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The Different Types Of Grills And How To Choose The Right One

Last updated on August 11, 2022

There are different types of grills made in consideration of the grilling style that suits your preference. There are plug-in grills, grills with gas options, heavy-duty grills, and so on. You need to understand how you will be using the grill to be able to select one that is right for you. If you plan to feed a small army then the best option is to look for a grill that has gas options and a lot of cooking space. That way you can cook everything at the same time, right from your meats to the side of baked beans. 

If the flavour is something that matters the most for you, then you will need a slow-heating charcoal/wood-burning grill to give out the smoky and rich flavour. Be it warm or cold weather, you can enjoy tasty grilling recipes at any time with your family and friends. Read below to understand different types of grills and their pros and cons. 

Charcoal Grill

If you love the charcoal flavour and like to entertain a small group of people every now and then but are tight on budget then this is the right grill for you. The charcoal grill is one of the true all-time classics. There are portable options that are easy to use and still can capture all the smoky flavour of the meat. Though they heat up slowly, eventually they get a lot hotter. You will need to arrange the coals and manage the temperature yourself so that you can create an indirect and direct heating/cooking zone. This can be time-consuming but the flavour you will get at the end will totally be worth it. 

Gas Grill

These types of grills are perfect for people who need larger space on the grill gates. Though they are larger in size, they are comparatively easy to use. These are typically used as backyard grills and use gas. The gas grill gives you the benefit of heating up fairly quickly and is easier to control. These are also easier to clean as compared to charcoal grills. As it does not use charcoal, it is hard to get a smoky flavour in the meat while using this kind of grill. It can still be used for a lot of tasty side dishes that can be grilled. These come in different sizes and the prices tend to vary accordingly. However, with proper maintenance and care, it can last you for a long time. 

Electric Grills

If you do not have a large outdoor space or live in a place where you are not allowed to use gas or charcoal while grilling outside, an outside electric grill is a good option. These do not need charcoal or propane tanks and therefore you never have to worry about running out of them. This also makes it easier to clean as you do not have to wean out ashy subdue after use. This type of grill can be plugged in easily into an outlet and you can start cooking. They are even fit for balcony grilling. The only downside to this type of grill is that it does not give a smoky flavour. 


If you love the flavour of barbequed meat and have the patience to wait for it a little longer then you will love smokers. Smokers can get you that rich flavour that you cannot even find in everyday gas or charcoal grills. With this type of grill, you can cook food at low and controlled temperatures for a longer period of time. It allows a more slow-cook version of cooking meat. When it comes to selecting a grill you can search the top selling BBQ smokers and find what best suits your needs. Some also come in bigger sizes so you can easily cook large cuts of meat in one go. They provide a large cooking area but that also means that if you have less space then this grill will not suit you. Also, a longer cooking time is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Portable Grills

For people who like to go picnicking, hiking, or just be on the road rather than in one location, then portable grills are ideal for them. They can easily be taken on a camping trip as they are portable, sturdy, and convenient. You can use them while you are camping, on the beach, or just in your backyard for a quick grilling session. They run on propane tanks that are small and can be stored under the grill lid while being transported. For a couple or few friends, this can be the perfect size of grill that is easy to use. 

Indoor Grills

People who do not have any outdoor space but still like to enjoy grilling their meat at home can invest in an indoor grill. These are smaller in size and can easily be set up on the countertop. They do not produce a lot of smoke so you can be stress-free about your smoke alarm going off while you are cooking. You can get a grill pan, an open grill, or even a panini press like a griller. They are relatively inexpensive and therefore a common choice for people who live in an apartment or condo and do not have access to any outdoor space. You can also look for a larger indoor grill that is family-sized with an attached drip tray that makes it easy to clean. 

Wood Pellets Grills

When you want to bring a rich and smoky flavour to your food, you can get wood pellet grills that are most suited for people who want a hands-off smoker. You can also choose different types of wood pellets that can add various flavours. This type of grill is electric-powered and will automatically add wood pellets as and when needed. You can easily set up the temperature as per your cooking preference and decide on the cooking time as well. 

Other than selecting the right kind of grill, do not forget to get your practice done on how to cook different types of meats so that you can be the next BBQ hero at your next cookout. 

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