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Tips for Getting a Work Visa for China

How should foreigners apply for a work visa in China? What is the difference between work permit and a work visa for foreigners?

Nowadays, more and more companies find that there is a big difference between hiring foreigners and Chinese people, such as when to apply for a work visa, when to give an offer, and a series of questions about social security and personal tax for foreigners after hiring. In order to help companies recruit foreigners in a better and less stressful way, I have summarised some of the issues involved in hiring foreigners in China, are there any of them you want to know? Let’s take a look at the essential knowledge in recruiting foreigners!

Q: What are the requirements for foreigners to work in China?

A: Be at least 18 years old, be in good health, have no criminal record, have an identified employer in the territory, and have the necessary professional skills or appropriate level of knowledge to perform their work. The work to be performed is in line with the needs of China’s economic and social development, and is a professional in urgent need in China. If the laws and regulations provide otherwise for foreigners to work in China, the provisions shall apply.

Q: What are the conditions for employing foreigners?

A: Foreigners should be employed in positions with special needs, where there is a temporary shortage of suitable candidates, and which do not violate the relevant state regulations; be established in accordance with the law, without serious violations of the law; and pay the wages and salaries of the foreigners employed not less than the local minimum wage. The laws and regulations stipulate that the front approval of the competent industry department shall be approved.

Q: When employing foreigners to work in China, is the “foreigner work visa” that HR people often talk about as a simple stamp on the passport?

A: No.

1. The employer or the specialised agency entrusted by the employer registers an account in the foreigner working in China management service system, submits the permit application online, and prints the Notice of Foreigner Work Permit online after approval.

2. The foreigner applies for a Z-visa or F-visa or R-visa at the embassy or consulate of the People’s Republic of China abroad with the Notice of Work Permit for Foreigners and other required documents.

3. Within 15 days after the foreigner enters the country with a valid visa, the employer will apply for the “Work Permit for Foreigners” online and collect the document from the local foreigner work administration department.

  1. Within 30 days of entry with a valid visa, the foreigner must apply for a Work Permit at the local public security authorities within 30 days of entry.

Q: What are the documents that must be submitted in the online application system to apply for a work visa?

A: 1. passport 2. highest degree (academic) certificate 3. certificate of no criminal record 4. proof of work experience 5. employment contract 6. health undertaking or medical certificate 7. application form for work permit for foreigners to come to China. All documents can be authenticated through Visa Express.

Q: What should be noted in the employment contract or proof of employment (including multinational company dispatch letter)?

A: The employment contract or proof of employment (including the letter of dispatch from multinational companies) should include the time, place of work, job content, salary, position, and signature and seal page. In general, employment contracts are required for work permit applications.

Q: How long does it take to apply for other work permits for foreigners in China?

A: Extension and Change of Foreigner Work Permit: 15 working days. Work Permit for Foreigners renewal and cancellation: 15 working days. After receive your work permit, you can use a visa agent to apply your work visa.

Q: How can enterprises employ foreign graduates from domestic universities?

A: Foreign university graduates include foreign students who have obtained a master’s degree or above from a university in China (preferably 985,211) and have graduated within one year, and foreign graduates who have obtained a master’s degree or above from a well-known university outside China and have graduated within one year, with a minimum score of 80 points (percentage system, other points system is converted to percentage system). The higher the ranking of the school, the higher the degree of fit between the position applied for and the major studied, the higher the success rate of the work visa application.

Q: How do I cancel my Alien Work Permit if a foreign employee terminates his or her contract early?

A: 1. Fill in the information in the Foreigner Working in China Management Service System, print it online, and upload it to the system with the applicant’s signature and official seal of the employer; 2. 4. the employer will receive the cancellation letter according to the “application status” prompt.

Q: What documents need to be translated into Chinese for foreigners work visa application?

A: Certificate of no criminal record and academic certificate (translated and stamped by the translation company) Certificate of work experience (translated and stamped by the employing company).

Q: Do I need a medical examination for foreigners to apply for a foreigner work visa?

A: Yes, foreigners need to find an overseas health care institution approved by the Chinese inspection and quarantine agency for medical examination; if such type of institution cannot be found in the foreigner’s location, they can provide a health undertaking to the Foreign Affairs Bureau and then have a medical examination in their city after getting a work visa to enter China.

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