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Staying Entertained When Solo Travelling 

Solo travelling is one of the most exhilarating adventures the modern explorer can embark on. As a trend, it’s on the rise too, with the number of people going on holiday by themselves more than doubling since 2011. 

The excitement of solo travel can’t be denied, however, the reality of long plane journeys and tedious travel between destinations is decidedly less thrilling. Keeping yourself excited and your energy levels high can be difficult during these periods, but with our top tips you can enjoy every moment of your solo trip – even the in-between moments. 

Local Activities and Tours 

If you’re waiting for a flight and have a couple of days to spare, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get stuck in the local scene. Many cities offer a variety of activities specifically designed for solo travellers, such as walking and cycling tours, pottery or dance classes, and bar nights. 

Look out for free events that allow you to explore some of the best cities in the world on a budget. Many hostels and guesthouses will organise social events that are perfect for connecting with like-minded travellers. 

Connect With Others 

Travelling by yourself doesn’t mean you can’t make friends along the way. Hostels are renowned as havens for solo explorers, offering shared dorms and communal spaces that get you talking to other avid adventurers

While it is natural to be nervous, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with others – they are likely in the same boat as you! If you’re concerned about your talking abilities, you can always learn some conversation techniques for introverts before you set off. You can also join online forums and travel communities to share and find tips on your next destination. 

Downtime Entertainment 

Enjoying some downtime can help you to enjoy your solo travels to its fullest. Embracing some ‘me time’ by downloading a podcast, listening to an audiobook or picking up a novel you’ve been meaning to read, can help you to unplug and recharge before you journey on. 

If you have a few spare moments, why not download your favourite bingo app and play a game or two? You could also opt for some chill-out time with some simple TV or TikTok watching. 

Solo Dining 

Solo travelling is all about finding who you are and doing what makes you happy on a schedule that suits you. Solo dining is a liberating experience that can help you reconnect with yourself and experience authentic flavours. 

Treat yourself to a delicious meal at a restaurant or bar and engage in some good, old-fashioned people-watching. One of the benefits of eating alone is good for your independence and you can let the world entertain you. 

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