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The Ultimate Hipster Itinerary for Shoreditch, London

If you’re looking for a more alternative side to London, Shoreditch is the perfect place. The area, which stretches from Kingsland Road to Old Street Station, is renowned for its trendy street art, hipster bars and thriving nightclub scene. This wasn’t always the case, however, only transitioning from a crime-ridden slum to a tourist hotspot in the 1990s, when attempts were made to improve the area. 

Shoreditch is highly accessible from various areas in the UK; just make sure to check the train times to London before you go. It’s recommended that you leave around five hours to properly check out all the markets, or perhaps more depending on how big an art fanatic you deem yourself to be. Whilst there are endless things to do whilst in Shoreditch, we’ve narrowed down our favourites to create the ultimate itinerary for a weekend away in London’s East End.

Go on a Jack the Ripper Tour

Delve into one of London’s darkest narratives and learn how the infamous Jack the Ripper carried out his most heinous crimes. The walking tour covers the locations of the Whitechapel murders and the conspiracies about his true identity. The tour ends at the Ten Bells Pub, where it is believed many of the victims visited. Better yet, the tour is free depending on when you book!

Have a Browse on Brick Lane

It’s always worth having a mosey round Brick Lane to check out the market stalls and shops, which sell everything from street food to antiques and vinyl records. If you’re looking to bag yourself some great deals and quality vintage clothing, pop over to stores like Vintage Basement or House of Vintage, which sometimes offer big discounts on all of their items.

Visit a Mini Cinema

Whilst going to see a movie may not seem unique or revolutionary, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just off from Brick Lane is a cosy 40-seater screening room at Close-Up, which showcases indie and genre-breaking films that you won’t find anywhere else. You can also attend events with the directors and visit the lounge bar up front. It’s a welcome break from the overly-trendy places in Shoreditch – this is simply a place doing what it’s enthusiastic about.

Get Competitive at Shuffleboarding

No more is the sport of shuffleboarding exclusive to middle-aged cruise goers. The Tudor pastime now makes for great entertainment alongside the provision of food and beverages. The London Shuffle Club pairs the two together perfectly, allowing groups to try their luck in teams, whilst serving wood-fired pizzas and cocktails from an airstream caravan.

Cosy up at Culpeper Pub, Spitalfields

The Culpeper is a charming bohemian pub located in Spitalfields and is named after the famous astrologist and physicist Nicholas Culpeper. Those who love their signature drinks will feel right at home here, with cocktail-making classes occurring regularly throughout the day, using fresh ingredients from the nearby garden. If you manage to get a table late at night, you can even stargaze from the rooftop like Culpeper once did centuries before.

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