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Six Benefits of Choosing a Hotel in Pigeon Forge

Staying in a hotel during your vacation can get you access to amenities that may be absent in other lodging options. Hotels provide privacy, additional services, and views according to your stay. Whether planning a romantic getaway or with your friends or family, staying in a hotel in the heart of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, can be one of the most exhilarating experiences.

The town of Pigeon Forge houses more than 14,500 places to stay, with ample room to accommodate large families and groups with enough space to stretch your legs and manage your luggage. In addition, you will find plenty of hotels with pet-friendly and kid-friendly rooms.

Some hotels also offer group meeting rooms and spaces along with outdoor and indoor activities to relax and unwind, while others offer majestic balcony views, free room service, and breakfast. 

Moreover, you can save a lot by booking a hotel room on a budget, availing of special discounts and packages for large groups, or taking advantage of a nominal fee by visiting during the off-season. 

There are many more advantages of choosing a hotel room above other lodging options.

1. Central Locations

When searching for a hotel in Pigeon Forge, you will find that many of them are centrally located near the most popular attractions, like the Parkway. It makes your visit seamless, eliminating the need to travel long distances to get to the hottest tourist spots.

You will find several shops, cafes, restaurants other spots within walking distance of your hotel. At the same time, you will experience peace when inside your room, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

However, if your holiday goal is to avoid any surrounding noise, you will find some hotels amid the woods, by the lake, or near the meadows offering outstanding views.

2. Countless Amenities

In Pigeon Forge, you will find that most of the hotels serve complimentary breakfast and housekeeping. In addition to that, many hotels have amenities such as 

  • Outdoor and indoor swimming pools
  • Private jacuzzis
  • Fully furnished and stocked kitchen
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Private balcony offering exotic mountain and nature views
  • Ample space to roam around for the entire family

Not only that, some hotels are pet-friendly and kid-friendly. Therefore, if you travel with kids or pets, make sure that you book a relevant hotel. Some pet-friendly hotels also offer pet-sitting services along with pet supplies. 

However, you will have to make sure what pet services your hotel offers and which ones it does not so that you can make the arrangements accordingly.

3. Ample Parking Space

When looking for a hotel, you will find that many offer free parking for as long as you plan to stay. In addition, you will find ample indoor and outdoor parking spaces if you travel in large groups and multiple cars. 

Hotels in Pigeon Forge welcome any vehicle. Therefore, if you are traveling in a bus, a van, or a jeep, you will find parking spaces for every vehicle. You will also witness many bike parking spots outside the hotels. 

It is convenient and safe, considering you may leave your vehicles behind and proceed to nearby spots on foot. You can ensure the safety and security of your vehicles. 

4. Find Time to Connect and Enjoy

One of the main reasons families go on a vacation together is because it helps them connect amongst themselves on multiple levels and in meaningful ways that they might not be able to while at home. 

One of the major reasons to stay in a spacious room with your family is that you will find the chance to spend quality time with each other. Back home, you may be busy with work or other commitments to do. While on a family holiday, you will find plenty of opportunities to spend one-on-one time with your spouse and your kids. 

5. Stay on a Budget

In addition to free parking, hotels during peak seasons offer discounts and special offers if you travel in large groups or with your entire family of people of all ages. 

You can even avail hotel specials valid for a specific time. Some hotels would offer last-minute deals if you did not book your room beforehand. Otherwise, it may cost you a lot. An alternate option is to sign up for a hotel membership or VIP membership, where you can avail of special member discounts and access the hotel’s premium services. The membership includes access to sports clubs or booking premium rooms with exclusive services and private elevators. 

Buying a membership is a good option if you visit Pigeon Forge. That way, you would not have to go through the hassle of looking at different hotels. You can check in to the same hotel at special booking prices. 


If you plan to visit Pigeon Forge, then choose a hotel as your lodging option for an experience like no other. When looking for hotel bookings, you will find that many hotels are centrally located and within walking distance of all the hotspots in town. In addition, many of them offer free parking for your entire stay. 

If you are traveling with your family on a budget, do not forget to avail yourself of special discount offers, memberships, and VIP options, or book your stay during the off-season for a lower booking fee. 

When staying in a hotel, you will find countless amenities with free breakfast and housekeeping services. Moreover, hotels offer a chance for families to connect on a deeper level and spend time together. 

Therefore, whenever you plan to visit Pigeon Forge, consider hotels as your lodging option.

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