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Light, Camera, Entertainment: Inside the World’s Most Exciting Destinations

Last updated on October 25, 2023

There are plenty of reasons to pack your bags and hit the road. While most people travel in order to enjoy some tropical downtime or explore a new culture, there are even more who just want to have a good time. That might involve a vibrant nightlife scene, plenty of locals or travelers to mingle with, and a few dancing sessions.

Historically, traveling with excitement in mind was usually the stuff of stag dos or heading to a big-name music festival. Today, however, friends might choose a specific destination based on its reputation for thrills.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the world’s most thrilling destinations, keep reading. We’ve got a recommendation from every continent (except Antarctica).

North America: Las Vegas

Let’s make one thing clear: Vegas isn’t just about casinos anymore. In fact, most casino gamers prefer online platforms today. While there’s no doubt that the Bellagio and similar establishments offer an exciting roulette or blackjack experience, online platforms deliver added extras like welcome rewards and superior convenience. This means that the Vegas Strip has diversified greatly over the last few years as more players drift towards virtual providers. 

This is great news for travelers. Today, Vegas has some of the world’s most over-the-top destinations—which are designed to make your jaw drop. To name a few, there are world-class shows by Cirque de Soleil, a leading venue in the Sphere, botanical gardens, luxury shopping, and helicopter tours of the nearby Grand Canyon.

Africa: Marrakech

Africa isn’t short on exciting destinations, from Lagos to Johannesburg. But Marrakech has one thing that many others don’t: unforgettable venues. The city is known for combining its vibrant nightlife with its traditional architecture. Many parties, events, and gatherings are located inside traditional houses, which adds a cultural element that revelers won’t forget anytime soon.

South America: Medellín

So, how did Colombia beat out Brazil on this list? After all, locations like Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro are known for their unforgettable carnival celebrations and street culture. However, a few major polls in South American countries have seen locals vote for Medellín as the top nightlife destination.

What makes Medellín so great? Many consider it the birthplace of reggaeton, which means there are plenty of musical venues that don’t close until dawn. The same goes for salsa dancing and other types of traditional music. For those who want to dance all night, there’s simply no better place.

Asia: Mumbai

Enter the heart of Bollywood: Mumbai. While this city might not have the over-the-top locations of Vegas or the street culture of Medellín, it has got some of the most exciting adventure parks, nightclubs, and discos in the world. Best of all, Mumbai really delivers on hometown charm. Locals are known for being welcoming to visitors—and are well-known for passing on a few famous Bollywood dance moves, from the catch scratch to the all rise.

Europe: Barcelona

When people think about partying in Europe, their mind likely jumps to Berlin or Mykonos. Though both offer world-class entertainment, Berlin is known for being highly exclusive, while Mykonos will break the bank—even if you’re only drinking water. Neither makes for the best experience in entertainment, which is why we’re putting Barcelona on the list

There’s a party and event for just about everyone in the city, including local festivals like La Mercé and major musical events like Primavera Sound. Most parties also include a blend of visitors and locals, which creates a more dynamic and memorable experience compared to tourist-only events. 

Oceania: Cairn

Lastly, let’s round out this list with a suggestion from Oceania. Along with Cairn, we can recommend New Zealand’s Queenstown and Fiji’s Suva district. However, we wanted to shine a light on Cairn, as it has a great balance of nature and nightlife that makes it unique. 

Though it doesn’t have the flashiness of larger destinations, there’s plenty in the way of discos to keep people busy—and, most unique of all, visitors can wake up the next morning and scuba through the Great Barrier Reef. Talk about the best of both worlds.

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