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Stunning Spanish Destinations You Should Visit This Christmas

When it comes to travelling the world, there’s so much to see – and the culture of Spain is one that you should consider! Indeed, with so many stunning destinations and events, particularly at Christmas time, from the Christmas Lottery El Gordo to unique Christmas traditions and more, there’s plenty to get involved with. 

Today, we’ll be summarising some of the top events and activities you may want to try in Spain to give you a genuine outlook on this incredible region’s culture.

Stunning Spanish Destinations to Visit at Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that millions of people worldwide, from many different backgrounds and cultures, celebrate and enjoy. Indeed, it’s not just English-speaking countries that celebrate the festive season, either; in fact, many countries enjoy the celebrations, and with this in mind, it’s always exciting to see different takes on this iconic holiday.

One such country that you may want to visit this Christmas is Spain. Indeed, with so many amazing Christmas holiday traditions, such as the annual Christmas Lottery, El Gordo (that even non-Spanish residents can now get involved with thanks to providers such as Lottoland) through to the incredible events and festive celebrations, there is a huge amount to see.


One of the most iconic winter destinations in Spain has to be Madrid. Madrid has long been regarded as one of the best Spanish cities for Christmas celebrations.

In short, the city gets transformed from the middle of November, and this stunning aesthetic remains until around January 6th. The city also offers a host of stunning, vibrant, and exciting Christmas markets, offering plenty of opportunities for shoppers to get involved with the festivities, traditional Spanish Christmas foods, and the like. The largest is located at Plaza Mayor – definitely a great destination to visit if you’re in Madrid over the holiday period.

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Playa de Malagueta Malaga

If you’ve been looking for a city to visit to make the most of your time in the country this Christmas, Malaga needs to be on your list. Every year, the city experiences a transformation for the festive season, giving it a warm, buzzing, and generally exhilarating feel.

Spaniards and holidaymakers alike revel in the opportunities and attractions of Malaga’s stunning Christmas markets, decorations, and more – and with this in mind, Malaga might just be a super destination for you to consider. From stunning Christmas lights to the beautiful beach-front views and more, it’s sure to be a Christmas season to remember if you add Malaga to your destination list.


Christmas Shopping in Barcelona

It may not feel quite as “traditionally Spanish” at Christmas time as many other cities, but there’s no doubt that Barcelona’s vibrancy and enthusiasm for the festive season will prove infectious for anyone visiting the region. Indeed, the unique combination of inspirations from many other European countries makes Christmas in Barcelona unique (in the best way).

Perhaps the most iconic – and oddest – feature of the Barcelona Christmas festivities has to be the Caga Tio de Nadal mascot. Though the massive smiling face might prove a little unnerving to some, there’s no doubt that it makes Christmas in Barcelona a bright affair and is well worth a look if you’re in the city; chances are, you won’t be able to miss this funny little mascot anyway!

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Casa 1800 Granada Spain

It’s an iconic Spanish Christmas or winter destination and for a good reason. Indeed, though Spain is widely regarded for its hot summer sun, the snowy scenes that we can find at Granada make it a simply iconic winter travel choice. 

Based just below the Sierra Nevada mountain range, there are so many opportunities for those wanting to make the most of travel in Spain at Christmas, and with this in mind, you may well want to consider the possibilities that this stunning Spanish destination might offer.

Is Christmas a Good Time of Year to Visit Spain?

As we’ve already mentioned, Spain is a traditionally hot and sunny country. With this in mind, you may be wondering whether Christmas is a good time of year to visit the country.

In short: yes! Visiting Spain in winter will be a little cooler, but the country is still (usually!) much warmer than at home in the UK. What’s more, when you visit Spain at Christmas, you’ll likely be doing so more for the experience of a Spanish Christmas anyway – and it’s certainly a very different experience from Christmas in the UK! 

Final Thoughts

Around the world, there’s always so much to see at Christmas – and with the festive season nearly upon us, it’s well worth considering how you might spend it this year and in years to come. So, don’t miss out – make the most of every opportunity, no matter whether you’re staying in one of Wales’ most iconic destinations or if you’ve chosen to pay a visit to Spain for the festive period.

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