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How to Save Money While Travelling & Still Dive Deep into New Experiences

When thinking of cutting costs while travelling, do you think of the worst? Many of us do, but no matter what your style of travel is, there are always ways to save a bit of dough along the way.

Sleeping in hostels is not something many of us appreciate outside of our young travelling days, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with travelling at the lowest economy class, super long haul flights might call for something more.

Of course, it all depends on what you hope to do and what you’re used to. One person’s luxury is another person’s standard, and vice versa. 

How to Save Money When You Travel

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However, to this we ask: Is it possible to reduce the cost of travel while still gaining the same great experience?

We would suggest that yes, it is. It might take a little creative thinking, some prioritisation of what is actually important to you, and the necessity of keeping good timing and always remaining on the lookout for a deal, but if you can do this, you’ll be lighter in your wallet.

It might even be that creatively planning around a tighter financial budget can lead you to better experiences anyway. Let us see what that might look like:

1. Travel With a Friend or Loved One

Travelling with someone else can help you split the costs of travel and experience more of a country together.

Better yet, going as a party could help you do this in an even more dramatic way. Not only do you have more than one saved income to pool together, but you could also mutually spend time looking for deals, which is bound to turn up some value.

Not only that, but travelling with someone allows you to share the experience, which can help you enjoy that all the more. Simply through having another person with you, you can gain a better experience without having to pay more for that person. This, in itself, can be a great value when you factor in your enjoyment vs. cost.

2. Search for Travel Voucher Codes

There are many essential and worthwhile voucher codes on the web, all designed to help you gain certain items for cheaper.

These can be fantastic when you’re trying to find travel packages and vacation deals. After all, many of us are in need of new clothes, new luggage holders or new equipment for a particular destination.

Who knows what else you could purchase with that, or how you might save for the future?

3. Reuse Your Travel Clothes and Gear

While some of us do demand new items before jetting off on a new adventure, a little repair can go along way as well.

For example, repairing your suitcase with a new zip liner could help you avoid splashing out on a new one. The same goes for bringing clothes abroad, as perhaps sewing your jeans could help you avoid purchasing a brand new pair (jeans are nothing if not repairable).

4. Commit Yourself to Micro Saving

Sometimes it’s not all about reducing cost but about saving money in ways that you don’t even notice. $/£20 from your paycheck every week might not sound like much, but after 10 months you’ll have a decent chunk of spending money.

Tiny savings like this can not only save you from wasteful purchases, such as that complex coffee you might have each morning, but can also give you much more to make more meaningful memories on your next big trip.

5. Scout for Last-Minute Travel Deals

Last minute travel deals can be a wonderful way of surprising yourself with a vacation ahead of time, and getting a great deal. Last minute tickets at the end of the main travel season could potentially slash your costs by up to 50%.

It’s all about the forward planning.

6. Travel Out of Season

You’re much more likely to pay more when travelling in the midst of summer or the weeks surrounding Christmas. However, attending an off-season adventure can not only help you save much more money when trying to find admission and accommodation, but the destination itself will be much less populated than it normally is.

7. Don’t Overspend

It can be very tempting to spend plenty in a location just because you’re there, and you might not know when you’ll return. But it’s important to realise that you don’t need to purchase everything in a place to enjoy it or think you’ve ‘completed’ your trip there.

Simply experiencing the local way of life, jumping into local cafes, reading up on the history, spending a day at the beach – all of this can stop you from going overboard with your travel purchases.

What other ways have you found to save money while travelling? Leave a comment below and share your money saving tips!

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