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Palo Alto Market Barcelona ~ Street Food, Live Music & Local Design

Last updated on May 23, 2016

Palo Alto Market is probably the biggest and most exclusive “creative market” in Barcelona and showcases the latest trends in design, street food, culture and entertainment. Held on the first weekend of every month, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

Palo Alto Market Barcelona

I spoke to Paula Mariscal from the organisation to find out more.

Ben: Tell us a bit about the Palo Alto market?

Paula: After working many years as a creative director at Mariscal studio, Pedrín Mariscal (designer Javier Mariscal’s brother) decided to take advantage of his knowledge and contacts to offer a platform for young -and not so young-people that were working in interesting and creative projects.

From the beginning, the team behind Palo Alto Market wanted to showcase the projects of the future and the new consumer habits, as well as innovative, sustainable and artistically interesting products.

Palo Alto had been an island inside Barcelona and the possibility to open it to the city was very attractive. However, it was necessary to do it with respect and care and this is how the project was defined and structured. We gave shape to the idea with care and sensitivity, and today this idea is still evolving to continue improving the program and the exhibitors quality.

Our concept is based on a street market but the environment is magic – the meticulous exhibitors selection, the family workshops, the music and artistic installations, among other things – and makes the visit an all together different experience. Palo Alto Market is popular because it integrates entertainment, shopping and culture in the same space.

The next edition will take place on the 4th and 5th of June under the name of “Beach Market”

Palo Alto Market Barcelona

Ben: What sort of food can people enjoy at Palo Alto?

Paula: Palo Alto Market features only the most surprising and sophisticated food trucks, food stands and foodie products and works hard to bring the kitchens of the best restaurants to the streets, enabling visitors to enjoy the best cuisine at good prices. Visitors can try from traditional Spanish food, such as paella, to gourmet bites from all over the world.

Ben: How would you describe BCN’s foodie scene and what makes it so exciting for tourists coming to visit the city?

Paula: The Mediterranean culture has always enjoyed flavours drawn from seasonal products: the simplicity of a tomato or a piece of bread with olive oil… In Barcelona and the rest of Mediterranean area there are great chefs with great ideas, very young people that have preferred to leave the 5 stars hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants to make something more personal and special, and they have set up kitchens on wheels to make it happen. It’s very refreshing and surprising to taste delicious recipes made in a very tiny space!

Ben: What other foodie festivals / events do you recommend? 

Paula: Now there’s a boom of street food festivals in Barcelona. All of them are good and each one has its own style. However, personally we like All Those… They are very delicate and they make a great exhibitors’ selection. There you can find food stands, food products and delicatessen and even cuisine workshops, all related with gastronomy.

Ben: Any other advice for foodies coming to Barcelona looking for events and food markets?

Paula: Make your trip coincide with a Palo Alto Market edition (first weekend of each month), spend the day with us and, at night, book a table at Recasens or Escribà, two fabulous restaurants based in Poblenou (Escribà is right on the beach!) where you can explore traditional Spanish cuisine.

Ben: Thank you so much for your time Paula!

Palo Alto Market Barcelona

Make it Happen

Find out about the latest exhibitors and events on the official Palo Alto website.

Tickets: 3€ at the door
Address: Palo Alto Market, Carrer dels Pellaires, 30, 08019 Barcelona
Nearest Metro: Selva de Mar (Yellow Line)

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