2020


Good scores in any exam highly depend on proper conversance with its topics which will build your skills in the respective field. This is also true for ExamCollection AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions VCE Dumps that checks one’s basic knowledge of Microsoft 365 and can bring you the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals credential. This post discusses the themes you need to study for this test. Let’s have a quick overview of them!

MS-900 Exam Outline


  • Cloud concepts


At the end of studying this domain, you should be able to give a detailed description of cloud concepts. This Author: Thaddeus N of various cloud services available and enumerating the benefits of using cloud technology instead of those services that are on-premise.


  • Core services & concepts for Microsoft 365


Under this section, learners should know how to identify and describe the core services as well as concepts for Author: Lennon O . This involves general and analytical capabilities of Microsoft 365 and options for establishing and supporting Office and Windows. Another area to explore is focused on collaboration solutions for Microsoft 365.


  • Security, compliance, trust, & privacy


This MS-900 topic demands candidates to know how to explain Microsoft 365 security principles targeting zero trust, unified concepts for endpoint management, and threat protection solutions available for Microsoft 365. It is also imperative to learn about compliance manager, a portal for service trust and security center, and solutions for protecting and governing information.


  • Microsoft 365 pricing & support


This theme will improve your Author: Kannon P if you study it well. It enables you to become better at planning, predicting as well as comparing pricing, identifying options for licensing that Microsoft 365 can use, and understanding the Microsoft 365 service lifecycle.

How Dumps Promote Understanding of MS-900 Exam Topics?

When it is that moment of reading through the topics, dumps can promote comprehension. So, how does this happen? Let’s say you have reviewed some concepts several times and still struggle to master them. Then, the Author: Kohen Q thing to do is tackling real exam questions provided in the form of dumps.

You can easily find and download these files as well as the testing software and begin practicing. As you perform this process repeatedly, you can identify what domains need additional reviewing. In that case, you can practice more with the questions or refer to your study guide and read more on the complicated concepts. 

Apart from using the dumps to identify easy and challenging points, they are also the best bet when you wish to secure more knowledge. After continuous training with real exam content, you’ll be better at answering a variety of questions and at planning your time allocated for the test.


You may think that the Author: Tristen R is easy since it is based on foundational cloud concepts. However, it is not as simple as it seems. You need to rely on great resources to master the listed topics, pass the test, and become Microsoft certified. These include authentic dumps, study books, and courses. Give your studies all you can so that you will get better at taking and passing the exam!

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