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Top Travel Destinations for Foodie Vacations

As international travel boards hope to open again this year, us travellers can finally start dreaming of exploring a wide range of delicious dishes in exciting new destinations.

If you’re searching for an unrivalled gastro experience, take inspiration from our culinary curation of the most inspirational travel destinations for food lovers. 

Vietnam ~ Hot and Zesty

rice-noodles Vietnam Foodie Travel

In the last decade, Vietnamese food has become increasingly popular with western travellers. Its flavour profiles of hot chilli, zingy lime, fresh ginger and salty fish sauces are simply prepared into humble and moreish dishes.

Traditional bao buns draw reference from the countries French-colonialist past, while pho, a delicious noodle soup dish has become a staple for any weary traveller.  

Croatia ~ Fresher than Fresh

Croatia Foodie Travel

Having been partially occupied by both the Venetians and the Ottoman Empire over the years, it is no wonder Croatian cuisine draws heavily in Turkish and Italian influences.

Fresh fish, cheese, and fresh fruit and vegetables make up traditional dishes in the Adriatic nation. If you crave traditional Mediterranean flavours, make sure to book on a Croatia escorted tour and enjoy its culinary delights.

Spain ~ More Than You Can Imagine

Disfrutar 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant in Barcelona Food Photography by Ben Holbrook from
Photo of Restaurante Disfrutar by Ben Holbrook

Teeming with Michelin-stars, vibrant markets and casual tapas temples, there’s so much more to Spain’s gastro scene than paella!

Head to the Basque Country for fine dining in serenely beautiful rural settings and pintxo bar hopping in San Sebastian. Go wild in Asturias with hearty meat platters and zesty apple cider. Glam it up in Barcelona with Mediterranean inspired rice dishes and some the most beautiful vineyards in Europe.

India ~ Serious Diversity

India Foodie Travel

Home to over a billion people, and nearly as many cultures, Indian food offers a diverse range of dishes from each of its states. Dosa, or chickpea pancakes, dominates in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, while Tandoori food originates from the northern Punjab region.

The country is also renowned for its street food scene in Mumbai and Delhi, attracting visitors from around the world. India is also a vegetarian hot spot, as the local diet prioritises plant-based ingredients over meat. 

Italy ~ Age-old Favourites

Italy Foodie Travel

No food guide would be complete without a trip to Italy. Famous for pizza and pasta, and quite frankly that’s reason enough to visit, Italy also produces some of the world’s finest cured meats, cheese and wine.

Sample traditional Cicchetti in Venice with an Aperol spritz by the Grand Canal or head south to Puglia for rustic cuisine and the regions famous turnip greens pasta sauce and creamy burrata cheese.

North Cyprus ~ Fusion Beauty

Northern Cyprus Foodie Travel

The birthplace of the ubiquitous halloumi cheese, northern Cypress’s gastronomic delights blend Turkish and Greek cuisine that’s fused with Middle Eastern flavours.

It’s not one to be missed by food lovers, the traditional souvlaki served shoreside along the coast make for a delicious and filling meal. While humble mezze such as smoked aubergine and humous are perfect for sharing with a bottle of local wine.

What about you? What are your favourite foodie travel destinations? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and tips!

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